Ginger Made: Bough Hat + Guernsey Wrap!

What’s up, party dudes?!  This post is a bit out of the ordinary for me– finished knitted garments, what?!  I haven’t done much knitting in the last couple of years, but when I started taking the subway to work a few months ago, I had an itch to pick it up again!

Bough Hat + Guernsey Wrap-- Ginger Makes

A long time ago, I started up a sweater in Quince & Co.’s Lark in “Honey”.  I didn’t really like how it was turning out, so I frogged it and let it sit.  In my haste to start knitting again, I grabbed this yarn and cast on for Brooklyn Tweed‘s Guernsey Wrap without checking the gauge or anything (bad girl!).  As it turns out, I was knitting at about 20.5 stitches/4″ (instead of the recommended 14 stitches/4″), so my finished width is only 13″ after a serious blocking.  Since it was immediately clear that this would be more of a scarf than a wrap, I added an extra repeat of chart A and chart C for some additional length, making my final scarf 77″ long.  I toyed with the idea of seaming the ends to make a cowl, but it’s nice to be able to wear this as a scarf so I can wrap it tighter or looser depending on my mood (and the weather).  Maybe someday I’ll knit another one to the correct proportions, but I’m not at all disappointed in the outcome with this one.  I was just so excited to start knitting and didn’t want to waste any time with math and calculations!

Bough Hat + Guernsey Wrap-- Ginger Makes

The yarn was an internet purchase, and I was a little disappointed in the color when it arrived.  That was the main reason I frogged the sweater– I thought the olive-y color looked gross next to my skin tone.  So here I am, two years later, making a hat and scarf to wear right next to my face… go figure!  The only thing I can think of is that maybe it looks better on me now that I’ve started working indoors– I’m much paler than I used to be, and less green! It’s not the most flattering color in the world, but it looks nice with both my grey and my navy coats.  For more inspiration in this color, check out Gail‘s gorgeous sweater here!

Bough Hat + Guernsey Wrap-- Ginger Makes

Guernsey Wrap is a really nice pattern and was a great one for jumping back into knitting.  It’s a charted pattern, but it’s easy to follow.  It looks really lovely and complicated, but the stitch patterns consist of only knit and purl stitches (great for commuter knitting– no pesky cable needles to deal with!).  I didn’t realize it was so simple when I downloaded it, but I’m so glad I did.  It’s really pretty!

Brooklyn Tweed Guernsey Wrap-- Ginger Makes

After I finished the wrap, I wanted a matching hat, so I knit up Brooklyn Tweed‘s gorgeous Bough pattern.  This pattern is so cute and was really fun to make, so much so that I made a second version for my sister in Malabrigo worsted for a Christmas gift (forgot to take a picture of it on her, but it’s really nice in soft, fuzzy Malabrigo!).  I didn’t make any changes to the pattern at all and I really like it (although I might cast on fewer stitches for the ribbing next time around… it’s a tiny bit loose…).  The tree of life pattern is really cool– I’m hoping to make the matching cowl at some point.  I finished off both hats with pompoms made using a large Clover Pom Pom Maker.  I’d never made them before and heard that the pom pom maker was really fast and easy, so I picked one up.  I made huge, fluffy pom poms in just a couple of minutes!  So fun!  I kind of want to make 100 of them and tie them to the pugs!

Bough Hat + Guernsey Wrap-- Ginger Makes

Gah! Look at that bobble! I love it!

Now that I’ve started knitting again, I’m totally hooked!  I’m midway through a sweater and can’t stop thinking about future knitting projects!  What about you?  Knitting anything things days?  Want to learn, but not sure where to start?  If so, I recommend (again!) checking out Gail’s blog– she did a great series walking you through the (FREE!) Miette cardigan pattern from start to finish.

Bough Hat + Guernsey Wrap-- Ginger Makes

Major benefit of a 6.5′ scarf– you can go full ninja on the coldest days!

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167 responses to “Ginger Made: Bough Hat + Guernsey Wrap!

  1. punkmik

    such a pretty clour and the scarf pattern looks lovely!

  2. Well I adore the colour, especially with your grey coat! Great pattern too, the scarf looks like a stitch sampler. Weirdly I’ve just started knitting again after a couple of years’ hiatus, gone in the deep end with a cabled and lace sweater. It might be finished by *next* winter…

  3. That is seriously cool! I have no patience for knitting at all, but I certainly can appreciate the time & effort that goes into it! Great make & fab colour!!

  4. Fabulous!! I find I knit obsessively them stop again for a while (never seem to have that pattern of behavior with sewing…).
    I’m knitting a really simple cardigan to wear with jeans at the moment – I’m loving just knitting, no pattern… It’s lovely and mindless!!

  5. I forgot that you knit too! Nice job on these, I like the simple-but-interesting stitch patterns on both. I’ve also just gotten excited about knitting again, I even added some projects to Ravelry!

  6. awfully nice

    I love these! I love the patterns, love the color, and I want to make them both NOW!!!

  7. Way cool! And I think that color looks great, especially with the grey coat like you said!

  8. That makes me want to learn knitting! Love both items and the colours fab on you..

  9. I love this, especially the color. I certainly would look like death in it, but you pull it off very well!

    • Thanks, Mika! I remember feeling like I looked like a Simpsons character the first time I tried on the now-frogged sweater– yuck! It also looks really gross in fluorescent light… ugh…

  10. Sara

    I love these patterns! I’m definitely looking into that wrap one… I’ve been knitting for years but have done a terrible job of moving past the beginner stage. I’ve never even knit a charted pattern!
    And I love the colour and think it looks great on you!

  11. Cute! funny, i just cast on for that had a couple days ago :) I love knitting on the go. Ideally i like to have two projects going at the same time – one more interesting complicated project and one that is still interesting but memorize-able for knitting on the go or around people.

    • That’s funny! Great minds think alike, I guess! ;) That sounds like a good way to keep from being bored. I have to work on only one at a time or I end up with UFOs, unfortunately.

  12. It’s a nice pop of colour on such a grey day. Great job! I’m not really into knitting; I prefer the ease and swiftness of crochet – one needle, my friend! My problem is that I tend to be all-out or nothing when it comes to yarn, so I have a few projects that, er, need to be finished b/c I lost momentum.

    • Oh, man, I know all too well the feeling of lost momentum– I have a sweater that needs one sleeve and a button band that’s been in that state for at least a year… ugh!

  13. love them.. that’s a great color too! have few major knitting projects planned for this winter, hope to find the time to finish them

  14. That scarf is amazinggg! Totally love it and jealous of you knitting skills! I really like the mixed stitches, makes it look different to anything else I’ve seen!

  15. This looks great. I really like the color, it really pops.
    I have UFOs now for knitting projects. Right now, I am learning to crochet via craftsy and Youtube.

    • Thanks, Trice! YouTube is such a great way to learn things like that! My friend showed me how to knit, and then every time I forgot, I was able to go online and watch a video to refresh my memory! How did we learn anything before the internet?!

  16. Very nice! I think I actually prefer it as a scarf rather than a wrap and the colour looks great on you and on that coat.

    • Thank you! I love the idea of a warm wrap, but now that I’m thinking about it, they’re sort of hard to wear (they’re always slipping off your shoulders!) so this is probably more practical for my lifestyle. :)

  17. It looks great on you! And it goes super nicely with your skin tone, Aristocratic New York. More seriously, it really accentuates your eyes. Great job! Knitting is fun ;-)

  18. I actually really like the colour on you – but with the computer its hard to see what exact shade it is – it looks super sophisticated at the London end of the internet!
    Loving the fancy pattern – who knew you could get such complex looking patterns with just a series of knit and purl stitches!?
    Good luck for your next knit adventure ; )
    Rock on you crazy-commuter-knitter!

    • Thanks, Caroline! I had no idea there were so many fun stitch patterns made from just knits and purls! This changes everything!!!!! OK, maybe that’s a bit melodramatic, but it is nice to do a simple project now and again. :)

  19. Ahhh, so exciting to see knits from you again! And thanks for all the publicity!

    I love this set. I agree it’s a weird-ish color, but I love it and I think it looks good on you. And oddly enough it goes with a lot of other colors! You should see it with aubergine . . .

    Also: you can knit on the subway in NYC? I would never do it here – CTA is so crowded and dirty! (At least the lines I use.)

    • You’re the knitting queen! I still love your sweater so much! I’ll have to try it with aubergine… wouldn’t have thought of that! :)

      Re: subway knitting, I have a soft cross-body bag that I keep my knitting project in when I commute, so it never touches anything on the subway. I don’t do it when the train is really packed, but it’s a nice way to pass the time when I’m waiting for the trains.

  20. Cute!! I absolutely love these, perfect color, perfect texture, perfect everything.

  21. ha, I was just about to start a post about knitting when I popped in to read this! What a cute set, I love all the patterns on the scarf, and now I need one of those pom pom makers :) I jumped back into knitting a few weeks ago with a honey cowl, and I just finished a mitten- first time doing cables, yay! I can’t count how many times I dropped stitches wrestling with the cable needle though…still lots of learning to go here ;)

    • How funny! :) The pom pom maker is really quick and easy– to be honest, I’m sure I could’ve made one with the cardboard circle technique, but I was really dreading it and it only set me back about $7, so worth it to me.

      The honey cowl is a really nice pattern! I made one for my sister a couple of Christmases ago, and it turned out so warm with that stitch pattern! Happy mitten knitting! The cable needles get easier to wrangle over time!

  22. Jo

    Ooh, these are so lovely! I’m glad you’re re-hooked on knitting, haha! I’m really loving it right now. The patterns on that hat are so pretty. It’s tempting to add it to my colossal queue! Nice ones!

  23. Love it! I know nothing about knitting but it looks impressive!

  24. You look adorable and cozy warm wearing the wrap and hat. From the internet pictures, the color looks good on you. What a great job of knitting you did. I started knitting a sweater, but slipped on a green bean in the kitchen. With a broken arm, I can sew but haven’t learned one arm knitting yet.

  25. MMMMMMMMM Yeah! Brooklyn Tweeds patterns are so great and you did an excellent but knitting them up. They look great with your coat, so stylish. P.S. I will pay good money to see the pugs covered in pom poms.

    • Oh, man, their patterns are so cool! I want to make basically allll of them. And buy all of their delicious, expensive yarn! OK, I’m thinking a pug pom pom coat needs to be in the works (which reminds me, I got bored today and googled “Scandinavian dog sweaters”, which I highly recommend).

  26. You look so cozy! I think the color looks great with your coat and coloring, and both patterns are so cool. I love everything Brooklyn Tweed but have yet to knit anything. I’ve not been in a knitting mood for a while, just turning out baby hats as needed (a lot these days!). I really love the bray hat, though, that would be a good foray back into adult knitting!

    • Gosh, aren’t there SO MANY BABIES?! I can’t keep up with them! Every time I think there’s a break from baby showers, more get announced! Two of my cousins and my high school best friend are pregnant right now… better start making some more baby hats!

      But yes, you should make yourself a hat! The Brooklyn Tweed patterns are all so gorgeous, but the hats are at least quicker and easier than, say, the cabled sweaters. :)

  27. You’re adorable in anything you make: how do you manage that! Anyways, a comment on the color: people think it’s difficult, but I think it’s straight from Nature. think Marsh Grass, or algae, or … I love (what I call “swamp pond.”) You do really look great on it, to confirm what already dozens of affirming comments (haven’t read them yet, but will; wanted to jump right in.) Do love the complexity (but in truth, easilexity) of the scarf pattern, too. wow, makes you look like even more of a genius than you are. Finally, if you cover the pugs in pom-poms, you must hold a little parade, and invite Anne with her dashhaunds (prettynpink), and like, take lots of pix! Hugs from, Tina in San Diego

    • Aww, you’re too sweet, Tina! That’s a great observation– I hadn’t really thought of that, but it is an earth tone, if you think about it! I’m 100% on board with a pug/doxie parade! Dachshunds are my first love, actually– I’ve always loved them, but our first pug was an accidental adoption (long story) and now we’re sort of pug maniacs!

  28. Way to dive right back in with Jared Flood! Looks great and I really love the colour on both you and Gail. Knitting really is a great way to stay productive when the sewing mojo is on hiatus. Look forward to the sweater! Another Brooklyn Tweed design? Sara

    • It’s totally true– I’ve been really fatigued lately for no good reason, but I’ve had the energy to knit when I haven’t felt like sewing. I’m working on an easy sweater right now, the Effortless cardigan from Hannah Fettig. It never really appealed to me before, but I saw a gorgeous version on the Peneloping blog and cast on right away!

  29. Oooh, very nice! I like the extra wide scarf, even if it did not turn out wrap size like you originally wanted. And the pom-pom is so much fun! Knitting is still my first love. It is really and truly the only time I get to be quiet inside my own head.

  30. Wow! I didn’t know you knit. This is amazing work! Seriously, I’m in awe. I hope you had it ready for last Tuesday’s single-digit weather. Not fun… :(

  31. I think it’s a lovely colour next to your face, you had nothing to worry about. :-)

    • Aww, thanks, Virginia. It’s funny, I don’t know why, but I’ve been rethinking the colors that I like and feel comfortable in lately. It’s fun to try colors that maybe you weren’t comfortable in before. :)

  32. Whoa! I’m impressed! The scarf looks amazing.I love wide scarves. Congrats on making a scarf and hat!

  33. I love the scarf/wrap! It looks great with your gray coat. I have some Puffin in Honey and now I can’t wait to use it!

  34. Sweet! What a complicated scarf. It looks awesome! Cute hat.

  35. I love it!!! What a great set!! And cute picture of you all bundled up!
    I think the color is good on you, too.

  36. I’m a horrible knitter. Seriously, the worst! I like this color though. I know you think it’s a frog, but I think it’s different and totally fitting for you me ninja days :)

  37. Oh my gosh you are SO SKILLED! Is there anything that you can’t do?
    I think that the color goes great with grey- the pattern, the hat, and the pompom.. so darned cute! I would love to learn to knit!

    • Well, for starters, I can’t do anything along the lines of keeping my apartment clean… too many hobbies! :) I bet you would love knitting, although there’s not as much cold weather in your neck of the woods. :)

  38. I think this color looks good on you, and matches your grey jacket well! I like esp the hat pattern, it is very pretty. I have also caught the knitting bug and have been knitting a lot this winter :-)

  39. Super cute and that colour is great on you. Me, it makes me look like I just threw up! For picking colours buying online, I find my ipad seems to have accurate colour compared with my PC, could be something to look into??
    I’m knitting the Stockholm cowl at the moment, it was supposed to be mindless tv knitting, but I keep making mistakes :(

    • I need to look into that! I should probably readjust my color settings… I bet there’s a way to do that. The Stockholm cowl looks so warm and lovely– perfect for ice skating competitions!

      • maybe now you have the wool you could put that next to the screen and adjust until they seem more similar? Unless of course it is poor photos from the seller. I use Eat Sleep Knit and their photos are good.
        Stockholm is progressing more quickly now I have the pattern in my head, it will be perfect for the rink :)

  40. Wow – that scarf is amazing! I love how you can see the details from far away. Soooo pretty. It looks so pretty against the grey of your coat.

  41. Pom pom pugs!! Yes, please. I’m not a knitter but I kind of want one of those pom makers… Beautiful job on your hat and wrap combo!

    • I bought the pom pom maker right before Christmas at a little yarn shop in my hometown, and the lady at the counter thought I must be a non-knitter looking to decorate some packages. I think they would look adorable on presents! Get one!

  42. I’m soooo jealous of this scarf!! What a beautiful design & expertly knitted too by the look of it (to my non-knitter’s eyes :p ) And such a perfect colour combo with your grey coat!

  43. Oh wow these are both gorgeous! I love the patterns. I haven’t tried knitting in years but an starting to feel the urge to learn again. Thanks for the link to the tutorial for the Miette pattern!

  44. Gorgeous gorgeous! This winter I started to really knit bevond the plain scarf. Almost finished with my first ever sweater and already have at least 4 ideas for future knitting projects. LOL! It just goes soooo slow. ;)
    I love the details in your hat and scarf. *add to wishlist*

  45. Kat H

    Bahaha great Ninja pic at the end! ;-)

    Love this – such a gorgeous design, both the hat and the scarf. :-)

    It’s funny – after years of avoiding knitting (thinking it would take forEVER to make ANYthing), I got brave over Christmas and picked up knitting needles for my first real (i.e. not peggy squares) project. And now? I’m hooked! May have bought enough wool today for two more projects… Oops… More things to stash….

  46. Love them! Especially the scarf, have bookmarked for next winter. Great colour too.

  47. Wow, you are a lady of a gazillion talents! I really like it as a scarf. Time is such a premium at the moment that I keep thinking I’d love to knit, but when?! Instead I’ll live vicariously through you all…

    • Hahaha, I know what you mean! I don’t knit at home often as that cuts into my sewing time, but I love that it allows me to be productive on my commute! :) Maybe it would be good to learn for when you have to travel for work, though!

  48. It’s really gorgeous, love them both. I’m a beginner knitter, making solid headway into the Featherweight Cardigan by knit bot, in a lovely wool-silk blend.

  49. yay for productive commuting time :-) I love both your scarf and hat, and I quite like the colour. About this time every year I get the knitting itch, which is weird because it is summer here! I’m hooked on making socks at the mo.

  50. I made a vest out of the same yarn and colour and had the same feeling about it looking sort of yucky on me. You can see it here: To be honest I never wear it! It looks nice in those photos, but every time I try to wear it in real life I just fail…

    Btw I was just thinking the other day how funny it is that I started following your blog because I got interested in sewing, but then realised that I already had you in my Ravelry friends for knitting :)

    • Oh, I like that vest on you! I do find vests hard to wear, though. I had a RTW vest that I wore twice in three or four years before giving it away. I just feel kind of dorky in them. :)

      I used to knit quite a bit, before I knew how to sew. But seeing all the knitters who could also sew got me hooked on sewing, and I went into that so wholeheartedly that I didn’t have much time left to knit!

  51. Ooh, I love the pattern and detail on that scarf. Might have to check out that pattern! I’m fairly new to knitting. I tend to take it up in the winter and then forget all about it in the summer. This winter I’m trying to build some more skills though. Working on my first sweater as we speak!

    • Oh, nice! What sweater pattern are you using? It’s so comforting to knit when it’s cold out, but I totally agree– once summer hits, the yarn goes away for a long, long time!

      • I stll consider myself a newbie so I’m working my way through the Simple Collection by Tin Can Knits. Currently working on the Flax sweater. I like all the tutorials and hand-holding specific to these patterns — I know exactly where to look when I don’t understand something!

  52. very nice! i never swatch for scarves (or hats either). ok actually to be accurate i don’t knit scarves anymore b/c they bore me to tears. but i if i did i wouldn’t swatch. i love all that texture!

    • Come to think of it, I don’t think I swatched for the hat, either– I just grabbed the needles that were in the bag with the semi-frogged sweater and away we went! Scarves are really boring to knit, and you don’t need very many of them, that’s for sure.

  53. I really love these Sonja! The pattern on the scarf is really unusual and you can never go wrong with a matching bobble hat! You’ve got some knitting SKILLZ that I never knew about!

  54. please pom pom your pugs.

    um, that is like one of the BEST shades of green IN THE WORLD!!! i can’t believe you knit this!

  55. Gorgeous! Is it scary that I knew what colorway of Quince that is? (All their yarns share the same colors… wait, maybe it’s scary that I know that, too. lol) I think it looks great on you! And I firmly maintain yellow is a neutral that goes with everything, and that’s yellow enough to qualify in my book. Looks so great with your gray coat! Winning combo!

    • Ahahahahahaha, no, that’s not scary at all! It’s a very distinctive color! I do think it’s funny that they have the exact same colorways for the different weights, but it does make it easy to mix and match pieces, I guess!

  56. Definitely casting another vote for Pug Pom Poms! I can’t believe that no cable needles were involved in the making of that scarf/wrap! And I love your ninja shot, especially! I think you should make another set in blue and one in yellow, so you can be Subzero or Scorpion, as the mood strikes. You’ve already got Reptile…

    Mortal Kombat all the things, is basically what I’m saying, I think. <3!

  57. Kim

    Very cool! I actually like the colour, especially with your grey jacket.. I really love the pattern on the wrap :) I’m knitting a vest, a sweater and a cowl at the moment, so I’ve been keeping busy!

  58. You look SUPER cute! This post makes me want to immediately start knitting these two up, despite the fact I’m in the middle of two different knitting projects!

    Man, I need to learn some self control!

  59. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh loverly! Nice and cozy, especially with your serial killer eyeball look peering out from behind. ;) LOL

  60. I do 90% of my knitting during my commute. It’s the absolute best way to kill time (and avoid eye contact) on the train!

  61. Love these knits! I adore that color and think it suits you just fine. Guernsey might get more wear as a scarf, rather than a huge wrap anyway.

    • Thanks, Cassy! Wraps are harder to wear and tend to slip off my shoulders, so I probably will be able to wear this more as it is. I bet this color would look great on you, too (and Zooey)!

  62. I love this scarf! The stitch patterns are lovely, and I bet they give the scarf a good firm stability (if that makes sense!). Re the looseness of your hat – I always sew some elastic thread around the inside of the cast-on edge of my hats, and it really makes them stay on more securely. I have a lot of hats, I’m sort of addicted to knitting them! But a the minute I’m knitting a cardigan.

  63. True Bias

    i have a scarf in the same pattern so im a big fan. its beautiful.

  64. I love that colour! I was looking for a yarn of that colour for another project and now i have it. Love the knitting.

  65. Ahhhh! LOVE! And they both look really complicated! Especially the scarf, looks like it was machine knit! That color looks amazing on you and looks great with your grey jacket – which I never would have thought! Can’t wait to see your sweater!

  66. Well I think it looks absolutely perfect as a scarf! I happy knitting accident :) I love that colour on you too!

  67. These two are SO gorgeous Sonja – love them for the colour and your knitting prowess!

  68. These are great! I love the colour, and it’s amazing that the pattern looks super complicated but wasn’t as difficult as it looks!

  69. Amy

    Look at you all warm and cuddly–this was definitely the winter for knitting in NY, no? Pom poms rule!

  70. Amy

    I love that last photo! And that pom pom! I just started learning how to knit, and I can’t wait until I can make something that looks as good as your scarf and hat here!

  71. Your scarf and hat look great Ginger! Yay for knitting – it’s great to do during the commute. :D

  72. This is perfect!! I love the scarf and the hat is just a beauty! And I think wearing a bright, olive-y green next to your face like this is perfect for a hat or scarf! It adds color to your outerwear without you having to be stuck in it alllllll day! And truthfully, I don’t think it’s particularly unflattering. I just got bit by the knitting bug – it’s a pretty amazing way to unwind in front of the toob at the end of the day!

  73. I really love the colour – it’s so perfect with the charcoal grey!! :) I’ve eyeballed that wrap before but “favourited” it when I saw yours – the yarn really highlights the stitch patterns and it is quite a good sell that you can become a ninja too haha!!

    Added you as a friend on Ravelry, BTW ^__^

  74. Beautiful knitting – the stitches really pop! I’m in awe of your pom-pom; mine always suck! ;)

  75. Oh, I love this colour on you! Honestly, I don’t think you need to worry at all :) Such cute knits!

  76. Oh wow! What a fabulous pattern and color. It looks super warm and cozy. And you can’t beat a scarf that allows for ninja-ing :)

  77. LOVE IT! That last picture is NINJA! Ooops. I mean AWESOME! Lol ;)

  78. Kristina

    These are beautiful, such lovely knitting!! They look great on you and I can’t wait to see your future knitting projects. I’m making my first cardigan at the moment and loving it :)

  79. I love this colour so hard!!

  80. Gorgeous. The colour looks great and I do like a big scarf. I am not knitting at the moment, but crocheting a zig zag blanket :)

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