Meetup Mania 2.0: I Double Dog Dare Ya

So you’ve all seen this #sewingdares nonsense swooping around the internets, yes?  Blame Gillian– it’s alllllll her fault.  Well, in my hubris, I dared Oona to finally sew a shirt for Ruggy, which naturally led to me accepting a dare from her.  THIS MADWOMAN DARED ME TO LET HER CHOOSE THE FABRIC FOR MY NEXT MOOD SEWING NETWORK PROJECT.  Obviously, I don’t back down from a dare, so we set a date and headed to Mood this weekend to decide my fate.  But shopping is WAY more fun in a group, so the ridiculously cool Suzanne, Wanett, and Peter joined in on the madness.

Suzanne, moi, Wanett, Peter, and Oona yukking it up (photo by… someone else who knows how to use the self-timer on their camera)

As you can see, we had a great time!

Does Wanett not OWN the color yellow??

We tore through the store laughing, shrieking, and petting bolt after bolt of fabric.  I think we terrified all the poor Mood employees!  (Thanks for all your help, Kendrell and Eric!)

No, girl, YOU totally look prettier!

Oh, and we took LOTS of pictures.  After much deliberation, a fabric selection was made (and I’m only a little terrified).  I’ll reveal the project next month– hold your breath and WAIT ANXIOUSLY.

Peter’s a summer, def.

After Mood, we popped a squat, had a bite to eat, and chatted for AGES.  Friends, I don’t want to make you even more jealous, but these folks are smart, cool, interesting, and FUNNY.  I’m so grateful to have met such a great group of peeps.

To summarize: A) it was the best day EVER.  B) I’m a little scared to make the Oona Dress of Doom And/Or Destiny.  PRAY FOR ME.  C) If you’re ever in NYC, for the love of all that’s holy, schedule a meetup, dood!

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81 responses to “Meetup Mania 2.0: I Double Dog Dare Ya

  1. Sounds like you had an awesome time. I’m so curious to see the fabric Oona chose for you. And if I ever land in NYC, I’ll be sure to let you know!

  2. You are just trying to make me jealous, right?! Is this how you get back at me for making you jealous over all the patterns I’m sewing?! Ahhh!!

    All I’m sayin is, I think I should be in the middle of this. Let us recreate the moment in March, please and thank you :)

  3. misscrayolacreepy

    Ummm that sounds like a dream day, how could we not be jealous?!!?! ;)

  4. houseofpinheiro

    trying not to make me jealous is making me serious green eyed!!!

  5. An AWESOME time was had by all!!! Maybe even the Mood and Pret employees that we descended on, lol! Can’t wait to do it again!

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  7. I have to a light Ginger Makes candle or something. Freakishly attached everyone’s sewing dares, on this end.

  8. NY meetup, it’s on my wishlist ;) Can’t wait to see the fabric and finished garment–the fabrics Oona showed were all pretty amazing!

  9. that sounds like the best day. i cannot wait to see what comes up from that already-a-legend-fabric (of fabrics, i hear)

  10. Fun!! Very envious on many levels, and I can’t wait to see what your project looks like!

  11. This looks like a ton of fun! Every couple of years I make it to NYC. I’ll have to get some fabric store suggestions for the next time I’m there.

  12. I am SO CURIOUS about this mysterious Oona fabric! What fun!

  13. oooh! So much fun! I’m dying to see the fabric for you dare!!!

  14. What an amazeballs day! I can’t wait to see what Oona has come up with and how you make it your own… The jacket will be worth it when it’s done?!

  15. Sounds like a fantastic day! I will wait most *impatiently* for the big reveal!! ;)

  16. You guys look like you had so much fun, but oh my god just looking at those pictures of all those rolls of fabric have me hyperventilating. How can you even choose something with so much choice! Good luck with the dress and I hope you’ll have some Oona photo styling with it as well.

    • It wasn’t easy! We literally spent two hours in the store before we came out with our choice! And OMG– totally need some Oona photo styling! I didn’t even think of that!

  17. real life sewing shenanigans… sounds amazing!!! nice wool checks you’re posing beside too… looking forward to seeing the result :-)

  18. Great Post! Time well spent. Thanks for sharing. Mtetar

  19. Wow, super jealous here – you guys look like you had a blast!! I’d love to do a blogger meetup in NYC one weekend, it’s just a few hours away from me. Heck, I was there this weekend and stocked up on oodles of fabric!

  20. H O W F U N W A S T H A T ? !
    Now the big question……….. whose camera?

  21. I would love to get good enough and then travel the world to meet with sewer bloggers and shop at mood haha :) one dayyyyy.. *dreaming*

  22. Amy

    Such a fun way to start the year. Let me guess, the dare fabric is something print and big and beautiful? ;) Can’t wait to see the story!

  23. I’m all jealous of you people with your nearby selection of amazing fabrics and ability to meet up! Looks like a fun time. And I am SO curious to see what Oona picked for you!

  24. Blame Gillian! Keep your flexible for the end of March, please, I am coming! :)

  25. Looks like such fun! Can’t wait to see what you whip up with that fabric..

  26. I can’t wait to see whatever it is you make! Meet ups are the best – it’s so nice not to be a solitary sewist!

  27. Looks like a lot of fun! I loooooove that turquoise plaid fabric behind you guys in the first picture. I can’t wait to see what you make.

  28. Gaaaahhh so much fun! Very jealous and all that. Can’t wait to see what Oona picked out for yoU!

  29. Don’t worry, both Oona and Peter will be getting a taste of their own medicine when I send them some gifts! Muahaha!

  30. Tempest Devyne

    That looks so much fun. Like the sewing equivalent of a playdate. Can’t wait to see the chosen fabric and what you make of it :)

  31. busylizzieinbrissie

    That looks like a fun and fabulous day! I can’t wait to see what you make and the fabric.

  32. What a great meet up! I am so jealous! I am sure your Oona chosen fabric will be fab and you will make something amazing!

  33. I’m positively green with envy that you get to live in NYC and go to the garment district with such cool people! I’m determined to make it to Mood in person one of these days, and when I do I’d love to shop with you. You have such great style – I love all of your creations!

  34. Looks like fun! And fabric….so….much…..fabric……(drools).

  35. Jen

    Looks like SO MUCH FUN!!! I’m coming fabric shopping with you guys next time I’m in NYC. Not that I’ve ever been there…Sydney, Australia is just a little out of the way… :)

  36. What a marvelous time!! I am SO EXCITED to see your fabric from Oona for the dress of doom/wonder! Also, I will be in your neck of the woods in two months – and I hope to seeeeee yoooooouuuuuu!!!

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