Papercut Patterns Bellatrix Blazer!

Hi, guys!  Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate!  It’s been a busy week full of travel, family, and friends, so I got a bit distracted and forgot to post my most recent Mood Sewing Network garment!  I planned to make a Christmas dress, but at the last minute decided to make a piece that I could wear well after the holidays.  This time of year I often find myself with functions to go to after work, but I don’t have time to go home and change first.  Sometimes I drag a cocktail dress to work and change in the ladies’ room, but I decided that it would be easier (and less stressful!) to make a day-to-night piece that I can toss on top of my work outfit when I feel like getting a little festive.

As soon as I saw the new Papercut Patterns collection, I fell in love with the Bellatrix Blazer.  I like that it’s a bit different from a traditional blazer pattern with its rounded collar and cinched waist– it’s so stylish and fun!  I knew this would make the perfect holiday jacket.  It closes with one button, has a bit of a peplum, and has in-seam welt pockets.  It’s fully lined, too, which makes it even more luxurious and versatile.  The blazer also has slightly-shaped sleeves– they’re a little longer on the front side of your hand than on the palm side, which is a great detail.

I used two black cotton sateens, one very shiny (for the lapels and welts) and one more matte (for the body) to give it a bit of a tuxedo look.  The shinier sateen had a great deal of stretch to it, but since every piece I was using it for needed to be interfaced, I could get away with it.The blazer is lined with a charcoal-colored silk charmeuse for a wee touch ‘o’ fancy-schmanciness.

The pattern is really easy to put together, but it does take a little time.  I made a muslin, but didn’t end up making any fit alterations at all.  I was intimidated by the welt pockets, but they were really easy to do.  The best part is that because they’re in-seam pockets, you don’t have to do any scary slashing on your jacket front!  Yay!  I really like this pattern, and definitely recommend it.  It’s sleek and sassy in black, but I bet it would look really cute in colors (I’m thinking of a red one– wouldn’t that be cool, in an equestrian way?).  I also like the idea of making a short version to wear over dresses.

This sounds insane, but this is my first black blazer!  I’ve never owned one before!  I feel a little square and boring in it, but I know it will go with so many things in my wardrobe.  I definitely feel older and more put-together wearing it, for better or for worse!

What’s your favorite way to take an outfit from day to night?  What are the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe?  Did you sew any special holiday outfits this year?

Here’s a little detail short– it’s tough to photograph black garments!

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131 responses to “Papercut Patterns Bellatrix Blazer!

  1. Your blazer looks really stylish! Well done! Practical versatile pieces are the way to go definitely.

    • Thanks, Katy! It’s always so tempting to go for unique, super fun garments, but lots of those have been hanging in my closet with no reason or way to wear them, which is never a good thing.

  2. Looks beautiful! Great choice to use contrasting textures of black, it’s super slick and I bet you wear it all the time. I didn’t appreciate the details of this pattern until you pointed them out, but I love that horizontal seam with the pockets in and how deep it makes the inside facing. I’ll have to make yet another Papercut order I guess!

  3. This is just gorgeous! It suits you perfectly – and I love how you’re wearing a “fancy” garment with your casual stuff.

  4. Just gorgeous! I love it! Beautifully made, I bet you will keep this for ages…great wardrobe staple

  5. I love it! I’ve been looking for a great blazer pattern and this just may be the ticket. I think it looks great in black, and if you really wanted to add more interest to the piece (which looks fabulous just the way it is, of course), you could use a really interesting button on it. Either way- it’s awesome!

    • Ooh, I think this would be really cute on you! I had the HARDEST time deciding what to do for a button and put on a plain one from my stash as a temporary placeholder. I’ll probably look for something more fun next time I go to the Garment District. :)

  6. What an awesome jacket Ginger. You are def rocking it with the casual tee, jeans and biker boots – great styling!
    Lovely detailing on your blazer – its so professionally made – whoop, whoop to you G!
    Enjoy wearing it out to your NYE parties!

  7. Damn, girl! This looks good! It’s like an LBD, but an LBB…everyone woman should have one! I was thinking to myself just the other day that I need to grow up and have some fancier clothes and this number ticks the box. I totally love the idea of a shorter version for dresses too!

  8. I’m sold! Looks great!

  9. This is awesome! Blazers are the best, because they just go with everything, and this one looks so classy on you!

    I really want to get some of the new papercut patterns, but I have SO MANY patterns still unmade, that I’ve decided I’m not allowed to buy any new patterns for a while.

    • I hear you! I’m in a pattern freeze going forward– I have enough to last me ages, and I don’t have another job lined up yet after mine ends mid-January, so absolutely no more patterns and stash sewing from here on out!!!

  10. ooohhh i’ve been eyeing this pattern… i love it! and i love that you went with a super smart black. the fit looks superb!

    • I think this pattern would look great on you! I have one RTW blazer, and it looks kind of silly on me– the shoulders are too big so I look like a little kid borrowing mommy’s clothes. I thought I hated blazers but it turns out that I just needed to have ones that fit!

  11. Wow! This jacket is so stylish and chic!! It is so perfect for you to wear out, and you did an amazing job sewing! I wish I has made something so versatile, hopefully I can get my Gerard done soon!

  12. I love it! This is one of my favorites from the new Papercut collection too. “Santa” (aka me ) brought it for Christmas and I’m really looking forward to making it. I love that I can make a fun blazer for casual wear but also a really sharp one for the office. Your tux-style blazer is awesome — might have to steal that one!

    • Yay, thanks, Santa! :) I’m really excited to see yours– I hope you enjoy sewing it! I can definitely recommend a tux version– it goes with everything, but is a little more fun than plain black! Go for it!

  13. So cool!!! Just got the papercut rigel – their jacket patterns are the bomb! ;)

    • Oooh, can’t wait to see your jacket! I really, really love their patterns– they’re so stylish! Also, I caved and ordered from Style Arc, so that’s my next project. I’m really excited to try them! Thanks for the recommendation!

  14. clareyszabo

    I love this! I think a blazer is a smart idea as it will get so much wear after the holidays. You look super cool and love that hair xx

  15. bunny

    i love, love, love your new shorter hair!!! you look fantastic, it totally suits you! oh yeah, nice jacket too ;)

  16. I love the contrasting black colors/textures. Your blazer looks great, and nice job on the welt pockets!

  17. Great jacket! It looks very professional. This pattern is patiently waiting in the pile, nice to see it made up so well. I just recently made a pair of black trousers, to wear to work events, solving a similar “what to wear to after work stuff” dilemma!

    • I don’t know why I’m never drawn to basics, but it’s so nice to have some really serious workhorses in your wardrobe! I don’t have any black trousers, but I should make some– I bet they go with everything!

  18. I love that blazer and the combination of the fabrics. Great job and by the way, love your boots, too.

  19. That jacket is awesome! It looks really nice on you. Nice new hair-cut too! Really nice job.

  20. Oh Gosh this is an incredible garment. This jacket is so awesome, really! At first I wasn’t sure about this pattern but now I might try it :) And I totally love your hair, so pretty !!

  21. Super cute! I love a basic black blazer over anything – I always get comments at work when I wear mine. “Why are you so dressed up??” Haha – I think this will be the perfect addition to your wardrobe!

  22. This looks amazing and your hair looks awesome! What a cool blazer, super stylish and sleek. I love it!

  23. It’s so smart and now you have a sensible black one just go wild with colour!

  24. The blazer is great and looks like the perfect fit. Your hair is spot on!

  25. AH! i LOVE LOVE love the detail of the longer sleeve length on the front compared to the back–I search for that detail in all blazers and it’s so difficult to find… Again this is so professional, you are my clothes making idol!! I think you need more of a challenge-make it in plaid. HAHAHAHA ;) :D *I’m digging the new hair cut too! I take an outfit day-to-night by throwing on heels and/or a slim cut blazer and maybe a statement necklace if I’m feeling JCrew-ish. Yup.

    • Isn’t it such a nice detail? It’s nice to have that extra length on the back of your hand! Oooh, plaid– sounds SO cute, but SO HORRIBLE to match! I’m really tempted now, though! Or maybe I should go Brit and do a tweed?

  26. what a perfect blazer that is! great job, ginger.. i should make a solid color blazer for sure, i always make patterned ones, and they spend a lots of time in my closet, cause i can’t really match them with anything, so i wear my second hand black blazer instead :)

    • Thanks, Mokosha! I have an orange ikat fabric earmarked for my next blazer– you have to have some fun with prints! But I agree, I know I will wear this so much since it works with all my stupid print tops!

  27. It’s gorgeous :) Boring? I doubt it – it will match with so much and get worn so regularly you won’t be thinking that come summer time! Nice work :)

  28. I love this – fancy jackets are definitely the way to go for dressing up after work!

  29. Great look on you Ginger and that jacket will go with EVERYTHING! Hooray!

  30. It looks fantastic, and I love the tuxedo style. I think the contrasting textures, shaped waist, and slight peplum keep you from looking too square — it’s a fun black blazer!

  31. Nice blazer! I have never owned a blazer, maybe I should make on, now that I am almost grown up (who am I kidding, that will probably never happen, fortunately). And a red one would be super cool!

    • Thanks, Wendy! The By Hand London Victoria blazer was my first ever blazer, and I wear it all the time! I never really thought of myself as a blazer person (they seemed old and preppy), but they’re a fun way to feel a little more dressed up. Make one! :)

  32. OOh, I really like your version – very sophisticated!

  33. What a gorgeous blazer! I love how you’ve used the shiny and matte fabrics. The shape is lovely with the peplum hem, and I do like the details of the cuffs and the in-seam welt pockets. Definitely not as scary as cutting into the jacket front!

    • Thanks, Lynne! It’s a really pretty silhouette, in my opinion, and I feel like it would be flattering on lots of different shapes. I really like this pattern– so glad I got it!

  34. Lovely blazer. It definitely has a tuxedo feel, which is very cool.

  35. It turned out wonderful and the pocket looks just great! I’m sure you’ll get much use out of it because you certainly look smart wearing it.

  36. True Bias

    ive been so excited to see someone make this up and i love this. i am a big fan of a black blazer. i am tempted to make this one, although i am anxiously waiting for grainline’s blazer to come out too.

  37. Looking great! love the new hair too, btw. Black jackets are fab, you can take them anywhere! I traced this pattern to make for daughter no2 yesterday, just need to toile & get cracking now.

  38. Holy cow, this is gorgeous! You did an amazing job on this piece! I really, really love the two different finishes of black fabric. It looks so elegant.

    And you’re not alone: I don’t own a black blazer! In fact, I own very few blazers that fit me properly – something I’m hoping to remedy in 2014 by making my own!

  39. This is a wonderful jacket! I think it suits you perfectly and doesn’t look too stuffy at all. The only black blazer I own was purchased the night before I needed it to direct a district band concert, back when I was a music teacher. I don’t like it. I’m a real sweater girl, but I’m hoping to make a few jackets and blazers next year for fancier evenings and such.

    • Ugh, last minute purchases like that never seem to work out! I have a navy blazer that I bought the day before an event that I needed to look a little dressier for, and I haven’t worn it since! RTW blazers usually look frumpy on me. This was pretty fun to make, actually– hope you try out some jacket sewing!

  40. Ooh, I adore this! I bet it gets tons of wear!

    • Thanks, Vicki Kate! It’s an unusual jacket style and really pretty, in my opinion! I don’t know how Katie at Papercut comes up with so many cute designs, but I just love everything she releases!

  41. Oh, I love this! It’s such a stylish shape, and I love the little bit of extra glamour that the shinier sateen for the lapels adds. A genius touch!

  42. It’s a great blazer, well done! The contrasting lapel is a great idea. And I love your shirt :-)

  43. Wow what a gorgeous blazer! it’s just lovely and you look fab in it. x

  44. This is gorgeous and really suits you! A black blazer is a real classic and I like the tux spin you’ve put on it. I love this pattern and what you’ve done with it. Also love your shorter hair!

  45. So classic, it looks amazing. Can’t wait to get started on this pattern now.

  46. This looks fabulous. While it might seem ‘boring’ to you, the secret is to wear it with zingy, bright or sparkly stuff. Seriously, how awesome would this look with a black sequined mini dress or skirt? Or jeans with a sparkly top or loud print? It’s a great way to wear clothes that might feel overwhelming by themselves. A quiet black blazer kinda calms them down.
    Amazing. You have made up the two Papercut Patterns I purchased from this collection. I must sew more…

  47. Love love love this!! Congrats on such a well put-together blazer! Blazers are so great for everyday wear and really pull an entire outfit together… and yes, make you look all grown up too. : ) I love the idea of using a shiny fabric for the lapels, especially for festive occasions. (Love your short hair too!)

    • Thanks, Carolyn! My coworkers were all really surprised to see me in a blazer (I think they thought I had to go to court or something, HAHA!). It’s fun to feel more put-together sometimes! :)

  48. Kim

    I love your blazer! It looks super chic but still easy to wear :) I really like the new Papercut Patterns collection, can’t wait to get started on my Rigel bomber, best christmas present!

  49. Dude, your blazer rocks, but where on earth did you get that t-shirt? I want one. I need one. Tell all! Okay, back to the lovely blazer. I must confess I wear a black blazer at least twice a week to work. It goes with the whole corporate boring craziness that is my place of employment. But, you don’t have to be boring in a black blazer: wear a colourful top under it (fuchsia, indigo, even yellow!) and thrown on some fun jewellery to sass it up. To this day, one of my favourite looks is a nice tailored blazer like yours (shiny lapels and all – sweet!) worn over a simple white tee, jeans and some killer awesome shoes, like animal print or something. Who’s boring now, eh? I think you will find this blazer a excellent wardrobe basic, a white (black?) canvas over which to jazz up an outfit. Plus, it looks great on you.

  50. Love this blazer pattern! I had it on my Christmas Wish list, but sadly, did not get it. But, will in the new year. Your version is fabulous, very chic and classic, I’m sure you will get lots of wear out of it!

  51. You rock that blazer. It will go with so many things! Definitely not boring. I am stealing the idea. I own a RTW blazer, which fits and everything, but I never wear it. Looking at yours, I’m realizing it’s because it buttons too high. I might need to look into the Papercut pattern…

    • Blazers seem to fit many people poorly off the rack. I have one RTW blazer, and I never wear it (although I thought it fit when I bought it, my sister pointed out that it’s too big in the shoulders and I haven’t wanted to wear it since). Lucky that we can sew! :)

  52. I love this! I’ve also been spying this on their website. What type of fusible interfacing did you use, just a woven fusible compatible with whatever fabric you’re using? I’m assuming that’s what you need but it’s not specify on the site. Maybe this is a stupid question! Thanks!

    • Hi, Julie! Yep, I used a woven fusible. I waffled back and forth on whether I should use light-weight or medium-, but in the end I decided on light-weight (I used Pro-Weft Supreme Lightweight Fusible from Fashion Sewing Supply– I really like their interfacings, especially because they’re pre-shrunk). Since all the areas that need to be interfaced are double-layered (the lapels fold back on themselves and the lower peplum pieces are doubled up), I thought that medium-weight might be a little stiff for my taste. I’m really happy with the weight and the way it came out! Happy sewing! Hope you enjoy the pattern!

  53. bAlana

    What a perfect blazer, chick!

  54. Kat H

    Oh this is gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!! Love it!! :-D First time I’ve seen the Bellatrix made up in the longer length – it looks fabulous. :-)

    (And you know what it would look fabulous with? Peter and the Wolf pants! Chosen your fabric yet? ;-) )

    • Thanks, Kat! Now I’m thinking about the shorter version– yours is so cute!

      Still not sure about the fabric! I need to dig through my stash and see if there’s anything that might be suitable– I think I have a stretch denim that’s too heavy and a stretch twill that’s too light. :(

  55. This is just a gorgeous blazer and that tshirt rocks, girl! I noticed the link in the comments, and am putting this on my wishlist, haha!
    By the way, your hair looks cute too!

  56. Loooove this! What size did you sew up? I have the pattern and I think (from your other makes) that we are the same size ish…

  57. Your blazer is the dogs bollocks. Awesome job girl. I really like the patterns you pick.

  58. it looks awesome!! I’ve never owned a black blazer either, and I think it would fill a cap in my wardrobe, this pattern looks like the perfect one :) I’ve never used Papercut Patterns, how are the instructions? are they clear and detailed enough for a complex pattern like this?
    I like your new haircut :D

    • I thought they were easy to follow. I read them through a few times first to make sure I knew what was going on. You could totally do it, and I think it would look cute on you!

  59. this reminds me of a gap blazer i had that i loved so much because of the round collar

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  62. I live in tuxedo blazers but have never actually made one. After seeing yours and Heather’s Bellatrixes I’m thinking maybe I should give it a try!

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