Sew Grateful Week Giveaway!


Happy Sew Grateful Week, everyone!  Isn’t it the best?  I love having a dedicated time to express my thankfulness to this community for the support, inspiration, and all-around awesomeness that you so graciously bestow on me!  So, as a little token of my gratitude, I’d like to offer a giveaway!  After all your kind words about my Anise jacket, I thought it would be fun to offer one of you a chance to make your own!

Leave a comment below (by 11:59PM EST on 2/10/13) to enter to win a digital download of the Anise jacket by Colette Patterns.  I’ll pick a winner at random on February 11, 2013!  I’d love to hear what your plans would be for the jacket, so do spill the beans!

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121 responses to “Sew Grateful Week Giveaway!

  1. I’m not ‘Sewing’ ready for this jacket, so I don’t want to steal a entry. Just wanted to write how lovely you are for giving something away!:)
    The sewing community is so loving, it’s great:)

  2. Oooh, a lovely choice and so nice you are participating in Sew Grateful Week! I shall be participating as well. Consider me entered! :)

  3. melanie

    Oh I hope I win this …
    I’ve been wanting to make anise coat ever since it came out but too chicken to attempt making a coat since I’ve never made one before …
    But seeing your version, makes me want to try …
    I’d love to give it a more casual vibe, so maybe using denim or corduroy? Might make it not as thick but that means I can wear it like a jacket/blazer maybe …
    Thanks for doing the giveaway :)

  4. I’ve had my eye on this for ages. I’m something of a coat hoarder even though I live in Australia and spend the vast majority of the year in shorts and singlet! I think I’d make the first one in some lighteight black wool because despite all my hoarding I don’t really have a little plain black jacket!
    I’ve got a giveaway on too- stop by and see if you’re interested!

  5. Oh sweet! I loved your red jacket and I’d love to make one for myself but in a lighter fabric, maybe cotton twill, because it doesn’t get super cold here. This would test my sewing skills, but I think I could tackle it. Thanks for the giveaway :)

  6. Nia

    Oh I “sew” LOVE this jacket! I would love to make me a red one. I hope I win

  7. I would love to make this jacket! I was admiring how nice yours turned out :)

  8. I’ve got some lovely wool suiting here that would suit that pattern really well.

  9. From looking at the photos of the jacket it is like a Tailored made, with all the right proportions, darts, and style for a professional fitting. This jacket will highlight, and bring out any style skirt, and pants giving it a fashionable look. It is a must have jacket, and would also look nice worn with a sleeveless, or short sleeves dress. It is a much needed pattern. Thanks for sharing. Be BLESSED, Mtetar

  10. Adrienne

    Thank you for this! I love that jacket!

  11. I’m new to jackets. I’d love to make a purple Anise. Thanks for the giveaway.

  12. Oh gosh! How generous! I have some lovely double faced wool in dark charcoal, light grey and lavendar that would be pretty fantastic. Maybe a bit heavy though, so that might be tricky. Mostly what I love about this coat is the buttons. In Seattle the best buttons are at Nancy’s Sewing Basket and I would go crazy getting the perfect fun buttons for this coat. Maybe with fun buttons and a solid wool.

    Do you have plans to make another one for yourself? And I will have to do a FBA. So this would be a great learning project for me. Thank you for your sewing generosity! I love Colette!

  13. Wow thanks for the opportunity to win this! Sadly I have not even started sewing this year, but this would be perfect as we have just moved from Auckland to Christchurch (in New Zealand) and it is cold here although I am looking forward to having some snow making the cold worthwhile! This jacket could get my sew on while also keeping me warm this winter!!!!!

  14. lloubb

    what a lovely giveaway! I bet this has moved up a few spots on many sewing queues after we saw your version :)
    I would love to make this in a lovely green — not sure which shade yet!

  15. gmariesews

    What a wonderful give away! I’m putting myself in the job market again and I would love to use this jacket as the starting point for a proper suit. What color? Well, I’d love to make it in red – but that would be a bit impractical for inteviewing so maybe navy or a grey. g

  16. Cool giveaway! I am just getting into tailoring so this would be a great pattern to work with.

  17. Thanks for the great giveaway!! I love to win.

  18. I love Sew Grateful Week! And of course, who wouldn’t want a pattern for the Anise jacket! I think it would be adorable in a print of some sort, especially for spring :) consider me entered, and thanks!

  19. Michelle

    This pattern is too cute! I would love to make a classic black coat with gold buttons, that way I would be able to get as much wear out of it (:

  20. Oo I just squealed out loud at this! I would love to make this jacket in navy with big mustard buttons! What a great giveaway, thanks! xxx

  21. Thank you for offering such a great giveaway! Your jacket is so beautiful, I’d love one in a bright color too! I’ve got an old RTW yellow wool peacoat that the dry cleaners messed up, so if only I could find some yellow wool the Anise would be a perfect replacement…

  22. Rebekah Stockton

    I have some great herringbone wool that would be great for this! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  23. Stephanie

    Oh, I’ve always wanted to make a jacket, but collette patterns are just a bit too pricey for my student budget :(

    I’d love to make one in a lightweight royal blue wool with shiney gold buttons!

  24. Such a lovely pattern, I’d use it to fill a big black jacket shaped hole in my wardrobe. A bit boring I know, but I’d try and find a fun lining to spice it up a bit! Great giveaway, thanks x
    P.s You’re anise is to die for!

  25. I loved your red Anise, and as soon as I saw it I began thinking about what I could use in my stash to make up my own Anise. I have some light pink and grey herringbone (wool) which would be perfect. If I’m lucky enough to win your giveaway, I should have it completed for our winter – that gives me 4 mths or so to get the fit perfect, right?

  26. This may be my everest but I’d like to recreate a royal blue wool peacoat I have that is on its way out. I can never find coats that fit my tiny shoulders. If I won I probably wouldn’t start it for a while yet as we’re still in snow gear. Hope it turns out as good as yours!

  27. I loved your finished jacket! If I won, I’d totally do the cropped sleeve-length in some sort of springy floral!

  28. Lynda Palmano

    Love your jacket and especially love the colour. Thanks for introducing me to the Anise jacket. I am also bathed in sunshine right now, but just can’t resist a lovely jacket or coat pattern. Hope I am the lucky winner :)

  29. Although my tweed jacket is on its last leg and I’m looking to replace it, I think that the Anise has such lovely lines that it shouldn’t be obscured by too much going on. I’d make it in a fairly light wool, either in a light and saturated navy, dark emerald green or golden yellow, depending on what I could find. The colours might sound random, but they’re from the palette I’ve chosen for my wardrobe.

  30. WOW! Really? This is very generous me you. Please do count me in the running. If I happened to be the lucky winner I would make it out of traditional Harris tweed, possibly in a mustard colour. … oooh, now you’ve got me thinking!

  31. Ooooh, what a lovely giveaway. I have some greenish grey fabric – I am not sure what it is as I was given in in a bin bag of fabrics from an elderly lady! But it would make a sweet anise with some green vintage buttons I have been hoarding. :)

  32. Julia C

    I think I “need” a plaid jacket, because seriously, who DOESN’T need a plaid jacket?

  33. Phoebe

    Right before the Anise pattern was released, I saw a beautiful emerald green wool coat in a shop and although I loved it so, I thought “I could make one for less than that!” And then I saw Anise, which was so similar, and knew it was fate. I haven’t done it yet, but I would love to get it started for spring. I would lengthen it a bit to make it almost hip length and use the 3/4-length sleeves, and big fabric covered buttons. Your jacket was so beautiful!

  34. Josephine

    Oh I love the Anise but haven’t got around to purchasing it yet. Please count me in for the giveaway.

  35. chriscuada

    I loved your red Anise, so far I’ve only made a Meringue from Collete Patterns so would love to try this out too. Ps – I’m running a giveaway over on my blog ( it’s my first time joining in on the sew grateful week:)

  36. Eleanor

    I would love to win this pattern! Winter is coming here in South Africa and I’ve had my eyes on the Anise for a while now!

  37. Everyone always makes these things up in such formal fabrics! Down here in Australia, (at least in the part that I live in) it doesn’t get THAT cold during winter, so I’d love to make a casual version of this- something soft and easy and not super stiff like winter coats tend to be. I could snuggle around my iceberg of a uni in it and still not overheat! It would be grand :)

  38. Ooh such an awesome giveaway! Seeing your Anise jacket made me want to make one soo much, I loved your version. I’ve only made my chanel jacket before but I’d love to venture into proper outerwear. There are soo many lovely wools in my work just now that I’m not sure what one I’d use to make it up. But liking too many fabrics can’t be a bad thing, right? My email is :)

  39. Oh hello lovely Anise! This jacket reminds me of a beloved jacket I had, it was bright green but never quite fit perfectly. Would love to recreate a version that fitted well, if not green then bright red.
    Thanks for the generous giveaway!

  40. Ooh yes I’d like that please. I have a similar ready made pea coat that looks a bit like this. I’ve worn it to death and I’d love to make another so it would be great if I could win this pattern! Thanks and fingers crossed!

  41. Megan D

    It’s such a cute jacket! Would love to make one :)

  42. Since I haven’t been blogging g a year I hadn’t heard of Sew Grateful – so that will be a 2014 activity for me :-)
    Your Anise deserved the accolades – it’s gorgeous!
    Don’t enter me – I have this stashed just searching for the fabric! I’m entering the Pattern Review comp in hopes of winning a Mood Fabric voucher! LOL dreamer I am!

  43. Stephanie S.

    Pick me! That pattern didn’t look that interesting to me until I saw how cute it was when you made it up. Now I NEED it :)

  44. love this pattern! i’ve been mulling over a plaid wool or even a twill lightweight version for spring. thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  45. Ooh, I’d love to win this! Your version is what has inspired me to make my own. That colour is just so beautiful. Thank you!

  46. I’ve been coveting this pattern since it came out but I haven’t allowed myself to buy it because I have way too many projects to complete first! I’ve been needing a light summer jacket to wear on my train commutes and I think this would be perfect for that. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  47. Retha

    such a cute jacket! I think I would have to do one in a tweed or perhaps a courdoroy.

  48. I love your red jacket! I, too, have been to chicken to buy the pattern and make my own coat! But, if I were to win the pattern….I’d like to make a bright pink coat with some sort of crazy lining for surprise fun!

  49. Ok, I’m in! There is no way it’s happening this year, but I know I’m going to need to make a new winter coat before terribly long. And this one looks like a great style, if I can find the right (warm but not woolly) fabric for it!

    I also just posted up a giveaway for Sew Grateful week on my own blog, so feel free to stop by and see if you’re interested!

  50. Lynda

    Oh! I would have to do it in blue. I need a beautiful blue coat!

  51. I would love to make a lovely Anise jacket! :)

  52. Oh, please enter me. I know this would be a challenge for me to make, but would love to do one with a lightweight wool (maybe purple) and vintage style retro purple buttons… Thank you!

  53. Oh, I love the Anise jacket! I have some lovely blue-green fabric just waiting to be made into this jacket. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  54. You are too kind! I would love this pattern, as I already confessed much love of your red version. I have a great aqua boucle in my stash or (as you know) I just received that beautiful teal wool from Italy!

  55. Ooh fun! I’d love the chance to sew the Anise (as I am a total jacket junky) and your version was inspiring!

  56. i should be good and try to use up some of my stash, but if i were to win this pattern i’d be awfully tempted to get some red wool coating and copy yours. :-)

  57. The jacket you made was simply adorable! Great choice of fabric. You are such a good sewer and writer. I love reading your blog and keeping up with your projects. Thanks for sharing!

  58. I have the perfect pink Pendleton wool in my stash that I would love to make this jacket up in.

    Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway, you’re too kind! :)

  59. Thanks for the chance to win this. I love your red jacket! I plan to make one in purple or navy blue. Thanks for taking the time to share your projects and write your blog!

  60. Ooh, I would love to win this pattern. I’ve been drooling over the thing ever since it was released. Yours is SO cute, I just might have to try sewing a Red one, too. :)

  61. anne M.

    Thanks for the give away! I would love to make this jacket in red, yellow, royal blue and black! (I am sooo ambitious!)

  62. Sheila

    Please count me in! I have put this pattern on my wish list.

  63. I’m itching to get my hands on the Anise pattern. I think it would look great in tweed! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  64. Amy

    After seeing your version this jacket I am now desperate to make one!!!

  65. Lisa Westra

    I love this pattern and have some amazing pastel boucle that would be perfect for it! How nice of you to give away the pattern!

  66. Mary

    I am so inspired by your jacket and I would love to give it a go myself. Thanks for the giveaway! I love your blog.

  67. Kat

    Ohh. I’ve been umming and ahhing about this pattern every since it came out! But I have made a pencil skirt in dark pink wool fabric and I have enough left for this, I think. A matching outfit!
    Thanks for your giveaway – you’ve only gone and inspired me now…

  68. Ooh ooh ooh! I want a plaid Anise! I love the idea of this pattern because of all the thoughtful details. Thanks you!!!!

  69. Thanks for the awesome giveaway Ginger! I’d have to have a hunt through my fabric stash to decide on what to make this in, but I think I’ve got a woolen-blend burgundy plaid lurking around in there somewhere….. :-)

  70. How thoughtful of you, Your Anise is a corker.
    I would make in an emerald green cord with a nice navy and white spot poplin lining.

  71. Mina Holliday

    I’ve been lusting after that pattern. I’d have to break my no-fabric-buying pledge, but it would be worth it. Maybe a nice dark grey wool

  72. thank you!! I would love to make it in a Valentino red wool maybe, I love that shade of red and this model would be gorgeous!

  73. Amy

    Ahhhh! I have looked at your posting repeatedly because I loved your jacket so much! I would use a fuschia wool to make this jacket.

  74. Sherri

    This is such a pretty jacket. One of my goals is to sew a jacket.

  75. Liz

    I’ve been wanting a tweed or tweedy short jacket…brown or maybe blue? Thanks for the giveaway!

  76. gr

    I’d love to make this pattern in blue with white buttons and maybe piping if I could figure it out. Your red one is lovely. Its really kind of you to do a give away!

  77. Ybat

    I have always wanted a dark teal coat and i even have the perfect black and white buttons. Thanks for the giveaway!

  78. Oh how I would love to make this. I’d have to keep my eye out for the perfect wool fabric though. I keep envisioning it in a navy and white stripe.

  79. Sox

    I’ve been reading many lovely things about that pattern. I would have to dig through my ‘collection’ to see what would look best. Thank you for your generosity.

  80. This would make a lovely jacket for my daughter!

  81. Beth K

    I’ve been dying to try sewing a Collette pattern, so this would be the perfect opportunity. I have a kind of pale green and yellow heavy waffle weave cotton in stash that I think would make a perfect spring jacket.

  82. Sue Hobbs

    This pattern looks really interesting. I lost a lot of weight last year, so I am keen to make lots of new things that actually fit. I would like to win this pattern and make it up for th cool weather coming our way over te next few months.

  83. Senna

    This would be my first Collette pattern if I won! I’d make a lovely teal colored jacket.

  84. I would love to try the jacket in red. I want to make several jackets this year.
    Plesse enter me in the drawing.

  85. hueisei

    Thanks for the lovely giveaway!!! I love Collette pattern :D

  86. I would love to try this pattern- thanks for the give away :)

  87. I’d love to make a spring jacket possibly trying it out in denim…something different

  88. Sara

    Oh what a lovely giveaway! I’d love to make it with a heavy camel fabric and dark brown buttons

  89. Schirin

    Wow, thanks for this awesome giveaway. I’ve never sewn a jacket or coat before and as it happens that in a few weeks I will have loads of free time, it might just be the perfect time to give it a try :)

  90. Iris

    I’ve been sewing dresses and skirts. But I’d love to take he plunge and try making a jacket!

  91. Wonderful idea! Your Anise came out so nicely – made me take another look at the pattern. Turns out I think I quite like it, when it’s not in a pastel color! Not sure what I’d make it out of yet… and I’d probably go get the Anise Companion since jackets are new territory for me.

  92. Toni Lou

    Do love your version! (Better than the pattern pic!) Its been a couple decades since I made a tailored jacket….I’m looking for one specifically to use as a base for some heavy machine embroidery. I think the shape of this jacket (especially the back) might make a very interesting pallette! Thanks so much for your giveaway

  93. jqluo

    Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! Cheers!!

  94. Thanks for a giveaway!
    I’d make it in purple wool and wear so proudly! Cheers

  95. Your version is gorgeous! I’d like to make one in a deep purple.

  96. Carol

    That is a beautiful jacket. If I was lucky enough to win the pattern I would make one in a deep red wool.

  97. This would be perfect for my Ireland trip in a gorgeous emerald wool!

  98. Tiffany W.

    I have had my eye on coat fabrics all season – what a great pattern and a super reason to fabric shop :)

  99. Isidore

    I’d love to win this! I have so many fabric options, it’s overwhelming… Maybe a black and white large houndstooth?

  100. I totally want to make an Anise jacket now that I’ve seen yours. In fact I just bought some material to make one and it arrived today. lol!

  101. Sylvia

    HI Ginger! Love your red jacket! I would make a raspberry pink one or an azure blue one if I won your draw. I’m thinking both colors just scream HANG ON! SPRING IS AROUND THE CORNER! : )) Guess I’d have to choose then, but for right now loving the image of BOTH of them and some beautiful spring flowers in the background…..the blue? ( ahhhhhh..) or the raspberry? (wow!). Love your inspiring and fun posts.

  102. This is such a lovely pattern! I’ve been wanting to make myself a wool coat for quite some time. While I don’t have the perfect wool in my stash (at least not yet) I have a lovely floral brown silk charmeuse that I would use as lining. So I want to find a brightly colored wool coating fabric to make this coat.

    Thanks for a thoughtful giveaway :)

  103. I really do love your version of this, and I didn’t even know they were offering digital downloads for some things, too bad not for the Sencha top. Thank you for the giveaway!

  104. Stephanie

    I can see this in pink tweed with dark green lining…

  105. Thanks for the giveaway Sonja! this jacket is high on my sewing queue especially since I saw your gorgeous version recently! I’d love to win, though apparently I’m not the only one :D

  106. Sue Klejeski

    It’s so hard to find cute jacket patterns these days! I’d definitely make one for myself. :)

  107. Tara

    I’ve been thinking about this jacket for a bit now. I’ve been waiting to buy the pattern because I can’t decide between a mustard tweed or an emerald wool. I might just have to make both.

  108. I absolutely love the red version that you made, and would love to make one for myself. I’d love to win a copy. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  109. When I first saw this pattern I wanted to make it in mustard (shocking, I know!) but after seeing your red one I’m torn! xx

  110. Angel

    I’d love to make one…thanks for doing this giveaway!

  111. Wow, I LOVE your version of the Anise, proper green eyed monster I was! You know, if I won the giveaway, I’d probably copy you and make a jacket just like yours…not in a creepy, stalky way of course. At all, in case you got a bit worried…

    Thanks for this brill giveaway, it embodies everything that is sew cool about the online community.

  112. Ali

    Gorgeous jacket and great giveaway!
    I love a pop of colour on a drizzly grey day. So… I’m thinking a vibrant green wool to get me through to the spring.

  113. Emily M

    I think I’d like to try making it in a brocade; maybe something from the home dec section.

  114. Tracey_B

    I’d love to try this as my first real jacket/coat – possibly in a dark teal.

  115. Erin

    I love this pattern! Your version was inspiring. I’d love to make one in lime green if I can find the right fabric.

  116. Please add me to giveaway!

  117. I’d love to make a pink one. Every girl needs a pink jacket at least once in her life! Thank you for all the inspiration.

  118. senjiva

    I’d love to win the pattern! If I win “Miss. Pattern Recipient 3013″, I plan to run on a platform of Scottish wool from my kind friend at the knitting store, with a cheerful lining. I know the world will be a better place when more garments are made with love and care. Thank You. –Margaret

  119. Rox

    Love the jacket! I would make it in a snappy teal!

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