Ginger Made: Scout Tee

Hi, guys!  Happy 4th of July, Americans (and a belated Happy Canada Day to my neighbors up north)!  You may notice that I’m posting on the LAST POSSIBLE DAY for the Summer Spark Sew-along (unsurprising).  I made it (but just barely)!

You may remember that my grand plan was to sort out the Iris Shorts pattern for this sewalong, buuuuuut… I’m telling ya, they licked me!  I just don’t have the chops to figure out why they don’t fit.  I even had a private lesson at the Sewing Studio, after which I transferred all the changes to my pattern, cut a new muslin, and they looked worse than before!  I was so frustrated that I couldn’t even stand to look at them!  So.  I decided to try out a different kind of summer staple and made Grainline’s Scout Tee.

I used a lightweight cotton from Paron’s that I really like.  It’s a sort of irregular, geometric print, but it’s fairly subtle and interesting.  It makes for a breezy, cool tee, which is awesome.  The style, however, is probably not the best for me.  I really like that it’s an easygoing, casual fit,  but it doesn’t really do any favors for my kinda rectangular shape.  My poor choice, not the pattern’s fault. The combination of the boxy shape and a fairly crisp fabric makes it stick out a bit.  Not my favorite, but not awful.

I thought this pattern was drafted nicely and the sleeves went in easily, which is a huge bonus!  The neck binding is nice and neat (a first for me!), but it sticks out a bit (every time I bind a neckline, it always sticks out!  What gives?!?!).  Overall, it was super quick and easy to put together– yay!

Even though I don’t think this top is super flattering on me, I’m sure I’ll wear it a lot.  It’s hot and sticky today, and the loose fit is really comfortable for this kind of weather.  I may try this one again in cotton jersey and size it down one step, or maybe I’ll try it with a drapier fabric, perhaps a silk.

This was the BEST photo of the back view… eek! Maybe I just made it a size too big?

Big thanks to Ali, Alessa, and Sarah for hosting the sewalong!  I really liked the idea– one month to make one pattern that will be a nice summer basic!  Did anyone else participate in this one?

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74 responses to “Ginger Made: Scout Tee

  1. That fabric is so cool! I don’t think it looks bad on you – I think it looks like just what it is: a breezy top for hot weather!

    • Thanks! I passed up the fabric the first time I saw it, feeling guilty about buying more fabric, but when I came back a month or so later and they still had some, I had to have it!

  2. Donna

    I think it looks cute! It’s a casual, free-spirited summer top; it doesn’t need to be any more fitted. :)

  3. Ali

    Great to see your version of this top — nothing like a great summer blouse to get you through the heat :) Don’t forget to upload your photo to the Flickr group by end of day!

  4. That’s a shame about your shorts – sounds like you tried your hardest to make them work! This is a cute top though, I really like the pattern on the fabric and it looks perfect for hot weather.

  5. It’s a great fabric but maybe it’s too stiff and cottony to hang all slouchy tee style (although I don’t think it’s unflattering in the least). All the scout tees I’ve seen have been super great in jersey – giver a whirl. Sorry about your shorts. I’;ve been too chickenshit to even attempt to go there….

    • Ugh, they just weren’t proportioned for me– when the waist fit, the butt was too big, but only in parts. Ick! I think I’ll go for a jersey version– can’t have too many jersey tees!

  6. I like it- it’s cool fabric, looks slouchy-cool. In that good way.

  7. That fabric is ace! It looks so fresh and stylish on you. I bet after a few washes it will soften.

  8. That’s a cool looking summer staple! You’ll get lots of wear – it may soften up in the wash. Sorry to hear about your shorts, but that’s what muslins are for. If it’s not working out just move on. You could try Tasia’s new shorts pattern. You seem a shorts person to me so it would be a shame not to make some. I feel the same way about some knitting I’m doing. I bit the bullet and started to do a hand warmer and I’m stuck on the thumb bit. The stitches don’t add up. I might move onto some sewing now but would it be ok to drop you an email about this some time to see if you can help me?

  9. the top looks great Ginger–perfectly comfortable and breezy! and the print is great, it adds just enough interest. When I’ve used binding on necklines (Sorbetto), they always seem to stick out ever so slightly too… :( I think it’s because the binding is straight and doesn’t curve enough?? I think cutting a curved facing would make for a flat neckline. Just thinking out loud here…

  10. Ah, don’t be too bummed – I think the shirt looks fine! It might just be the fabric’s stiffness or perhaps it’s a tad big, but I think it’s definitely fun, cool and wearable! After a few washes the fabric will soften a bit. Honestly, you don’t want a woven shirt to fit too snugly or you can’t get it on or off! And the pattern is rockstar so you don’t need to worry – every inch of it looks intentional.

  11. I agree with everyone else – it looks cute & breezy! Also, it will probably soften up after a few washes, and if you’re going to make another, more drape-y, version, maybe try to take it in a bit? Live and learn!

  12. Looks good to me too!! I like slouchy shirts. I’ve been wanting to try the Iris shorts too but I’m kinda scared to start.

    • Give ‘em a try! It seems like other folks have had good luck with them fitting right away– Garment Farmer and MyStitchnBitch just did nice versions of them.

  13. your tee looks so comfy! sorry you had trouble with the shorts. pants are so much work to fit!

  14. Jo

    lol at Brenna Mae Beck saying you don’t want a woven fitting too snuggly. I just finished my first woven top and it is a bit of a scary ordeal getting that thing off since it fits snuggly! lol!
    This is a cute casual look :) I wonder if you make it again in woven, maybe you could just take a vertical tuck out of the back on the pattern tissue? Or maybe you could be fancy and use pleats to control the fullness?
    I do like the idea of using jersey with a smaller size though :) That seems perfect for a casual tee like this!
    p.s commiserations on the shorts!

    • Heeheehee… it’s such a temptation to overfit things! Then you’re stuck with a sausage casing instead of a garment!

      I like the idea of a pleat or tuck in the top– that sounds like an elegant and functional detail!

  15. great looks sweety! im your ew follower,hope you can followed me back!

  16. I participated and currently have a 3/4 finished dress hanging around. June was pretty tough for me personally so I’m not hating on myself. I’ll finish it this weekend, I’m not fussed about winning, just completing! It was that darn invisible zip that go me, I always sew them in wrong!

    • I always screw up invisible zippers, too! Although regular zippers usually look messy, too… hmm…

      Take your time finishing your dress, and we’ll all look forward to seeing it! :)

  17. It looks great, a pull-on-and-go sort of top, letting the breeze in on hot summer days! Wish we had some of those here! For the neckline, if you used a bias on it, you need to make sure you don’t stretch it (the neckline) at all while you are putting on the binding. Otherwise, like someone else suggested, make a facing, and understitch it so it doesn’t roll to the outside.

    • I bet I accidentally stretched out the neckline when I was putting on the binding. I probably should have stay-stitched it first. Thanks for the helpful advice!

  18. Looks pretty cute to me. Such interesting fabric too. Bummer about the iris shorts. I was thinking of trying them…now not so sure!

  19. that fabric is amazing – love it! I can see why you’re a bit unsure with the fit – perhaps the fabric is too crisp for the style? Maybe you could go down a size? But it does look really good – just the thing for a hot and humid day. I get the same issue with the neckline when I do a similar finish – too too annoying!

  20. I like the shirt! I think it’s a great, simple, and easy piece. Hopefully the fabric will keep you cook during these dreadfully hot days!

    As for the binding…
    At work, we miter the neckband (-1/4 to -1/2 @ outer edge, tapering to nothing at seam) so that it lies flat on body. Many times, the factories have to add a seam in order to miter it but they align the seam with the shoulder seam so it blends nicely. Hope that helps!

  21. I really REALLY LOVE that fabric. That print is just so very interesting and lovely to me. Annnnnd I also think the boxy shape works fine on you. Perfect for a casual look – especially when you keep the bottoms slim – thats the secret to shapeless tops.

  22. Happy 4th (er, 5th now) to you as well! I think it looks very comfortable and practical, unlike 99% of what I make. I need more summer staples in my closet!

  23. I think it looks lovely on you, very cool. Interesting tips about the binding – mine stick out too, but I’ve been pretending it’s a design feature!

  24. I have definitely over-fitted woven shirts before and regretted it! I think your Scout is very cute. The best thing I’ve learned about bias binding is to stretch it pretty tightly as you pin it to your edge and sew the ends together after. :)

  25. Cute! What about belting it to give some waist definition? That might help with the shape. ;)

  26. Love your Scout. You can see mine here. I also thought I should make it smaller, but I’m only going to do the shoulders and underarms and leave the rest the same so it will still go over my hips. Check out my next post where I talk about using the pattern to make other tops.

  27. The print is fabulous and the top looks great on you! I’d definitely call it a win! Belated 4th July happiness to you too, from a Brit where it’s bed time on the 5th!

  28. I have to agree, that fabric is awesome. I make a lot of things I’m unsure about, and then I end up wearing them to death. Sometimes it can take a while for you to figure out how wearable something is going to be.

  29. projectstash

    I love your new tee!! I’m so envious … I can sew (just a little) but nothing like you and Gail. I’ll just have to keep perfecting my knitting skills! : )

  30. Julie D.

    Very cute! I think silk would be awesome. Question though! Is the Scout supposed to have gathered sleeves? I’ve made a couple of wearable muslins (also going down a size!) and each time thought there was so much ease is the sleeve cap!

    • I don’t think they’re supposed to be gathered– there is a fair amount of ease, though. Mine turned out sort of just barely not gathered. But I don’t have much of a frame of reference– the only other set-in sleeves I’ve done were either knit or supposed to be gathered (I guess you could say I fear the sleeve)!

  31. I participated but haven’t blogged about it yet! I LOVE your scout tee – so cute and wearable!

  32. I LOVE this top! The fabric is gorgeous.

  33. Want. That. Fabric. And you look fab, as always! I felt the same way about my Sorbetto from last summer. But I wore it all summer long, and am again this year. I think it was just a new shape for me, and I never considered myself able to wear something loose or boxy. I bet the more you wear it, the more you’ll love it, because you look great in the photos!

    • I wore it for work and couldn’t wash it soon enough to wear it again! It’s the perfect shape for hot days! You look so cute in your Sorbetto! That reminds me– I need another Sorbetto!

  34. I love how this turned out! The fabric is fun and unique, and the shape (while not your favorite) is definitely perfect for this massive heat wave – i prefer things not to stick to me if I can help it! Well done on rocking this challenge out, my friend :)

  35. Cute top! It looks really comfortable and stylish – that print is darling. I never wear woven tops (especially with sleeves), so I always feel weird trying them on, etc. I’m still going to make a Scout Tee though. I think it’s cute. I get wonky necklines, too! What is up with that?

    I can totally sympathize with the shorts issue. I cannot get pants/shorts to fit. Except for the Built by Wendy jeans pattern. Do you happen to have that book?

    • I wish pants and shorts weren’t do dang tricky! I remember Sallie mentioning a while ago that she used the BBW jeans pattern, too– I may have to pick up the book just for that!

  36. Oh my gosh, Ginger you are Adorable. I love your blog, It is like everything I love wrapped up into one place. Definitely following, and by the way I’m not one of those bloggers that just says that in every comment. ha, I only follow blogs that I REALLY like it and yours definitely falls into that category. I love your style! That shirt turned out super cute. I have that same problem with necklines by the way, I have no idea what gives. It’s so annoying though because even when you follow a pattern to a T, it still ends up that way sometimes. Ugh, let me know if you ever come up with a solution because I could definitely use one!

    • Thanks, Haylee! You’re too sweet! There’s a tutorial on the Grainline website about how to make your binding lie flat, but I’m pretty sure I just screwed something up in the process. :)

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