Ginger Made: Papercut Patterns Anima Pants!

Hi, guys! Hope you’re all having a great day!  Like many of you, I’m participating in Me-Made-May this year, and it’s revealed some holes in my handmade wardrobe. I find myself looking much dressier in May than any other month of the year just because my handmade clothing tends to be on the nicer side! I love having an excuse to run errands in the neighborhood wearing a dress and high heels and just generally feeling and looking like a total boss, but sometimes I just want to walk the dogs and/or watch Law & Order re-runs (let’s face it, the Briscoe/Logan pairing is the best) in sweatpants. So the release of the new Papercut Patterns Anima Pants was really welcomed Chez Ginger!

Papercut Patterns Anima Pant | Ginger Makes

I definitely didn’t know I looked this gross, but I’m completely invested in journalistic integrity so you’re stuck with my ugly pics! ;)

I was a tester for this pattern, and I don’t want to congratulate myself TOO much, but I picked out kind of the best fabric ever for this. I found a remnant on the end of the bolt at Mood, a 100% cotton, super squishy, super thick, RIDICULOUSLY soft knit. It feels like, I dunno, wearing a cloud? It’s so soft and amazing that I never want to wear real pants again! I knew I’d made a good choice when Markese at Mood unrolled the bolt and got upset that he couldn’t reorder the fabric.

Papercut Patterns Anima Pant | Ginger Makes

Since this fabric is really dense, a ballpoint needle wasn’t working right on it, so I used a universal needle and a zigzag stitch. I don’t know what’s going on with me right now, but I’ve been sewing all my knits on the sewing machine instead of my serger. Sometimes I feel like serged seams can be a little scratchy (maybe it’s my thread?), so I wanted to just zigzag this one. The seams pressed open beautifully and seemed to magically meld into position. MAGIC FABRIC, DUDES! I want MORE! Wahhhhhhh!

I really like that these pants have pockets. I often skip them in dresses, but with my Anita ponte pants, I regretted not having them every time I walked the dogs or ran out for a coffee when I didn’t have anywhere to put my wallet or keys. So these pockets are great! I stabilized the openings with my new knit stay tape, Extremely Fine Fusible Knit Stay Tape from SewKeysE. I wish I’d started using knit stay tape sooner- it’s really, really great.

Papercut Patterns Anima Pant | Ginger Makes

The downside of this thick knit is that, holy crow, my sewing machine did NOT want to make buttonholes on it. I stabilized the wrong side behind the buttonholes with regular interfacing first, and even that wasn’t enough. They really look disgusting. Maybe next time I will use a grommet instead- it couldn’t be worse than these awful, awful buttonholes!  I also didn’t have fun stitching through the elastic on the waistband. My machine wasn’t loving it and the results are a little sloppy, but hey, I’m making sweatpants, not a wedding gown, so, you know, whatevs.

Papercut Patterns Anima Pant | Ginger Makes

There’s a drawstring waist with a channel for a waist tie, but I used a fun neon yellow elastic from SIL Thread instead of a shoelace-style tie. I’ll be honest- I bought the elastic because it had a fun cartoon of a gecko with a long tongue on it and lots of Japanese writing, so I’m not really sure what it’s meant for, but, gecko!  It’s stretchy, so I can leave it tied and it stretches to fit when I slip the pants on or off. Yay!

Papercut Patterns Anima Pant | Ginger Makes

The pants are finished with a cuff, which I really like. You might want to check the length before you get started if you don’t like the blousy effect of the pants scrunching up at the cuff, but I think that looks cute. I’m 5’6″, just for reference, so you can see the length on me.  One thing to keep in mind when you’re finishing with cuffs is the stretch of your fabric.  If you’re using a really stable knit with very little stretch, you may need to cut your cuffs a little wider.  You don’t want them to be too tight!  Also, I am a size larger in the waist than I am in the hips, so I chose the larger size, just in case my fabric wasn’t stretchy enough.  This seemed to work- I’m happy with the fit.  These are about the easiest pants you could sew!

Papercut Patterns Anima Pant | Ginger Makes

I guess it’s bad that I really love these, but it’s nice to be able to wear me-mades and still feel like my usual trashbag casual self.  I’ll try to take these off from time to time and actually wear real clothes… but I won’t make any promises.

Oooh, I keep forgetting to announce the winner of the Nettie giveaway! After excluding folks who didn’t want in and my own comments, there were 150 entrants. The winner was #78…

Amy of Sew Well! Congrats, Amy! I’ll have the pattern to you by the end of the day!

Alright, confession time: what do you wear when you’re lounging around the house?  Do you wear fluffy skirts and lipstick when you walk the dogs, or do you put on a baseball cap so hopefully the neighbors won’t recognize who it is still in pajamas at 11AM?

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118 responses to “Ginger Made: Papercut Patterns Anima Pants!

  1. Amy

    You look mega comfy and happy. I’m actually someone who slobs about in the same clothes she’s worn all day. It’s regularly pointed out to me how much comfier I’d be in joggers.

    • But you look good if there’s an unexpected knock at the door! Can’t tell you how many times that’s happened and I’ve been in my disgusting unisex bathrobe! :o

  2. Our results from MMM are the same. I need some more basics and everyday clothes. Those are super cute pants and you look perfect for a day out and about.

  3. I have several pairs of knit lounge pants that I have made that I wear around the house. It’s that or some RTW shorts. I occasionally lounge in my knit skirts, but not very often. Have you tried using wooly nylon in your loopers to avoid the itchy seams? It is so much softer than regular thread! The only downside is that it is a bit more expensive.

  4. raquel from J.C.

    I love wearing makeup and something nice while walking my dog, but that’s me! You know: I don’t like the name of this pants, in Venezuela (my country of birth) anima means the souls that never went to heaven, like ghost but worst! The pattern is nice but the name it give me the hibbie jibbies brrrrrrr!

    • Oh no!!! That’s scary! I know that it’s Latin for “soul” (the other two patterns are the words for “mind” and “body”), but I’ve never heard that connotation before. Eek!

  5. gilliancrafts

    I love ‘em! I’m hoping that the new Jalie trackpants give a similar sort of style. It’s been soooo long wince I wore cuffed track pants (hello, grade 6!), but I’m kinda curious to see how I like them now! At the moment, my lounge bottoms of choice are Maria of Denmarks yoga pants or my trusty leggings.

    • Oh yeah! They have a new sweats pattern, right? I’ve never tried the Maria Denmark pants, but they’re very popular! Maybe I’ll try them… after the Jalie raglan, of course!!!!!

  6. I never thought I’d be into a pattern like this (although I often wear sweats at home) but I’m really digging these pants! Might have to look into this one. Also, grey + neon = awesome :-)

  7. i wear pjs (comfy shorts/tees/tanks/yoga pants) almost all of the time. i should totally make some of these. PS i also walk the dog in my hello kitty knit capris and still look like a boss.

  8. You are on a roll. Liking Papercuts new line on you.
    Hmm, I guess I wear sweats around the house. I do want to make some woven lounge shorts tho.

  9. Really great! WEDDING SWEATPANTS.
    BTW, I prefer the SVU combo of Munch and Finn.

    • I wish I’d been married in sweatpants (although, true story, I once gave matching his and hers sweatsuits that said “Nothing Butt Chihuahua” on the seat of the pants to a couple as a wedding gift).

      Have you seen the John Mulaney standup routine about Finn? It’s pretty funny.

  10. I really enjoyed your “journalistic integrity”! These pants look very tempting…I find myself sewing while wearing yoga pants – terrible combination, the pant fabric is pilling, so lint from whatever I’m working on sticks to them and won’t come off!!

  11. I lounge in leggings and Tees plus hoodie. Love the pants. Good idea about the grommet.

  12. Loooooooves your new sweatpants, and you look cute, not gross :) I have been eagerly waiting for Kelli to come out with her Hudson Pants pattern so I can make up some sweatpants for lounging and running errands. I made a bunch of PJ pants out of fun quilting cottons, and they are great around the house but not so much when I need to run an errand. And I just started using wooly nylon in my loopers on my serger, the seams are a lot softer. But sometimes I just use my regular machine because I am feeling like a quieter sewing experience :)

    • I’m really excited for Kelli’s pattern! You will look so cute in those! I need to try wooly nylon. I hear it’s stretchier, too, right?

      • Yes! In fact I’ve seen it labeled “elastic thread” at one store. I also hand wind it in my bobbin when I sew knits on my regular machine, it makes the seams stretchy even with just a regular straight stitch :)

  13. The pants look great on you! I change into yoga pants or stretchy lounge pants and a t-shirt and cardigan the minute I come home. For quick errands I just put on my jeans and go. I don´t bother with make up at all, so I don´t have to think about that :-)

  14. Jennifer

    Psh, you look cute, not gross! Love the neon pop and that fabric sounds glorious.

    I do get dressed to walk our dog but, generally no dressier than jeans (unless it’s evening and I happened to already be wearing a skirt). Oh, and no baseball cap but, always sunglasses so the neighbors don’t notice I didn’t bother with makeup :P As for when I’m home, why yes I am currently wearing Soffe shorts and a tee.

  15. Those look so cute and comfy! Not gross at all. You are quickly convincing me I need to put in a Papercut order. Normally I just wear leggings or sweatpants with a t-shirt when I’m lounging around the house, but I never feel comfortable going for a walk in that outfit (but I do it anyway). I really need to re-think my loungewear wardrobe.

    Also, you’re not the only one who finds serger thread scratchy! I’ve stopped using my serger because knits are supposed to be comfy! I don’t even zig-zag finish anymore because the fabric itself is so much softer and doesn’t unravel anyway. It may not look professional on the inside, but softness is more important, to me anyway :)

    • I never zigzag finish, either! I just press the seams open and go- it’s a victimless crime! Some of the commenters above said that using wooly nylon makes for much softer seams. I need to give that a try!

  16. Sometimes I wish I was the type of person to like getting dressed up on the weekend, but the biggest revelation of MMM’14 is that … dun dun dun… I don’t do that, and don’t have any me-made comfy jumpers. I have trackies, but no jumpers that are comfycomfy. You know, I have a wooly jumper I knit, and various Renfrews, but they all feel too dressy. I want slouch! I’m a weekend slob, really – there are days when I resent having to get dressed ;-) So I totally hear you about these trousers!

  17. I’m so eager for my Papercut Patterns to arrive! These pants look wonderfully comfortable. I also need to fill the lounge wear workout gap in my me-made garments. I think these are going to help do that nicely.

  18. misscrayolacreepy

    You’re making me want this entire line from Papercut!

  19. Hey, we’re the same size! I’m 5’6″ and am one size bigger in the waist than in the hips. Anyway, I definitely don’t dress up when I’m lounging around the house. Sweatpants and shorts (depending on the season) for sure!

  20. I think everyone needs sweatpants in their life! Yours look amazingly cosy and I see why you don’t want to take them off.

  21. I vowed to myself several years ago to not wear workout clothes, pjs, tees etc out in public unless going to the gym (Maybe from watching too much What Not to Wear). I don’t want to look like I’ve thrown in the towel. These are beautifully cut pants, but too gym wear for me.

  22. These are so cool! Before Papercut’s new line came out, I didn’t think I wanted to sew activewear, but your posts and these fabulous patterns are making me change my mind. These pants just look so super cozy!

    Also, I am totally Team Yoga Pants for house lounging. I can answer the door and not be totally embarrassed, but they are basically pajamas. Win!

  23. stephanie@mabelmakes

    Love this! They looks so comfy and cosy! I love coming back from work and throwing on a pair of comfy yoga pants or even my pjs at 6pm haha!

  24. nx44

    Hmm, I often wish I could just wear my pjs walking the dog. Oufit= too hard basket in the morning. Usually i just wear work out leggings, but it’s getting a but cold around here- I think I need trackpants too!

  25. no worries, you look cute not gross! i really never wear sweatpants–hear me out!!–because i have long legs so they always end above my ankles which i hate! so for super lounge days it’s leggings (me-made) or the one pair of long enough yoga pants i own. this area of my wardrobe is seriously lacking from my refusal to buy too short pants. time to make some!!

    • Oh man, it’s good that you sew! No wonder you make so many pants! When I buy ladies’ pajama pants, they always end up shrinking in the wash and being too short, so my (shameful) usual outfit is a pair of men’s pajama bottoms with the waistband rolled over a few times. Embarrassing!

  26. I am a 4pm pajama girl. As in, as soon as I get home, I out em on. I would say my PJs get more wear than anything else I own. Embarrassing. Guess I should make some of these pants to up the class factor round here! They look great!

  27. I can’t wait to get home from work and put on my yoga pants and tank top, sans bra! :) My favorite pair of comfy house pants are really wearing out though, so I seriously need to sew up some replacements.
    I’ve started using knit stay tape and various other fusible tapes, and I feel like they’re really upping my game!

    • I never think to replace my loungewear and pajamas, but they’re seriously ratty. Time for an upgrade, methinks! Knit stay tape is amazing- you’re right, it totally ups your game!

  28. Lounging around in handmade shorts and stretch pants is the best! After I made my first pair of knit lounging shorts with pockets, I was HOOKED!

  29. Love the neon, that fabric sounds amazing!

  30. I love these pants….I’ve been stalking the pattern. And you look lovely (as always).

  31. You wear them so well! I do love this style of pants.

  32. M. Powers

    ooh nice, those pants are so cozy looking! I love seeing all the new Papercut patterns… any chance of a Soma swimsuit in the future? (Also, Briscoe/Logan 4ever! RIP Jerry Orbach)

    • Oh man, I feel sad every time I remember that he’s gone! He was the best!

      I have a really atrocious purple neon-y palm tree print picked out for the swimsuit… now I just need to work up the nerve to sew (and wear!) it.

  33. OOOOOOOHHHHHH comfy pants are comfy. What serger thread are you using? I use MaxiLock brand and don’t notice any itch to the seams. Could be that you’re just a sensitive flower though. :) I where my me made lounge pants if I really want to be comfy in the cold months. In warm months it usually simple knit skirts.

    • Ahahahahaha, I’m a delicate princess! I think I have MaxiLock… I think I bought it in a Wawak sale? Knit skirts sound really nice, except that I like to push it and skip shaving my legs as much as possible (terrible).

  34. Cam

    You are too stinkin cute!

  35. verypurpleperson

    Oh you always look cute! I put on little makeup in the morning (foundie, listick, blush on, mascara, etc maybe not that little) so that’s what I have when I walk the dogs. I keep wanting to sew with colid neutral colors but always end up buying colorful fabric. What I really need is more casual outfit like your pants!

    • I wear about that much makeup, too- now people ask me if I’m feeling well if they see me withou tit, so I never skip it! It’s so hard to sew solid neutrals when there are so many amazing prints! Your new skirt is a great basic, though.

  36. these are really cute pants! and you look lovely in them, i love the top too.. i’m really into pants lately, so might make a similar pair (seen a pair looking exactly like yours in march issue of burda magazine).. i don’t really have any lounge wear, i spend my mornings in nightgown-silk kimono robe combo, then change to workout clothes to do my daily dose of insanity, and then i like to dress up (even if i’ll spend the entire day in the house, doing silly house things).. and when i sew, i somehow always end up in my undergarments hehe, i like to try out garment i’m working on quite often, so at some point i get tired of dressing and undressing, and spend rest of my sewing time in undergarments (and, if it’s cold, then it’s a silly combo of undergarments+silk kimono robe+knitted socks)

  37. Kat H

    Heh, funny, when I made my pair I was thinking I should have paid attention to the finished measurements as the ankle cuffs on mine are only just long enough! (But then, I am just over 4″ taller than you, so I guess that makes sense. ;-)

    Love your pair – they look so super comfy! And the neon+grey = genius. :-)

  38. These look so comfy!

    I always look such a mess when I’m at home – if I’m wearing a bra, it’s a good day! I actually feel quite sorry for my boyfriend. At least I make a bit of an effort when I leave the house :)

  39. These look like a great weekend pair to me.

  40. They look like the perfect lounge pants.

  41. girllikethesea

    oh these are really cute! I would totally rock a pair in some soft terry knit.

  42. I just recently discovered Papercut patterns – so stylish! Your pants are perfect for the weekend :)

  43. These look super comfy. My wardrobe is sorely lacking in a comfy pair of sweats or yoga pants. Could be a good solution!

  44. These look great! I usually hide from the public in saggy old sports gear but haven’t made any myself so since starting MMM, I’ve been wearing comfy knit dresses – I’m a bit more ‘dressed’ these days but still comfy!

  45. Those pants look SO comfortable! I was looking at that pattern thinking that I want to make it with something lighter-weight. I’m seeing all of these girls in pants of that shape that aren’t sweatpants, they’re like really floral or ikat. Know what I mean? Do you think think this pattern would lend itself to that or would I just look like I’m wearing sweatpants outside?

  46. Yay for sweat pants! They look great! When I’m at home I usually wear PJ bottoms. And I have a cat, so I can just stay at home and lounge around all day ;)

  47. I LOVE these pants.. look so comfy! I definitely need to make some sweat pants for myself, considering I spend most of my time in them..

    • It’s nice to have a pair that aren’t my usual gross unisex sweats! Sometimes it’s tempting to only sew fancy things when what I really wear and use isn’t as exciting.

  48. Amy

    Such cool pants. I love the comfy patterns that are coming out these days. And, I can’t wait to go print out the Nettie! Thank you!!

  49. Your loungey clothes are super cute!

    I’m currently obsessed with wearing my beloved Jalie leggings and a giant sweatshirt of my fiance’s around the house. Or, if it’s hot, this sad sad Renfrew I made from tissue-weight fabric. It’s super stretched out and comfy, but not the cutest ever. lol

  50. Love these! I had my eye on them ever since their release, but I’m not really sure if they’ll look nice on my body type. Seeing your version made me want to make them really bad!

  51. Ohhhhh, I luvre them! I have a pair of Lulu Lemon pants like these & I wear them to death. SO COMFY! I was excited to see this pattern because I had been considering drafting my own so I could add more comfort love to my closet. My Lulu’s are getting a little worn from so much wear. And the neighbours are giving me strange looks as if to say “are those the ONLY pair of pants you own?”

    • Heeheehee… I have a few things like that, like a hooded sweatshirt that I wear pretty much every day to walk the dogs in and a pair of pajama pants that I wear nearly every night. It’s probably time for us to make a couple of backups, huh?

  52. These are great – I have just started yoga again and feel like I need a special new wardrobe so I feel and look great :) these are on my list!!
    I wear the same clothes for most of the day normally, although in winter often change into my pjs super early. In summer, normally a sundress is fine for lounging in. As long as I can sit cross legged I am happy.

  53. I think you look totally cute and not like a trashbag at all! When the week is finally over I kind of live in yoga clothes, but that makes me feel kind of bad so I’m trying to try a little harder on the weekend…

    • It’s hard to find a balance between feeling comfortable and looking really messy. I don’t feel good about myself if I’m really sloppy (not that what I look like should matter), but I also don’t want to spend valuable weekend time primping and preening! Tricky, isn’t it?

  54. Kim

    Very cute outfit! I usually change into my (pleated) sweatpants asap when I get home, so usually when I walk the dogs I just hope I don’t run into anyone I know.. Last night it did happen, and I was standing there in my sweatpants feeling like a slob, but at least I felt comfy the rest of the walk right?

  55. These are super cute & I can’t believe I’m saying that about sweatpants! Normally I would never wear sweats out or even in the house but these might change my mind. Which seems kinda weird since I’ve been known to throw a knee length coat over a nightie before adding boots and a hat (so I don’t have to do my hair) before taking my sister’s dog for a walk. That way I appear respectable and not like a flasher in training.

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