Ginger Made: Colette Hazel Dress

Hi, guys!  I’m really excited about finishing the first dress for the Sew Colette 2.0 sewalong!  Hooray!  It’s just so fun to make something alongside lots of other fun ‘n’ fancy gals!  I’m really excited to see your dresses!

OK, are you ready?  Here’s my Hazel dress!

First things first, a huge thank-you to my sister for surprising me with this pattern!  Ain’t no pattern like a free pattern, AMIRITE??  Thanks, B!

In keeping with the whole cash-efficient theme of this dress, I opted to stash-bust and used this cream/slightly peach cotton shirting that I bought from Mood last summer.  It’s really sheer, so I underlined the entire thing with cotton batiste (also in my stash!).  I thought this fabric was so sweet when I bought it, and I still really like it, but from a distance, it looks exactly like muslin!  Whoooooops!  It’s got a subtle stripe to it that’s really pretty up close… you’ll just have to trust me on that!

Thank goodness for pockets… I’m like Ricky Bobby– I don’t know what to do with my hands in photos!

This dress came together so quickly and easily!  I kinda couldn’t believe it… there’s usually SOMETHING for me to fight with!  I made a straight size 2, and it just about fit perfectly right outta the gate.  I really liked the unhemmed length, so I added 5/8″.  The bust darts were too long, so I shortened them, but then they stuck out like crazy, so I returned them to just about the original length.  Too long is better than crazy pointy, right?

See? I told you it was striped! You should have believed me.

The bodice fit PERFECTLY when I made the muslin, but after I wore it for a while, I decided that I wanted a tad more ease.  Look– it’s hot, it’s sticky, and I don’t really need a sundress clinging to my sweaty stomach.  So it’s a little more loosey-goosey (and a little frumpier, to be honest) now, but I can deal with that.  We’re all about comfort right now, folks.

I played around with lace trim and little buttons down the front, both of which were cute,  but in the end I opted to keep this really simple and unadorned.  It’s probably kinda boring this way, but it just seemed cooler and breezier without any added trims or doodads.  I pinned on a felt hair clip from Gertie in Roses today, and that was just the ticket to jazz it up a little.  I’m looking forward to trying out new accessory combinations with it!

Next up, the Macaron dress!  I’m looking forward to making this– I’ve had the pattern in my stash for a while, and I’m excited to prioritize it!  If you haven’t been following along with Sew Colette 2.0, now’s a great time to join in on the fun!  Anyone out there making the Macaron?  Have you chosen your fabric yet?

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101 responses to “Ginger Made: Colette Hazel Dress

  1. I love it, Ginger! It looks so summery! It’s also really encouraging to hear you didn’t have to make any big adjustments. I don’t have this pattern yet, but I’m planning on buying at some point, so I’m glad to hear it doesn’t take too much fuss.

    • Thanks, lady! It really came together easily for me! And I have a feeling that adjusting it would be fairly easy since there are so many separate pieces– a little here, a little there, and you’d be in business!

  2. Oh I love it – very cool and cute. I like how you’ve loosened it – makes it seem like a much more casual and sporty sundress – i can see you slipping on a boating blazer and some deck shoes and sunning yourself on the Amalfi coast (a la talented mr ripley) in this!

  3. That stripey yellow really suits you. The dress looks very summery and romantic. Great touch with the flower!

  4. Your dress is so cute and perfect for hot sticky days! I don’t consider the fit to be frumpy at all! Nice job :)

  5. Lovely dress – looks really cute on you. The fabric is so pretty and summery.

  6. How adorable! I like that you kept it simple. Now you can play around with a bunch of accessories and wear it many different ways! It looks so light and airy too!

  7. It looks great on you!! A great summer dress! I didn’t have time to join in this part of the sewalong :(. I am going to do the Macaron though. Yay!!

  8. Sweet color choice, and I love that flower. Smart to go loose and cool, especially this summer(!), and you could never possibly be frumpy if you tried.

    As for the Macaron, at first I wasn’t excited about it, but I got some white leopard burnout (just love the sound of that fabric) that would be neat for the top sleevy part, so I’m onboard. Can’t wait to see all the Hazels unveiled today, AND all the Macaron variations next month.

  9. You’re such a cutie pie! I love your Hazel :)

  10. I LOVE it!! Such a sweet little dress. I love the peachy stripe and the little rosette detail. Way cute!!

  11. beautiful dress Ginger, it doesn’t look like muslin at all–the drape is too nice ;) and the stripes are perfect! I like the flower too, makes it a little dressy. In the first pic, I totally thought it was fancy silk and you maybe wore it to a wedding or something. You look beautiful!

  12. Love the summery look and the pockets!

  13. Jennifer

    This is so pretty! The color looks great on you and I think the fit is perfect – not at all frumpy.

  14. I can only ecco what everyone has said above. The dress looks so gorgeous on you and the colour is simply perfect. There is no frumpyness to be seen anywhere.

  15. Super cute, lady! As soon as I saw this pattern, I loooved it. That shaping in the front is awesome. My Macaron is half-sewn, so maybe I should join the sew along to motivate me to FINALLY finish!?

    • Do it! Nothing like a sew-along to motivate! I love having a deadline– I work SO much better with them, but my self-imposed deadlines somehow never get met… hmm…

  16. Wow that looks fabulous. The fit is perfect. I may have to get the Hazel at some point as the versions I have seen are brilliant. I love the fabric as well – very summery. Can’t wait to see your Macaron!

  17. Really lovely! I believed you about the stripes :) That’s a great color on you too.

  18. Great job, this sweet fabric is perfect paired with the hazel pattern!

  19. Sometimes a super simple, easy and cite dress is just the thing for summer hot days. I have a few I throw on when it’s too warm to be fussy. This is just the ticket! I still haven’t got around to making a Colette pattern. One of these days, one of these days.

  20. OMG, this is so super cute. And the pockets! By the way, the photos don’t make the fabric look like muslin but rather like the sweetest shade of pale yellow. I must confess that I had not given this pattern the time of day but all the lovely versions that are popping up are really tempting me

    • I have to admit that I wasn’t so smitten with this one when it was first released, either (the Lily dress was by far my favorite of the most recent crop), but I’m glad the sew-along and the gift of the pattern motivated me to try it! It really is fun!

  21. i really love that dress. it’s on my list of things to make eventually. yours looks so summery and fun!

  22. You look angelic! I love the seams on the front of the top that slope in. I’m sure there is some technical term for this… Excellent style.

  23. So cute! Didn’t know this had pockets! And hey, you can always bust out some plant dyes if you get tired of the muslin look (though I don’t think it looks muslin-y at all!) And no frump, either. Easy, breezy summer dress. Sticky tight clothes in the hot city are just gross.

    • Ooooooooooooh, plant dyes!!!!! That sounds way fun! And dude– the hot city… not my favorite. I keep dreaming of escaping to Maine! Sadly, no vacation this year, but I’ll hold out hope for next year!

  24. Sam

    This is such a pretty dress. The fit looks perfect, it doesn’t look too loose, just right if you’re lucky enough (?!) to have hot weather.

  25. Love yours it fits you perfectly! Comfort and all, great job!

  26. Eeep, this is super cute and summery! I love that you kept it simple, it has a certain elegance to it this way and you can dress it up or down as you wish! Soon, I will be blogging about my first experience with the Hazel – like you my bodice came along beautifully, but I cam unstuck with the bottom half. My thighs and hips are too big for such a straight skirt, so I need to re-draft the skirt I think :o(

  27. Jo

    So cute! I like how you added the flower to the bodice, what a nice way to accessorise. Ugh so jealous of cute summer dresses right now! It’s grim and wintery over here.
    The fabric looks a perfect match for the pattern! :)

    • This is such an immature thought, but it’s still so hard for me to grasp that the weather is opposite in the different hemispheres! It just doesn’t seem possible that it can be hot here and cold in the other half of the world (I know… such an uneducated thought…).

  28. I love it!! Yours is perfect for summer, and I don’t think it looks muslin-y at all – the stripes are subtle and lovely. You are quickly persuading me to pick up this pattern for myself…

    I’m so excited to see your version of the Macaron!

  29. Jen

    Dude this looks SO good and you are just way too cute!! Definitely not getting a muslin vibe AT ALL so don’t even fret about that. In addition to free pattern and stash fabric it looks like the kind of dress you’ll get tons of use out of…perfect trifecta!

  30. how sweet is your sister – excellent present giving skills!!
    your dress looks fab, not like muslin and not like frump :-) and so pleased for you that you had an out of the envelope fit after your trials and tribulations of late!

    • Right?!?! She sure knows the way to my heart!! I’m so happy, too– I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop and some sort of unsurmountable hurdle to come my way, but nothing happened! What a great feeling!

  31. Very cute! I like the color and the stripes.

  32. if you don’t mind me saying this, I think this dress is kind of out of character for you but I love it! Some of my best outfits were created by stepping out of my box. And I don’t think the fabric looks like muslin at all. You’re right in that the stripes are super lovely!

    • It’s totally different for me! I rarely wear muted colors and you know what? I don’t think I’ve had a gathered skirt since I was, oh, 8 years old? But this dress is really growing on me!

  33. Jenny

    I LOVE this–it’s perfect! Especially with that flower. And I don’t think it looks frumpy at all.
    I’m not technically doing the sew along, but I do have the Macaron pattern and I think I’ll tag along for that one. No idea about fabric yet though!

  34. I think it’s awesome and I love the rose that you attached to the front. For the hot humid weather that we’ve all been experiencing lately, this is a perfect dress! Love it!

  35. This looks perfect for summer, and not too much like muslin!

  36. Ginger, darling that dress is absolutley gorgeous on you!!! Perfect fit and style is lovely!!!!! I love it! In response to ur comment on my blog: LOL, i’m glad i am not the only one that doesn’t know where my body parts are!! xx

  37. Ginger, I loved surprising you with the Hazel pattern! It looked so fun I knew you’d rock the pattern nicely. Can’t wait to see the next thing you dream up! (Maybe an infinite number of Hazel dresses lie in your future…)


  38. ooh, that’s really lovely! Yay for stash busting and free patterns! ;)

  39. This, dear ginger, is the perfect dress for a.d on you. It’s as if I’ve always imagined you in a yellow candy striped sundress like this. It’s just perfection, adorable, very you

  40. Adorable! I like this quite a bit, well done, a lovely summer dress!

  41. Lovely lovely lovely. You have made me look again at this dress pattern! What a nice sister you have, :)

  42. Liz

    Great dress, looks lovely and summery – I can’t bring myself to make one yet, it is too cold here!! I am planning a Macaron though, I have an idea and I want to try it out to see if it works and has the desired effect.

  43. so lovely and summery! I really want to try this pattern, but our summer is literally a washout, so there’s not much point. Can’t wait to see your Macaron!

  44. Kat H

    Ooh, that’s so pretty! Looks so fresh and summery. :-)

    I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with the Macaron! I’m still not brave enough to try that pattern, mainly because I can’t figure out what fabric combination I’d want to use on it….

  45. I love it!! Summer dresses are so nice – and always best left simple in my mind.

  46. This is so perfect on you and I love the flower!

  47. This is super cute on you!! Well, of course it is, because YOU are super cute! And you always make me laugh so much. And at just the right time, too. Thanks!

  48. That is an adorable dress, Ginger! I love that you chose that fabric, because it really does show off the interesting seaming on the bodice. Nicely done! Oh, I just saw Ricky Bobby on the television last night as I was skimming through the channels!

  49. WAY cute!! I really like it with the felted hair clip. And I don’t think it’s muslin-y at all! It’s a pretty color on you and way to stash bust!

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