Fall Sewing Plans

OK, OK, I know, I know… I’ve been absent for ages and I don’t have any finished objects to show you!  It’s been a BUSY couple of weeks and I just haven’t had time or energy for sewing.  But I’ve really been enjoying reading everyone’s fall sewing plans (and I’ve been spending a shocking amount of time while I’m on set dreaming about what I’d like to sew) and I thought that, just this once, I might put together a little sewing plan for the fall/winter.

Like some of you, perhaps, I love to plan and dream about what I’m going to sew next, but I’m REALLY bad at actually following through and making things!  (This isn’t limited to sewing, sadly– I make giant to-do lists and very rarely check anything off the list).  But I really, REALLY want to wear everything on this list, so I’m hoping I’m able to focus, be productive, and actually make a majority of these.

I’m all about separates these days– I just don’t like to wear dresses outside of really warm weather, and I hate wearing tights.  I freeze easily, so it’s all about pants and tops once it gets cold (read: under 65 F).  So, with that in mind, I’ve picked out some separates that I could see myself wearing constantly.

#1). The Banksia Top

I’m participating in this sewalong, although I’m behind (surprised?).  This is a pattern that I’ve loved for ages, and it fills massive holes in my wardrobe– I have so few tops that I can wear to work and I don’t really want to wear t-shirts every day anymore (I’m a professional, y’all!), so I’m stuck wearing the same three or four shirts over and over again.  After my first version, I’d like to try a knit version– cute AND cozy?  Yes, please!

#2.) The Anise Jacket

I don’t have a nice jacket, so this fills another in-between season wardrobe hole.  I have a big parka, and I have a shoddy wool peacoat, then I have a few lighter athletic-type jackets, but nothing to wear in the spring or fall that’s a little dressier than a Patagonia jacket.  It was a little hard for me to see past the very feminine samples of the jacket, but I think in a bolder color I will really like the young, ’60’s vibe of this style.  I’m hoping to make this quickly (ha!) so I can get some wear out of it before it’s super cold.  My goal is to finish with the sewalong, but since the only task I’ve completed is printing out the pattern, I’m not too optimistic.

#3.) The Minoru Jacket

OK, this is probably overkill, but I really want a Minoru jacket, too!  I’d love to have this as my everyday jacket, as it’s probably warmer than the Anise and definitely something I could wear every day.  I’m not sure if I’ll be able to make two jackets this year, since that’s really a lot of time sewing, but in a perfect world, I would LOVE to have both.

#4.) Pleated Pants

OK, so we all know that pants and shorts have basically kicked my butt in the past.  I’m just terrible at fitting them!  But I’m hoping that I’ll be able to face my Bottom Fears (haha!) and make these trousers because I freakin’ LOVE them.  I’ve seen so many of you guys in your adorable Thurlows and Clovers, and they look amazing, but they’re just not quite my style.  These, however, are EXACTLY what I want to wear and would buy RTW– menswear-inspired, slim (but not tight), and just a little bit fashion-forward.  I could see myself wearing these 24/7.

#5.) Knit Tops

Look how cute Cindy looks in her top!

I love to wear tees, but I want to be just a bit dressier for work, so I could use a few more Renfrews or perhaps one of Cindy’s Dolman Sleeve Tops.

#6.) Moss Mini Skirt

I may break my “no dresses/skirts past Labor Day” rule to make this skirt.  It’s very simple and wearable, and I could actually, maybe, sorta see myself wearing this with knee-high boots and tights (plus, I’m basically addicted to Grainline patterns and somehow find myself downloading EVERYTHING Jen designs).  It might be nice to have at least one option if I feel like putting on something other than jeans.  I should probably make this in a practical color, but I’m leaning towards using the rusty orange printed linen that I bought on my last Garment District meetup.

#7.) Party Dress

OK.  So this one doesn’t fit into the wearable separates category, but shoot, I’m turning 30 next month and I really think I need a killer dress!  I’ve been a teensy bit down in the dumps about turning 30, but I’m trying to change my tune, and I think that a ridiculous, over-the-top, feel-like-a-million-bucks dress might be just the thing to raise my spirits (and keep me from spending my birthday crying in a corner all alone).

Thoughts?  Would you wear any of these things?  Are you making any of these patterns?  What are your fall sewing plans, if you haven’t posted them already?

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91 responses to “Fall Sewing Plans

  1. Gosh you are ambitious! It should make a great wardrobe, have you any colours or fabrics in mind? I’m looking forward to seeing the finished garments.

    • Haha, should’ve mentioned the fabric choices, huh? I picked out a red-orange wool for the Anise jacket and gray twill for the Minoru. I’m planning on using navy twill for the trousers, and I have a red and black buffalo check flannel for the first Banksia top. I’m still up in the air about the rest of the knit tops and the dress.

  2. Sounds like you have a good number of coordinating separates in mind. I just finished a Cation Designs Dolman Sleeves T and I just love it – for sure make one of those. Or two, or three! As for the party dress, if it will make you feel better about turning 30, go for it, but remember that age is all in your attitude and besides, you don’t look a day older than 22 :)

  3. Nice choices! I’m really digging those pants – those are going to look fantastic on you!

    And I’m here to tell you that things just get better after you turn 30 ;-) But you still need an awesome dress.

    • Thanks, Gail! It’s not so much the number 30 that bugs me, it’s more that I always imagined I’d be in a little different place at this age. You know, ducks in a row and what not. :)

  4. Your plan sounds amazing. I’m looking forward to seeing what you do this fall. Even if you don’t make anything on this list because you fall in love with something else and want to make that instead (that’s what I tend to do!). I’m absolutely stunned that you’re turning 30 next month! I really thought you were younger than me. By, like, 5 years. Which would make you closer to 23. :) I’m still a year and a half from 30, but I think 40 will scare me a lot more than 30 does.

    I’m trying to hold off on plan-making this year. I’m working on Susan Khalje’s Couture Dress, and after that, I’m planning on a winter coat, but every time I make big plans, I always feel overwhelmed. I loved seeing yours, though. It’s truly inspiring. Maybe I should make a little plan. :)

    • Both of your projects are so fun! I’ve heard such good things about the couture dress class, and I’ve loved seeing all the coat posts popping up lately. Good luck with both of them! :)

  5. Can’t wait to see your finished objects!

    So far, my only concrete fall sewing plan is my Rachel Berry Halloween dress! I was going to do Gertie’s coat sew-along, but it’s way too involved for me at this point. I might use a simpler coat pattern that I have in my stash instead. ;)

    • I’m so excited to see your costume! You should make Gertie’s coat sometime, though– it would look AMAZING on you! Either way, I’m looking forward to seeing your coat! I know you’ll do a stellar job!

  6. How exciting! I have the Banksia as well and I’m looking forward to making it. I really hope you make a Minoru jacket – I wear mine all the time. I’m coming round to trousers as well after seeing so many brilliant makes around! 30? You’re still a baby!

    • Do you have any particular trousers pattern in mind? I bet you’d make a killer pair! You were the one who introduced me to Papercut Patterns, actually– I had to look them up after I saw your Miss Chalmers Skirt!

  7. Pleated pants are on my to-do list too! As well as finishing up a jacket :) Personally I’m loving my 30’s way more than my 20’s, if that can cheer you up at all about turning the corner. ;)

  8. Jennifer

    Oh, I hear you on being low on time and energy! Hopefully, things settle down for you soon. I really love what you have planned! Thanks for linking to those pleated pants. I can’t wait to see yours! I also think a rust-orange mini sounds perfect for fall (of course, I have one on my list too so, I may be a touch biased ;) ).

    And yes! You definitely need a killer dress for your birthday! Though, I’m with the others. I thought you were early/mid-twenties.

  9. Your plans haven’t pulled through in the past but hey, they might this time around. My favorite picks are the Banksia top and pleated pants. Together they would be what Emeril calls “BAM!” (too korny?). I don’t know about a knit Banksia top though because a knit collar might be difficult to sew, although you could make a knit Banksia with a woven CONTRAST collar. Now that’d be so darn cute (high five Maddie!)!

    My fall sewing plans have been all lingerie. I’ve been fine tuning a couple of patterns and reading new and vintage books on the subject. Like you, I have a busy day job and finished a long project is hard. With lingerie, I can complete projects WELL in a week. It’s very satisfying too when you look back at weeks prior and have accomplished 5-6 garments, even if they’re teeny weeny :)

  10. adelaideb

    I also need to get on the knit shirt wagon, although there are very few knit patterns that I feel work for me. I’m not sure where I stand on the pleated pants issue though. Hmm. Better you than me I think. Good luck!

    • I’ve only recently started to think of pleated pants as cute– I used to think they were kind of matronly and gross. I guess we’ll see how it goes! As far as knits go, the nice thing is that it seems like there has been a proliferation of knit patterns recently, so maybe there are some newer patterns that you’ll like!

  11. sewbusylizzy

    I’m in spring now (hooray!) but I have the Banksia & Anise pattern, I’ve made a Minoru, Renfrew – and I’ve just made up Gertie’s butterick dress!
    I still want to make your McCalls Fashion Star dress – so many things to sew! :-)
    I love your idea, so cute but practical, I think fall/winter is like that – I just have my brain full of pretty floral dresses for spring – and I want more Sewaholuc Almas.

    • Gosh, there are so many fun things to sew, aren’t there? I still think you would look cute in the Fashion Star dress! Go for it! And the Alma pattern is so, so sweet on you– you definitely need more!

  12. Yes yes yes to the pleated pants. I made a pair (a bit big) but they are a great pattern and so nice to wear!

  13. That is a cute line-up, Ginger! You will be adorable in that little jacket! But, hmmmm…I don’t see any pants on that list!

  14. Your plans look good! Pleeeease celebrate turning 30! I know what you mean about getting the ducks in a row (I was 35 when I did), but your 30s will be great (40s too, and onward!).

  15. Oh, I love your plans so much! I’m dying to make a Banskia one of these days too, but I can’t justify buying another pattern right now :o( I’m also at the same stage as you regarding my Anise…even though I would love to finish with the sewalong!!! The pleated pants are going to look amazing on you by the way…I wish this style suited me!

    And re the party dress for your 30th, snap!!! I turn 30 in Feb and I’ve also been feeling a bit down about it. But I’m toying with the idea of making Gertie’s bombshell dress to cheer me up about it…haha! Can’t wait to see what you make!

    • Oh, you would look so cute in a Banksia top! But I know what you mean– you have to be careful not to buy every cute pattern or you would go bankrupt!

      Girl, you need a party dress, for sure! Let’s celebrate 30 in style!

  16. sue

    Fun plans! I hope you make the Anise jacket – I’m hoping to take a crack at it at some point.
    I’m not making any fall/winter sewing plans this year.. it seems like when I do wardrobe/sewing plans, I don’t end up liking or really wearing everything I’ve sewn (after over-planning it) and feel guilty for the things I don’t end up getting to on the list. I love living vicariously through other bloggers’ plans, though. :)

    • Oh, you would look so cute in the Anise jacket! Peter Pan collars really suit you! I know what you mean about making plans– I always feel bad when I don’t get to things. But I’m finding myself overwhelmed by the number of things I want to make, the amount of fabric in my stash, and the general disorganization of my sewing, so I’m hoping that trying to focus (for a season, at least) might help me to get organized, de-stash, and make things that I’ll actually wear. But I won’t feel too guilty about not finishing. :)

  17. Your plans look great and I can’t wait to see the FOs. I’ve also got a Moss mini skirt planned, a couple of renfrews and tiny pocket tanks. I need to make another party dress too, because somehow I managed to tear the sleeve of my Crepe at a wedding on the weekend. Oops. I’ll be really interested to see your take on the Anise, because I could do with a between seasons jacket that’s not a huge winter coat but have been a bit hesitant about the style as well.

  18. Vive the separates! Yeah to pleated pants! TBH, your sewing list looks pretty realistic enough even with a crazy-busy schedule. Go for it!
    As for me, I am bad with lists, plans and deadlines. So I’ll make whatever I feel like sewing.

  19. I love my Minoru. It gets a lot of wear. I’m all about seperates right now too. I have enough dresses…and I never wear them! And now I wanna make a mini too…I’ll be watching

  20. I have fairly similar problems. I love planning and I dream about all the things I could make, but I then I get sidetracked or something happens and then I am way behind :-)

  21. I love all of your choices!! Especially Jen’s skirt and Cation’s top! I think they’d make an awesome outfit!
    Once upon a time, I was also very against wearing skirts or dresses after the summer ended. Until about 3 years ago, in fact. Now, I wonder why I ever felt that way.

  22. I definitely need to sit down and make a sensible autumn sewing plan like this! I’m still partway through my Minoru… I got so close to finishing it and somehow ended up grinding to a halt! I really need to get on with it now the weather has cooled down here so much!

  23. Oh, my, I have all these plans as well! I’ve even MADE a bunch of this, I just need to document it…

  24. I’m planning to make Anise as well. And thanks for the link to the pleated pants – I’ve been looking for a pattern just like that! I always make more plans than I get around to as well, but I figure that’s the nature of things.

  25. I love these plans! I especially can’t wait to see your Anise and the pants.

  26. Liz

    If it makes you feel any better about the Banksia sewalong, I am participating but haven’t even cut it out yet! So many versions planned too, I had better pull my finger out!! I just posted plan too, but if it anything like my last one it will fall flat to more fun things – not a good start the garment I am currently making is not even on the plan…perhaps I should modify the plan so I look more organised ;) I love the pleated pants btw, they will look great on you. PS don’t worry about your 30s, they are heaps of fun.

    • Haha, you should totally change your plan so your new make works with it! :) Your plan looks doable– it’s smart that you put together a palette so you’ll have lots of things that work together!

  27. You have a great list to work from. That mini would look great on you!

  28. This is a brilliant list! Actually a lot of this stuff is on my list too! And some of it I just added – like those pleated pants! Totally with you on that one. I can see some great outfits just centered around those pants, the Moss Mini, and some knit dolman sleeve tops (topped off with an Anise or Minoru?)

  29. I love them all!! I’ve got the Anise pattern and the fabric in mind…hoping I come a little farther along than that. That top is really cute! I may have to add that to my to do list as I am lacking in tops for work myself.

  30. I think this plan is totally achievable, especially because all of these pieces would fit right into your wardrobe! And of course you need a killer dress for your birthday, because you totally rock and need to have something extra special to celebrate your fabulous self!

  31. This is a great list, everything you are planning seams very practicle, especially your killer birthday dress! 30 is nothin girl- you are sooo young!!
    I hope to make an Anise jacket also.

  32. Jenny

    Your list looks so much more doable than mine! I went a little crazy–but I’m okay with that. I LOVE the Banksia blouse and will definitely have to make it at some point. I wish you great luck with your trousers! Someday we will both conquer pants :)

  33. aviewintomyworld

    Excellent planning and cheers for the tip on the pleated pants, i’m rather taken with them!! Anise in a solid vibrant colour would be nice’n’mod,i like your thinking. My minoru went together in a week of evenings after work once it was all cut out… and yay fellow 82 baby :-) i turned 30 back in April and am still around to tell the tale. Don’t worry about your ducks, they’ll settle down and line up, all in good time!

    • Ooh, good to know that your Minoru came together so quickly (and it goes down in history as The Coolest Coat Ever)! That makes me feel a little more optimistic! Hurray, ’82! Glad to hear you survived 30! :)

  34. Here’s to a killer dress for turning 30 in! *raises glass*

    I have about four jackets planned, but I’ve a sneaking suspicion that they’re all going to stay that way — just planned, that is, not executed. Your wardrobe plan sounds very practical and I hope the top works out for you!

  35. Tiffany

    I can totally picture you rockin’ those pleated pants. You will kill in them! Sew on, friend!

  36. Oh I am a little tempted by the Moss mini skirt, but I am so broke at the moment and have no money to spare for new patterns! I do so very much want to make a jacket but don’t think it will be realistic timewise for me. So maybe I can live vicariously through your jacket sewing! However, I am planning to first finish my two half made dresses, then do a tova, a crepe and renfrew! i have patterns and fabrics already, I also want to sew a tutu and red riding hood cape for my daughter and crawling trousers for my baby! Phew…that’s quite a lot I realise now I look at it all written down.

  37. oo great plans! Mine are very similar! (Banksia – I’m also “sewing along”, but not yet started!; Minoru; Moss mini). Those pleat pants are fabulous – can’t wait to see your version!

  38. Great plans! Hopefully you find some time to actually sew soon :) I turn *gulp* 30 next month too… eeeeek!!!

  39. It was great to meet you last night! No tears over thirty – that’s the age when life starts getting interesting. But, yes, I think a fabulous over the top dress is totally called for!

    • gingermakes

      It was so fun! And I knew I’d seen you before, but I’m so bad at remembering faces– after I got home, I remembered drooling over your white jeans! I’m psyched to see your leather jacket!

  40. Great plans! I really like the Moss skirt, too. It gets cold here, but I think it will be warm enough with thick tights and boots.

    I have had epic failures when it comes to pants fitting and now I have to have those pleated pants. They’re fabulous!!! Gah!

    • gingermakes

      You would look so damn cute in those pants— try ‘em out! I’ve never had a success in the pants/shorts department, so I’m a little worried, but hey, nothing lost, nothing gained, right?

  41. your plans will make a beautiful wardrobe.. ohh exciting times ahead for you!

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