Ginger Made: Tiny Pocket Tank v3

GUYS. I love this pattern. Have we discussed this?  OK, we have, like, maybe 100 times, but I’m sayin’… dudes, you gotta make this thing!  It’s basically my favorite ever.

This is a cotton lawn from Lisette’s collection for Jo-Ann Fabrics.  I bought it a little over a year ago with a dress in mind, but I’m glad that I used it as a top.  Next time I make one of these, I’m going to skip the binding piece included with the pattern and just make my own double-fold bias tape.  I’m too clumsy to cleanly attach the binding following Jen’s directions (not that I’m very good at attaching regular bias tape, either…).

If it looks like my Tiny Pocket Tank is missing a tiny pocket this time, it isn’t!  I just matched the pattern very, verrrrrrrry carefully!  Yay!

What are you guys up to these days?  Working on anything fun?  I’m just about done with the muslin for my Hazel dress, and hopefully will get one more project finished before the end of the month.  We decided on a whim to move, so it’s been super hectic around here lately with packing and all that stuff.  Hopefully that will go quickly and smoothly so I can get back to sewing!

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70 responses to “Ginger Made: Tiny Pocket Tank v3

  1. Okay fine, you talked me in to it. Yours are so cute, I’m gonna give it a try. (Plus I’m looking for something simple to get me started back sewing.)

  2. very cute. i understand your obsession with this pattern because i am obsessed with Jen’s scout tee pattern. her patterns are the best.

  3. Sue

    too cute. perhaps I’ll finally try this pattern. :)

  4. I’ve been eying this pattern forever! Yours looks amazing.

  5. So. Darned. Cute!! You did a fantastic job matching up those patterns too! Good luck with your move – help everything goes swimmingly!

    • Thanks, lady! I think it will go well… we’ve just been in our current place for so long that we’ve accumulated TONS of junk! It will be nice to throw stuff away and streamline things a bit!

  6. Jo

    Cute! I love the combo of pink and red! Nice pattern matching on the pocket- No-one will ever know it’s there, muhahaha! :D

  7. soooo cute on u babe!!!!

  8. It’s so cute, and so are you!!! I think you’ve put the fabric to great use….wonderful colour…..good luck with the move.
    On my sewing table….a pig costume ( in a tutu)! But sewing time has been scarce…

  9. I love it, and your photos! You look like you’re having a blast :) good luck with the move, I have a love/hate thing with moving, love the sorting, purging and going somewhere new, hate the length of time the process can take here in the UK (think 3 months-ish!)…
    I’m choosing what to do next having just finished several items which I most photograph and blog about!

  10. Wow, amazing job on the pattern matching! I totally thought you’d left off the pocket. That is definitely a cute pattern; I love it w/ your cut-offs. :)

  11. Yup, pretty adorable! But I think it would make me look a bit preggers, so I’ll just have to enjoy yours via the internet!

  12. I love your pattern matching work! And that colour looks divine on you. Good luck with the move – I know how much it disrupts sewing.

  13. So glad to see another Tiny Pocket Tank addict! I love this version of yours and you matched the pocket up perfectly! Wow! I’ve made two in jersey, but I’m dying to make some in a nice cotton lawn or voile, I think then I will add the pocket too as it won’t be too bulky for my frame. Good lukc with the spontaneous move too ;o)

  14. Adorbs! What does a tiny pocket hold anyhoo? Its just too small for reasonable snacks……

  15. love the pocket tank and you did an awesome job on keeping the pocket invincible. I would not have known it was there unless you called it out.

  16. Such a sweet tiny pocket tank – you are tempting me to try it but first I need to get my traveller dress done AND I succumbed and got the renfrew pattern too, so no more new patterns till those are done. Good luck with the move.

    • Ugh, so many patterns, so little time! I always have way more that I’d like to do than I have time. But I can’t wait to see your traveler dress! It’s going to be so sweet!

  17. cute! i’ve been meaning to make this little pattern for some time. It looks so sweet and wearable.

  18. I love that fabric! Your tank looks so cute on you.

  19. so cute! and it’s great colour on you. The pattern looks v similar to the Wiksten tank (which I was totally addicted to making a while ago) – but I’m going to try this one too. I also have the scout tee cut out and ready to sew… too much to sew, too little time! :)

    • Oh, I love your Wiksten tanks! They’re super cute (and your Tova tops as well… maybe I should add that pattern to the list!)! Looking forward to seeing your Scout tee!!

  20. Meg

    Fabulous!! I love that fabric and your photos are completely adorable!

  21. I keep getting tempted by this pattern and it’s because of lovely versions like yours. So cute!

  22. Love this, and really love your expression! So that’s another pattern I need….

  23. What a great colour! Just right for a top. I’m looking forward to seeing your Hazel dress.

  24. Jen

    So cute!! You always have my favorite finished project photos and damn you hid that tiny pocket well!

  25. So sweet! What a lovely make.

  26. misscrayolacreepy

    Cute top! It looks so comfy!

    Good luck with the move!

  27. Super cute! You and the top!

  28. I love this top on you !! Such pretty fabric too. I cant wait to see your hazel made up and good luck with the move ! Is man friend going to be bringing his washing basket ??! xxx

  29. So cute – and great pics! I must get my hands on this pattern.

  30. Loving it! And now I’m waiting to see a Pink Zebra version!

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  32. I don’t see no tiny pocket! Skills, girls. Mad. I need to get a pattern or two from Jen already. Her strapless dress has been on my to-buy/sew list for ages. You’re probably all moved in by now, so good luck with unpacking & setting up house :)

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