Ginger Made: Anita Ponte Pants!

Hi, guys! Hope you’re having a great week!  I started out this month swamped with projects. Between pattern testing commitments, lack of focus, and ill-advisedly cutting out multiple projects at once, my sewing space was trashed and I felt completely overwhelmed. I finally forced myself to sit down and start working through some unfinished projects and I feel much better now! I’ve still got a few to go, but at least I’ve made some headway!

Tessuti Anita Ponte Pants | Ginger Makes

These pants were one of the oldest unfinished projects in my collection- I’ve had them sitting around for over a year!  All I needed to do was hem them and add the waistband- I just got scared of using my twin needle and left them unfinished! Silly! (Sidenote: don’t be scared of the twin needle! It’s really straightforward! Check out Marie‘s tips here if you’re new to using one!)

Tessuti Anita Ponte Pants | Ginger Makes

The pattern is Tessuti’s Anita Ponte Pant, a PDF pattern. They’re a step up from leggings, which I like, but they’re still really casual, so I’ll probably only wear them around the house. I made a size 6, and the only change I made was to lower the rise by about 2″ as the waist is higher than I like as drafted.  The pattern is really, really easy to sew and really quick.

Tessuti Anita Ponte Pants | Ginger Makes

The fabric I used is a fantastic glazed ponte from Mood Fabrics NYCCarolyn convinced me to buy it when we were shopping together one day, and warned me that I would regret it if I didn’t.  Now I regret that I didn’t buy more!  Here’s the sad story: I was a total dope, and I tossed it in the washer and dryer to pre-treat it. I stupidly didn’t realize that the heat of the dryer at my laundromat might affect the finish, and much of the glaze was gone after I pulled it out of the dryer! Ugh!  So the fabric isn’t quite as cool as it was before, and the pants are more boring than I’d planned, but I still like them.

Tessuti Anita Ponte Pants | Ginger Makes

I’m glad I finished these in time to wear them for Me-Made-May! I’m sure they will get lots of wear! And I’ll be on the lookout for cool ponte prints to make more of these!

Tessuti Anita Ponte Pants | Ginger Makes

Alright, confession time- do you have any unfinished garments that just need a little work before they’ll be wearable? Are you scared of any new sewing techniques?  What’s keeping you from finishing up lingering UFOs?

Tessuti Anita Ponte Pants | Ginger Makes

Lots of stretch, in case you get caught up in a street fight and need to kick somebody in the neck!

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117 responses to “Ginger Made: Anita Ponte Pants!

  1. They look awesome and comfy! Are knit pants easier to fit than woven? I know that seems to be a really scary thing in the sewing world.

    And buttonholes. Motherf*ckin’ buttonholes are what’s keeping me from finishing up a dress I have on my dressform. When I finally get a “real” sewing machine, it’s going to have some automatic buttonhole abilities, I’ll tell you what. (I really hope you read that last clause in Hank Hill’s voice.)

    • Don’t fear the buttonhole! I actually don’t mind my four-step buttonhole… if one side gets wonky, I can just go back over it. Or just cheat and put in snaps, but sew buttons on top of the snaps!

    • I’m with you, kristiellkay! I have a Hawthorn dress than hangs off a hanger for 6 months now just because I won’t do the buttonholes.

      Btw, months ago I got off my duff and finished multiple ufos due to leaving another comment on this blog. Ugh to me adding more to the queue in the meantime!

  2. dietcouture

    Love these pants! I’m in the “don’t fear anything” zone right now and have delved into my first pair of jeans! I previously was TERRIFIED of this, but I finally adopted the attitude of f*ck it, I’m gonna just do it anyway. Who cares if I screw it up???

    • Dude, that’s a great place to be in! Happy sewing! I need to borrow some of your jeans mojo and get going on a pair but I’m really struggling to motivate and just make them already!

  3. Ooh they look lovely (and very comfy!) Congrats on overcoming your fear of the twin needle! :)

  4. I have a coat that only needs…you guessed it…buttonholes! Not too afraid of normal buttonholes, but I want to do bound ones, which has been stopping me from finishing since October and it’s nearly summer now!!! Welt pockets I still a similar fear! Snaps are a great suggestion above. They are super quick and look so good! X

    • Bound buttonholes aren’t too bad. Just do some practice versions before you do it on your coat! Welt pockets are just the same, but a little easier to do neatly since they’re bigger. :)

  5. I love these and would wear them anywhere! They look totally legit to me. I might not be the right person to ask, though, as I’m sorely tempted to wear a pair of recently finished track pants to work… Good on you for finishing up those malingering projects – that is a very satisfying feeling.

    In no particular order, I’m both scared of/intrigued by: twin needles, tower plackets, outerwear linings, super stretchy fabrics, and flatlocking. I’m sure there are more! I have three finished projects that need fixing, a blazer that needs a bias-binding finish, a swimsuit muslin and my sloper, all languishing and cluttering up my mind and space!

    • I think there’s a way to make track pants office appropriate! A blazer and a scarf and no one will be any wiser!

      Oh, tower plackets… I just did them on a shirt for my husband. They wouldn’t have been so difficult if I hadn’t already stitched, serged, and topstitched the sleeve seams! Ack! It was nearly impossibly to stitch them with the sleeve already assembled, so don’t do that!

  6. Jo

    Love the kick! Haha! These look great! I could use a pair! I have 4 wips…no 5, oh are we counting ufos? Then 6? Whoops… heh. Need to do what you are doing big time!

    • It’s so easy to get bogged down in WIPS! I think I’m at three. Well, three recent ones… I’m sure there are long-lost UFOs buried deep under piles of fabric. Let’s just pretend like those don’t exist!

  7. Ami

    They are an awesome shape! I would LIVE in them!!
    Haha I have soooooo many UFOs at the moment! They are all sat in a big wicker laundry basket in my workroom making me feel bad! I have had too many non- personal things to see recently and now I need to start on some dresses for three weddings I have coming up so I fear they will remain in that basket for a little whole longer! Oh dear!

    • I need to force myself to become a one-project-at-a-time person! It really clutters up my workspace and it makes me feel stressed! But sewing for weddings is way more fun, so I bet you can put the UFOs on hold for another minute… ;)

  8. HAHA, let’s not talk about how many UFOs I have. It’s actually shameful. Reasons, tricky techniques, perfectionistic tendencies, boredom, etc…

    Loving those ponte pants on you. Looks uber comfy.
    If I every get in a street fight, I am calling you up.

    • It’s so hard to finish things that give you difficulty! I think that’s why I need to work on one project at a time- I’ll be forced to keep going when things get tough! :)

  9. Those look so awesome, Sonja. Also, great job on getting control back in your sewing room. I don’t have many UFO’s just a lack of focus this month. It could be I have a couple garments going and a couple quilts going at the same time. I really get unfocused when that happens. It is getting better, but I really just need to buckle down and sew.

    • I’ve been so unfocused this month, too! I think the confusing weather might be part of it- I can’t figure out if I should be sewing for cool or for hot temperatures! And I get unfocused when I have too many projects going, too. Time to get crackin’! :)

  10. Heh. I have 2 wips… A dress that needs a tuck because I never made a muslin (doh!!) And a shirt which I lost interest in when I put weight on…. Ahem. The trousers look pretty cool tho specially in street fight mode!

    • Two sounds pretty manageable! Not gonna lie, sometimes when I know in my heart of hearts I won’t want to wear something, I chop it up into something else, even if it’s just pockets, or I chuck it. I did that the other day with a “wearable muslin” that was anything but- I knew I would never wear it, the fabric was gross, the fit was terrible, blech! Out out out!

  11. Kim

    They look great! And super wearable too :) I’ve just finished the second sew it up challenge and am starting on the third one tomorrow.. Not even sure if I made it through week 1, but I’m going to love my projects anyway! Looking forward to the rest of your ufo’s finished!

  12. Ponte street fighting pants should be in every girls wardrobe! Seriously, what a great staple, and I am sure there are endless possibilities with how to wear them. UFOs – well, I have a shirt dress from over a year ago that just needs buttons and button holes. I am afraid of making button holes, and actually have never tried them (shame!). Maybe I need a pair of street fighting pants to conquer my feer.

  13. Proud to say no UFOs! Like you, I get overwhelmed if I have more than one thing on the go at once. Even when my machine was being repaired recently, I limited myself to just cutting one garment out but I had the time for at least three.

    • Wow! That’s impressive! It always seems like it will be more efficient to cut out more than one thing at once, but it just makes a mess (the way I work, anyway!).

  14. My UFO pile is embarrasing. Unlike you I’ll probably never finish them. I’ve just lost all interest in them and for good reason. SO glad you’ve finished one of yours though cuz these are great pants! I think I prefer these to leggings.

  15. ooo, I like those pants! I could do with a pair like those for MMM – I have to wear “proper” clothes on my days of work just so not to wear the one “lounge wear” pants that are me-made.
    I have the same UFO problem, just I like to call them WIPs ;-)
    But I committed myself publicly on my blog to finish some and guess what: I did three today!! Good girl, ey?

  16. There’s not too much that scares me in sewing, but then I tend to look on that sort of thing as a challenge and basically head right in there and tackle it! The only thing that might come under that for me at the moment is some silk velvet I’ve got; not leaping into that one until I have somewhere to wear it though!
    No WIP that are stalled due to that sort of thing either; got 2 WIP that are cut out but no further. 1 is a shirt for my beloved, put on hold when he started having to wear a uniform at work and no longer needed the shirt; will sew that up soon though for going out in, and an eighteenth century dress (polonaise) which is waiting for me to have time to handsew it together, probably on the dress form to get the fit right.

  17. You’ll be wearing these all of the time – but hopefully not for street fighting :)
    Good choice!

  18. Nicely done for finishing them up! Go you! There’s quite a few things that just need a little bit of finishing up in my basket – a blouse which needs taking in a touch further, and there’s a skirt which just needs some zipper stitching and hemming, and a blouse which needs some neckline darts. Eh. Sometimes I don’t start projects because my sewing machine has the wrong colour thread on. Not serger – sewing machine. Pathetic, huh? I’ve ordered more bobbin cases now to take away the excuse that it’s waaaay to much effort to wind a new bobbin.

  19. Those are amazing! I really love your pants, though that’s sad that the dryer affected them :-( I’m terrified of making pants but they’ve been on my list for so long..

  20. nx44

    I need some pants like these. It’s starting to get colder here and I end up wearing my pyjamas way more than I should since they’re more comfortable than skinny jeans. I have a couple of un-hemmed items, but my worst UFO is some ‘amazing fit’ jeans – the ones where you adjust the pattern to your own measurements. I am terrible at measuring myself and am scared to cut out the fabric!

  21. Love those pants! Most of my WIPs are unfinished because I hate inserting zippers so much. Ugh. I just need to bite the bullet and perfect my technique, once and for all!

  22. Now, when I see this outfit, I think, totally Sonja!

    You want to know what sewing technique I want to learn? A fly zipper! More like relearn. I sewed a couple when I was working at Mishka’s shop. But since I make a lot of dresses and skirts, I don’t come across them. I heard Grainline has an awesome tut for it.

  23. Ah, part comfy pants, part street-fighter pants, love em! I don’t have any lingering UFO’s, except a partly finished shirt muslin that’s been collecting dust for months. Really, who’s too scared to finish a muslin?? I think I just don’t want to find out that I need to make a bunch more fit alterations.

  24. gilliancrafts

    Yay you! Ya know, you could try sewing up the pattern in a super-stretchy denim or twill (30% stretch more more, I’d say), and I bet you’d have all the comfort of ponte without being afraid to wear them out of the house! This pair looks great!

  25. I don’t usually have UFOs…I am a one-project-at-a-time sewer, Cute pants, lady!

  26. I think the project I started today might become a UFO . . .
    Love these on you – you should definitely wear them in public!

  27. Ohh, I think I remember that glazed ponte! I think you picked a perfect pattern match – it looks awesome! Ahh, I love ponte leggins, they’re the best. Feels like pajamas, but looks a little classier haha :)

  28. I’ve had a twin needle forever and never the gumption to attempt to use it! Lol – thanks for linking up Marie’s tips! And those pants are awesome!!!

  29. These look great! I’ve been eyeing that pattern. Yes to the UFOs. I have a huge one right now… A wool jacket that is intimidating the heck out of me, so I haven’t done any work on it in weeks. It just looks at me accusingly from my sewing table. Also I have a weird rule that I can’t start anything new before finishing the last thing, so as you can imagine not a lot of sewing has been happening! Lots of knitting though.

    • Oh man, it’s rough when you get stuck in a rough project! Maybe give yourself tiny little goals (like, today I’m going to set in one sleeve) and see how that goes? Sometimes when I work that way I’ll want to do more. :)

  30. Love the ponte! Haven’t tried a knit pants before but will have to do that come the fall! Got to give the twin needle a go, too.

  31. I love these pants! And they totally look like something wearable outside the house. Good for you for pushing through the UFOs. So odd how daunting they can be! I have a button-hole on a shirt that I wrecked & need to fix buuuuuuuuut it’s not happening. Dunno if it ever will. :)

    • Oh man, that’s annoying! I just chucked a UFO that I knew in my heart I would never finish. I still have one really lingering guy… it’s a failed Christmas dress… from Christmas 2011!!! Eek! I need to just chop it up into a pair of shorts for my nephew or something because I’ll never finish it, and even if I did, I would never wear it!

  32. I love these trousers. My issue with sewing a pair would be lack of suitable fabric, though uk fabric shops seem to be improving on knits. What stops me from finishing is a current tiredness, crazy two year old and I put my back out!

  33. I made a pair of these on the weekend and broke TWO overlocker needles and a regular needle…I also broke my sewjo, but I’m going to try these again as I have so much ponti stashed away for them!

  34. Those look like super comfy, wear them loads kinda pants. Good job. Now kick yourself for not finishing them earlier! It’s not that I have many unfinished projects, but I always have more than one project on the go at once – which is a really crazy thing to do, but if I don’t start when I have a mighty fine idea, I usually change my mind and it never happens. Once I start then I have to finish!

    • I know what you mean- I change my mind constantly about how I’m going to use fabric, so if I don’t cut it right away, it will almost certainly become something else!

  35. These look SOOOO comfy! Just what I need at the moment too! All my ‘running’ has resulted in my giving myself sciatica! Man – I’m just not cut out for running! Not giving up yet though!

    I need to spend the week lounging around in some comfy trousers like these – plus they look so cute on you! I swear, you look good in everything! ;)

    • Sciatica?!?!?! Noooooooooo!!! How horrible!

      Kelli from True Bias is developing a fancy sweatpants pattern that I’m really looking forward to, so those would be awesome for loungewear, too. More loungewear all around!

      • I think I must be a biomechanical mess! ;) Oh well!

        I love the idea of living in trousers that look smart, but feel like pajamas! That’s the dream!

        I meant to say that that’s a good lookin’ sidekick you’re pulling in that last photo! Do you do kickboxing too? :D

  36. fabrictragic

    Oh I love ponte pants, I recently made some Elle pants in ponte and I literally wear them at some point nearly every day. When they’re in the wash I’m like the little kid crying because their teddy bear is hanging on the line by its ears drying……

    • Ooh, those Elle pants seem so popular! Everyone’s making them lately! I have the Lola pants pattern (it was the freebie when I bought my jacket pattern) and I really need to make those up. Easy pants FTW!

  37. I love digging out almost finished old projects and taking them across the finish line! (I got one back out last night.) Good work. You feeling more relaaaaaaxed now?

    • It’s so nice, isn’t it? You get a finished garment in no time flat! I’m definitely feeling way, way better- things just got so cluttered and awful! I keep getting tempted to start new projects, but I’m trying to stay strong and stay focused. :)

  38. Ah yes, these ponte pants are my happy-pant place! Glad you liked the pattern and even though they’re glaze-less, they still look awesome. I’m in the process of moving and am horrified by how many UFOs I’ve discovered. Hemming (and sooooo close to the finish line) seems to have been my nemesis on more than one occasion…

    • I don’t know how that happens! It seems like such a no-brainer to just finish something up when you’re so close, but somehow I always have a pile of unfinished garments hanging around! Not anymore, though- I’m turning over a new leaf!

  39. i’m a finisher type person who just can’t leave something unfinished… i have one WIP that will mostly likely be on the back burner for a while (started a cordova jacket but now it’s too warm to wear…) and that’s about it. unfinished projects nag at me and i can’t stand that! cute pants, i’m sure they will prove very useful!

    • That’s so smart, though! It’s good to see things through to the finish! Sometimes I get the out-of-season problem because I get so distracted. I just forced myself to finish up McCall’s 6044 for my husband, even though it’s made with a heavy flannel. Better to have it hanging in his closet until October than heaped up in my workspace! Oh, and I used your tower placket download- thank you!

      • it’s so hard to sew out of season! if i ever get a chunk of time i’d like my jacket finished, it’s just hard to work on an involved project with all the kid distractions… and i’m so happy you used my placket piece! tower plackets are FUN!

  40. These look great! Now I’m thinking I need some ponte pants in my life… I only really have one longstanding WIP (my house is too small to squirrel any more away!) and it’s a vintage pattern dress that just wouldn’t come together smoothly. We’re taking a break right now but one day we’ll work it out :)

  41. Oh man.. .those look comfy! I am currently trying to teleport them to my house so I can wear them today… it’s not working.
    I made a pact with myself at some point early in my sewing days where I said that anything I start I have to see through to finish before starting something else. This means that I rarely (if ever) have lots of UFO’s lingering about, but it can also be a total killer to the ol’ sewjo! Sometimes I just lose steam halfway through a project and going into my sewing room to finish it up feels like a chore. But rather than put it aside and start something fresh, I struggle through. I think that’s why I’m a fairly slow sewer. But I know that if I had a BUNCH of WIP’s going it would give me total anxiety! Haha!

    • I want a pair of these for every day of the week! Goodbye, normal pants!

      That’s such a good way to work. I bet you force yourself to face tough things instead of chickening out and leaving them in an unfinished pile. I’m going to try to do things your way from now on!

  42. I’ve been meaning to make some of these… it’s a nice change from the leggings I’ve lived in all winter. And I love ponte!! It’s got enough heft that it defies that “leggings are not pants” rule.

    I have an increasingly scary amount of clothes I need to “fix” – almost none of it stuff I’ve made. I don’t have a lot of UFOs because I tend to finish what I start, but I did just throw out a half finished Sewaholic Cordova – it was way too boxy on me (probably because I chose a really stuff fabric) and I knew I was never going to fix it. I felt terrible.

  43. Yay for crossing off UFOs from the to-do list! I was about to tell you I don’t have any UFOs when I remembered the two unfinished quilts sitting in the deep dark corner of my cupboard. To be honest, the only thing holding me back form finishing them is that until now I had forgotten all about them!

  44. Your sewing skills are just so impressive! I just don’t think I have it in me to tackle cool things like pants. I’ll just stick to knitting.

  45. I love your ponte pants! And I am totally on a UFO finishing kick… I’ve finished three in the last two weeks and am about to finish the fourth—and last. The others I am tossing. OK, I also have a UFO quilt but I am only counting garments. FEELS SO GOOD.

  46. That’s such an awesome feeling, isn’t it? It’s so much quicker to finish a UFO than to start something new from scratch, too!

  47. This is a sign that I’ve been living in France too long. I was reading your t-shirt (and not looking at the image) and I thought it said ‘Blois’…I thought – wow how cool, how’d she get a t-shirt from Blois?! Face palm.

  48. misscrayolacreepy

    Did you end up kicking someone?!?! I want to know!

    I want this pattern. Now. Thanks for introducing us!

  49. I have a dress I started 4 years ago. I could not get it to fit and even took it to a fitting workshop get advice. It’s just stuffed in a bag. My sewing skills have moved on since then so I might revisit it. Your ponte pants fit really well and look nice and comfy. Love the action shots.

  50. Awesome. You did a Nike on the sewing UFOs!

  51. These pants are awesome! They’re cute, and I like them more than leggings! I need to make Myself some pants too!

  52. I LOVE Ponte! So much less scary than those thin knits that are prone to holes and god knows what else. The pants look great and fit looks just right. Also: I love your Elvis tee! x

    • Oh man, ponte is so easy to sew, isn’t it? It’s nice to use fabric that’s straightforward. :)

      • Indeed! I am not a flimsy fabrics girl at all! They are pretty, but delicate fabrics are not for me!
        Last night I decided that I am going to be making a long sleeved ponte dress with raglan sleeves…striped of course! :D

  53. Amy

    Ponte pants are definitely kicking pants!!

  54. Those pants looks so comfy! I have so many UFOs I am starting to feel overwhelmed .. and nothing is getting finished. I think it is also time for me to have a clearing space (and mind) time.

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  56. These really suit your lifestyle. I hope you get to make them again.

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