Ginger Made: Rie Dress

PEOPLE.  Don’t get too excited, now!  Yes, I sewed one of Megan Nielsen‘s delightful maternity patterns, the Rie dress, but it’s NOT FOR ME.  No mini-Gingers on the way!  It’s for my younger sister, who’s due in January.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way…

I made this a few months back but haven’t had a chance to blog about it yet.  This is the fastest garment that I’ve completed to date– I sewed it up in just a few hours!  I’ve never done anything so quickly before!  The dress was so easy to assemble, and it’s a very cute style.  I would actually almost wear this myself, belted for a little waist definition.  I used a super-cute medium-weight cotton jersey from Girl Charlee (Andrea also used this fabric for a sweet dress)!

I highly recommend this pattern!  It requires very little fitting, so it would make a great gift for a friend who’s expecting, and it’s a nice wardrobe basic that can be dressed up or down.  Like all of Megan’s patterns, it’s really, really easy to put together, and there are several variations suggested in the pattern booklet so you can make multiple unique garments with one pattern.

Here’s a little snapshot my dad took of my sister wearing the dress.

Notice anything funny about the dress in the full-length shot?  I used the blue stripe to line up the pieces so my stripes would match, BUT… I cut one piece, then must have flipped the other piece upside-down on the fabric before cutting, so the stripes run in reverse order on one side and only the blue stripes match up!  Whoops!  What a dumb mistake!

What are your favorite gifts for expectant mothers?  For those of you who are pregnant or have been, what were your favorite things to wear during that time?

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58 responses to “Ginger Made: Rie Dress

  1. Cute! And congrats to your sister!

    My friends (and me for that matter) are still a little young to be reproducing, so I’ll leave the gift suggestions for others to comment on. ;)

  2. This is super adorable and your sister looks stoked with her lovely frock! I would never have noticed the stripe colour order unless you pointed it out- call it a design feature, I say :D

  3. Your sister is adorable in her dress!!

  4. So cute! I LOVE wearing knit dresses and skirts! I find them the most comfy and flattering.

  5. Amy

    So cute! I’ve yet to try a Megan Nielsen pattern, but I do think she does a great job designing stylish pieces. Also, your blue line matching had me chuckling. Better than my first attempts – nothing even came close to matching despite my actually trying!

  6. Kat H

    Empire-waisted and knit fabric dresses are brilliant when you’re pregnant. :-) I love this one – and I actually really like how the stripes kind of alternate!

    • Your maternity and post-baby outfits have been really inspirational– for example, the zipper-front dress the other day… I never would’ve guessed how convenient that would be!

  7. I love this fabric! How satisfying that it only took you a few hours!

  8. Aren’t you lovely! I love the stripe matching story :o) Something I’d do!

  9. How cute is this! I would have never noticed the stripe issue until you mentioned it.

  10. It’s so cute and looks super comfy!!

  11. Awwww! You’re such a sweet sister! Congrats to all of you – you get to be an auntie!

  12. Oooh, it’s so cute.Love the stripes. I had eyed the Rie pattern when I was pregnant but never bought it! My favourute thing I made when pregnant was my Mariposa dress by Anna Maria Horner made in cotton jersey knit and also some maternity shorts which were a simplicity pattern. The dress is designed for breastfeeding so I wore it before and after having the baby. My gift recommendation would be a cute changing bag with travel mat or some pretty yet comfy pjs that can be worn in the first few weeks of motherhood. xx

    • The Mariposa dress looks like a great design! The whole “Handmade Beginnings” book looks really cute, and I love the idea of a changing bag and pajamas! Thanks for the recommendations– they’re perfect! I’m glad to get some tips from pros! :)

  13. Aw! Congratulations to your sister! This is such a sweet materninty gift!

  14. that is a very cute dress! i just ordered from girl charlee and i’m really happy with the quality of the fabrics. i will definitely be ordering from them again. i have totally done that same stripe mess-up before. it’s probably not all that noticeable with so many colors.

  15. super cute and congrats to your sister!

  16. You’re such a good sister! Congrats on becoming an aunt (again?) :)

  17. This is such a sweet gift – your sister looks magnificent! Well done with such a cute dress!

  18. So nice of you to make a gift for your sister, and an adorable one at that!

    • I looked around a bit to see what kind of maternity clothes are available to buy, but they’re pretty expensive and kind of drab! I’m glad I was able to make something pretty cute on the cheap!

  19. misscrayolacreepy

    How adorable! Was your sister surprised or did she know you were making it?

  20. What a cute dress! Since the blue stripes match, I think you can go ahead and call the ‘inverted stripe pattern” a design feature.

    Being an aunt is WONDERFUL! Take it from one who knows. ;-) Moms in my life get a diaper bag – no fitting required!

  21. Congratulations to your sister and to you as a future auntie! What a sweet gift for your sister! Maternity clothes is so expensive these days :(

  22. It’s not a mistake it’s a design element that adds ‘interest and texture’. When I was pregnant I loved kaftan style tops (I wore my ‘normal’ pants until I was 6 months pregnant with my first!) and dresses!

  23. Amy

    This is adorable. I don’t know why, but I love making or thinking about clothes for pregnant women. Congratulations sister and auntie-to-be!

  24. Oh you are the sweetest sister!! So nice of you to make her a maternity dress! I’m so glad you enjoyed the pattern – it’s definitley the one i wore the most when pregnant. And seriously, i giggled so much at your blue line matching – i made that EXACT mistake with stripes in one of my last collections, i was SO mad at myself! hehehe

  25. A cute dress for a cute sister I say! How nice of you to take time out to make this for her, it’s adorable! I love that fabric choice so much!

  26. aww, it’s really sweet of you to make a dress for your sister. i think expecting moms get a lot of gifts for the baby but you were thoughtful and made something for her! she looks cute in the dress! it looks like it was a quick but rewarding project. great job! (and i never would have noticed the stripes, either)

  27. Stephanie

    this is super cute! and she must love wearing it, since you made it and all!

  28. Aligning striped fabric makes me crazy! You did an excellent job though. The dress is adorable. Congrats to your sis!

  29. Houseofpinheiro

    Lucky sister to have u…

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