Watch This Lace Sorbetto Top!

Hi, guys! I’m so thrilled to be participating in Marie‘s Watch This Lace project!  Marie is one of my absolute favorite bloggers, and I had such a blast making a garment with her precious vintage lace!  Alright, enough chit-chat.  Hop over to her blog and read my post here!

Man Friend: “You’ve got to get the gator head into your photos!”

While you’re at it, wish Marie a happy birthday!  She celebrated her 30th yesterday– woohoo!

Obligatory pug photo

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66 responses to “Watch This Lace Sorbetto Top!

  1. Haha, thanks for outing me ;o) And for being such a fun WTL contributor!xxx

  2. Love your take on it! Very cute!

  3. My favorite sorbetto EVER!

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Marie and many more. Lace always highlights any project giving it an expensive, rich, vintage, unique, and work of art look. Great Project. Mtetar

  5. I love the changes you made to the Sorbetto – the gathering is perfect with the lace! Great Sorbetto!

  6. Houseofpinheiro

    My fav sorbeto ever….

  7. Cute! (The blouse and the dog.)

  8. 1. Your pug is absolutely one of the cutest I’ve seen!
    2. Also your Sorbetto :)

  9. I love this! It’s beautiful and the lace goes really nicely with the Swiss dot. I think you’ve done the lace proud! I also live this take in the Sorbetto, which I may have to steal at some point!

  10. I’ve just been reading about this on Marie’s blog. Your top is lovely, it’s such a great idea.

  11. Ahhhh pugggg.adorable!
    great choice:)

  12. Lovely Sorbetto! If you hadn’t identified the pattern, I would’ve never guessed it.

  13. Gorgeous. You’ve done a great job with that lace.

  14. Beautiful top, Sonja You’ll wear it all of the time and with everything :)

  15. gmariesews

    Umm – cute top! Doesn’t look like the ‘normal’ sorbetto at all! g

  16. Very lovely top done with lace! And doesn’t look stodgy (old-fashioned) like lace sometimes can. Now, you need to make Doug a matching lace collar. :)

  17. Super cute! I have to make one of those Sorbettos one of these days!

  18. Sonja I think this is a perfect top and you’ve used the lace in a way that totally suits your style. Gathered sorbetto? Love it !!

  19. Jo

    I love this mod of the sorbetto, I’m really impressed! Did you just rotate the bust darts up into the yoke and convert to gathers, or did you add some extra volume too?
    Ooh you should do a post on your patternwork. I eat this stuff up (and I promise others do too!)

    Also, this is such a subtle, beautiful look for the lace. So glad you didn’t go with black! :D

  20. I’m so going to copy you with this mod. (and will find a pug to pose with too). love it!

  21. I read your post on Marie’s blog. Your Sorbetto is gorgeous, I’m really impressed with the array of sewing skills you used to make it :-)

  22. Cute, cute top and fun feature! Looks like a wardrobe staple. I am so embarrassed I didn’t realise your name is not Ginger, I think I’ve been calling you Ginger. Apologies! For what it’s worth my name is really Elise and not Honig, so, nice to meet you Sonja!

    • Hahahaha, I probably should make that clear. I used an alias to keep my work buddies from finding the blog, but of course they found it somehow and tease me all the time (I work in a department where I’m the only girl out of ten people). I think most people think my name is really Ginger– I wish it was! :)

  23. Your lace top is adorable! Goes great with a cute pug!!

  24. I love what you’ve done with this – pretty without being too pretty. It showcases the lace nicely, particularly round the hem and looks super wearable. Nice work!

  25. There’s that gorgeous material, and I love what you did with it! I have a hard time finding ways to put lace on things, because my style isn’t all that feminine. This one hits the nail on the head for me! And gotta love the animal friends:)

  26. Gorgeous! I love lace, but haven’t seen with it yet either.

  27. Cute top…cuter pug. Makes me miss my pug-a-boo. She was such a lovey.

  28. CC

    Love the lace!! As pretty as that pug!

  29. That top is so cute! I love your hysterical pictures.

  30. I adore this top! So sweet and feminine, but still practical. Great job with the lace!

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