Ginger Made: République du Chiffon Michelle Blazer!

Hi, guys! Bon weekend! OK, so I suppose that after my last couple of posts you’re expecting me to be sporting some kind of muumuu this time around (wait, now I’m tempted to make one), but it’s back to my regular programming!

This month’s Mood Sewing Network project is a fun one! Now, I don’t wear much black, I never wear white, and I DO NOT wear black and white together. I just don’t! But for some reason, this print just called my name and I went with it!

Republique du Chiffon Veste Michelle | Ginger Makes

This is a Theory poly-cotton blend, soft and with lots of drape, that I found at Mood Fabrics NYC.  I knew immediately that I wanted to make a statement blazer with it, and I thought the black and white would be fun for spring paired with bright colors. I also thought I would make a pair of matching pants, buuuuuuuuut I made a mistake that involved recutting a couple of crucial pieces, so I don’t think I have enough fabric leftover now.  Ah well, no use crying over spoilt ikat!

Republique du Chiffon Veste Michelle | Ginger Makes

Could you tell there were pockets?

I picked out the new Michelle pattern from République du Chiffon, a French company with really fashion-forward designs. It’s an easy-wearing, boyfriend-style blazer with a shawl collar and patch pockets (there’s even a teeny-tiny chest pocket!). It’s an oversized style, which probably isn’t the most flattering shape for me, but it keeps things casual for everyday wear.  I can’t say enough about my love for RDC!  Geraldine’s designs are super, super cool and I kinda want to buy every single one of ‘em.

Republique du Chiffon Veste Michelle | Ginger Makes

I spent approximately 1000 years matching up the print at all the seamlines. I cut everything out in a single layer to make and used my walking foot to keep things lined up. It takes time, but the results are worth it. It’s never perfect, but it’s good enough for me- the patch pockets are nearly invisible, and the center back seam is pretty closely matched. But I’ll tell you a little secret: I picked out a lovely silk ikat print for the lining, and after spending an unbelievable amount of time matching up the jacket shell, I just didn’t feel like matching the lining, so I opted for a grey silk from Chic Fabrics. Sometimes you just need a break from all that detail!

Republique du Chiffon Veste Michelle | Ginger Makes

I really enjoy sewing blazers- every time I try a new pattern, I learn new techniques! They’re just so fun to sew! However… this was one of the most difficult projects I’ve taken on in recent months. It wasn’t because of the style, or because of the fabric, but because the instructions for this pattern are entirely in French (and there are only a couple of illustrations)! My rudimentary French was stretched to the max, and I spent LOTS of time with my handy French-English dictionary! Wow, what a brain workout!  Luckily, Geraldine posted a step-by-step photo tutorial right before I started working on this. It was invaluable! If you make this, be aware that the photo tutorial uses a different construction order than the pattern instructions call for, so don’t get tripped up by that.  I really like the results of the photo tutorial.  This is the nicest, cleanest finish I’ve ever had in a blazer!

Republique du Chiffon Veste Michelle | Ginger Makes

Center back seam looks pretty good…

I don’t usually gravitate towards poly-cotton for blazers, but I really liked how it worked for this project- it’s not stiff, it doesn’t crease or wrinkle, but it’s still easy to press. Perfect!  I’m not 100% sold on the oversized shoulder look on me, but that’s not enough to keep me from loving this.

Republique du Chiffon Veste Michelle | Ginger Makes

OMG, a tiny little pocket for all my itsy treasures!

I’m a complete blazer addict! I just love how they can dress up any outfit! I really like making statement blazers- they’re so fun to wear! I’m especially excited about this one since it’s a little outside the box for me. I’m looking forward to finding ways to pair this with clothes in my wardrobe.

Republique du Chiffon Veste Michelle | Ginger Makes

How about you? How do you like to wear blazers, if at all? And how do you like to style and accessorize black and white garments? What’s on your sewing table?

Republique du Chiffon Veste Michelle | Ginger Makes

Have a wonderful weekend, especially if you’re in the States and have a three-day weekend ahead! And a very happy wedding day to Nic and Roisin!!!


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111 responses to “Ginger Made: République du Chiffon Michelle Blazer!

  1. That print matching is amazing! Really superb! It’s funny you never wear black and white, because I feel like I ALWAYS wear black and white. :-D I’m trying to break the habit.

  2. Tres bonne!! But why the aversion to black and white? Love this blazer — and all blazers, though I rarely wear them because I don’t work a real job and would feel a little dressed up in a blazer most days. This looks like a nice casual blazer option though.

    • Black makes me feel too pale and boring, and white makes me feel too sloppy and/or preppy (dumb, I know). And the two together just feels really high contrast to me, in a weird way. It’s completely silly!

  3. dude, you know i love this. BUT’MSORRYMYBRAINFROZEATMUUMUU. carolyn & i shocked each other by exclaiming a bolt of fabric wanted to be a muumuu. IN A GOOD WAY.

  4. so cute! i never wear blazers. i look too shoulder-y in them. i look much better in military jackets. not that i wear jackets of any kind. i’m more of a cardigan girl.

  5. BLAZER QUEEN. You always manage to make blazers look so cool. This ikat is amazing but I am seriously in awe of you for matching all that pattern. I think the gray lining was the way to go…no use giving yourself a panic attack trying to match even MORE ikat!

  6. Omg this is amazing! Your invisible pockets and seams are sort of blowing my mind a little :) I bought some of this fabric while I was in NYC in March – didn’t realize it was Theory, but it makes perfect sense considering I love pretty much everything from that designer! I haven’t settled on a good pattern for my fabric, but you’re making me antsy to start now!!

  7. Super fun and the print matching is great! I had to do a double take to even find the seams..

  8. Awesome blazer! Just searched “muumuu” into pinterest cuz that word is new to me but OMG I need one in my life! I love wearing black and white with a single statement colour shoes or bag. Ooh or a belt. :)

  9. That is awesome! What a great piece, and damn that’s some nice print matching. I don’t think it’s that oversized in the shoulders. In fact, it looks like a perfect fit to me! Roomy enough to be casual but still comfortable and not stuffy in the slightest. I think you walked that line perfectly because to me, sometimes black and white together can look very dressed up chic without being able to dress it down (and this is probably partially why I too rarely r wear it together), whereas your jacket totally looks like it could swing either way you want it. Really fun, and in that whole outfit it reads as very you, not outside your boundaries. I love it! :)

  10. Now, that’s a statement blazer! I love it! Even though this store might not suit your style, I think you totally rock it!

    That print matching is amazing! I’ll do that one day!

    I love blazers. Funny thing is that since I’ve been sewing, I haven’t worn a blazer. Mainly because RTW does not fit me whatsoever. I’ve been avoided sewing blazers because I don’t know why. I’m scared for no good reason! I’m totally eying your Bellatrix blazer!

    • I was really scared of sewing blazers before I made one, too. In fact, I’d never worn a blazer before I sewed the By Hand London Victoria- I had one blazer that I’d bought on an impulse before a big work event. I spent a fortune on it, it didn’t really fit, and I only wore it once! But the nice thing about sewing something like this one or the Victoria blazer is that you really only have to make sure it fits through the shoulders and everything else kind of falls into place.

      The Bellatrix blazer is actually really fun to sew! It’s meant to be a bit more fitted, so it takes a little more work, but the instructions are very thorough and you get a very clean, professional finish the way Katie has you do it. Let me know if you decide to sew it and have any questions!

  11. Love it! The print matching is ridiculous, seriously! I love blazers but have yet to make one. Any patten suggestions for an easy blazer make?

    • I would say that the By Hand London Victoria blazer is the easiest one I’ve ever made. It’s very straightforward to fit and sew. It’s a bit of a simpler construction than normal blazers- they usually have facings, but instead it has sew-on, rectangular lapels, and you just line it to the edge instead of dealing with facings. There are regular in-seam pockets instead of welts, so it’s pretty quick to put together. The Papercut Patterns Bellatrix blazer is more complicated, but it’s also more of a traditional blazer construction, so the finished product is more like RTW (the Victoria blazer isn’t really what you would see in the store).

  12. You know I love when you rock the blazer with Tee-shirt. I love blazers, of course. I have several in my sketch book that I plan to draft and make. I also have a few patterns.
    That fabric looks yummy.

  13. Love love love! The statement this blazer makes?…. It says you are AWESOME!

  14. raquel from J.C.

    Great blazer! Do you know if Republique de Chiffon sends patterns to the USA? I just adore one of the dresses!

  15. This is tremendous!! The print matching was totally worth it. It looks seamless.

  16. Another great blazer! I have so many plans for sewing more blazers, and so much fabric collecting dust , but for one reason or another I never get to it. I really need to fix that because blazers are the best.

  17. Not gonna lie – I was disappointed that you didn’t use the ikat for the lining! But this jacket turned out great anyway, and I can’t blame you for having had your fill with matching on the outer! I LOVE this style on you – I think you can definitely do the oversized shoulder look.

    And: Immediately before I opened this post, I purchased a vintage Hawaiian muumuu pattern! For the last week I can’t get Hawaiian dresses out of my mind!

  18. And another beautiful blazer to add to your collection! I’m a sucker for black and white together – it makes two potentially boring staple colours much more interesting. I tend to pair them with a bright colour and this will look fantastic with a bright colour underneath.

  19. Great blazer! Love the length, and you did a mighty job with that ikat! I haven’t tried any RDC patterns yet but this would def encourage me to try. I do really need a summer jacket so might be time I took the plunge and made one myself… *deep breaths*

  20. Fabulous – the print matching is insane!!

  21. is there enough left for shorts?? Gorgeous blazer, and now I’m off to scope out these patterns you speak of ;)

  22. That blazer is so awesome! I love the Ikat. I’m so blown away by your print-matching skills!

  23. Wow what a fabulous blazer, that fabric is wondrous, you’ve gone and made me want a snazzy summer blazer myself!

  24. OMG, I have a vintage pattern just like that from either 1979 or 1980 — McCalls, I think. Selling it for $4 in my etsy shop.

  25. Love this and love RDC! I drop all the text on their written instructions into google translate. Works a treat! I love how beautifully hand drawn the patterns are and they’re so cheap!

    • I ran the photo tutorial through Google Chrome, but it seemed to translate every word as the non-sewing definition of the same word, so I kept getting all kinds of crazy instructions! :) I love their patterns so much, though- they’re really, really stylish!

  26. Too fabulous Sonja! Loving all your sews lately. I just turned that fabric into Maritime shorts, together we would be the hottest printed shorts suit that ever lived…

  27. I love that fabric, it looks great with the design. I don’t really wear oversized blazers but I want to steal yours:mrgreen: And if you need help with the French, don’t hesitate, I can help.

  28. Trish

    That blazer is a triumph. Congratulations too on your French workout!

  29. Geo P

    Are you sure there’s a center back seam in there? 😆
    I don’t have any blazers but they look so stylish, I have to try one.

  30. This is great! I love the print, and I’d wear it with all of my brightest tops. I am a little sad that you didn’t have enough fabric for the trousers, as this would have been the most amazing suit :)

    • I know, wouldn’t a suit have been over the top and awesome?! If they have more next time I’m at Mood I’ll be sorely tempted!

      • Do it!! I have a ready to wear suit consisting of skirt and double breasted blazer in a sort of brick colour which I only dare to wear as separates. It’s amazing, but quite 80s safari suit when worn together!

  31. I love it! Like you, im not a black and white gal either- but you’re making want to try it!

    • Do it!!! Maybe a black and white animal print just to dip your toe into the water? I’m definitely used to seeing you in warm colors, but I bet you would like the change of pace from a new palette!

  32. Absolutely gorgeous!!! I am glad when English speakers challenge themselves linguistically and go for French indie patterns, well done! What makes me laugh is that French seams = couture anglaise …

    • That’s so funny, isn’t it? I wonder why those are the terms. :) I just love the French indies- the style is so cool and it’s definitely worth the time it takes to translate them!

  33. what great pattern matching on those seams! very impressed. I don’t wear blazers really. I do love a bit of black and white tho’ especially teamed with a pop of red or yellow xx

  34. wow, you are killing it with the awesome blazers! i so want more blazers in my life, because i love throwing them over a casual tee and jeans when i want to look put together. you know, i used fabric with with exact same print, (but it was a stretch denim and more navy than black, and labeled marc jacobs). i made a moss mini out of it, so maybe you have enough fabric for that!

  35. You look amazing in this blazer with the amazing fabric. I love blazers but not in the Florida summer. This is sewing sleeveless top time for me. I think that your blazer would really show off well with a bright top. My problem: I can’t see the seams because of your perfect (to me) matching job.

  36. Kim

    Gorgeous! I love the fabric too :) I’m not really a blazer kinda girl, but I’ve tried with the Victoria blazer and am actually wearing mine right now. And everytime I wear it, my sis tells me she really likes blazers on me, maybe it’s just me.. Actually my next sew it up project is black and white, and I’m in love with it! Can’t say anything more until monday though..

  37. Kelly

    I love it! I was eyeing this pattern, it’s very cool…I wish she would release her patterns in English too! I did order that Monique dress pattern with the cut outs on the sleeves :) I want some blazers, I have loved all of yours. I’ve had fabric for a Victoria blazer forever, and I am dying for Jen’s (Grainline) blazer pattern!

    • Oh man, I was sorely tempted by that dress pattern (and the playsuit… so cute!). I can’t wait for Jen’s blazer, either! I’ve had fabric set aside for it ever since she first mentioned she was going to release it!

  38. Just a fun jacket! I would totally wear this. The perfect balance between trendy and office-appropriate.

  39. Looks super-the print jumps! I can’t get my mind off the anima pants though—-I neeeeed those so bad. :D

  40. This is amazballs! Love the print :D

  41. M. Powers

    Wow, I seriously can’t see any seams! Also, gorgeous fabric! and thanks for making me aware of another pattern company…. I mean, sort of thanks and sort of ughhhhh my poor wallet, haha

    • I’m sorry– I’m honestly the world’s worst sewing enabler. It’s out of control. I’m forcing myself to ENOUGH ALREADY with the constant buying of new patterns!

  42. Ohhhh! A muumuu… DOOOO IT!!!! hahaha! This blazer is wicked-good! I’m in awe of all the print matching AND the invisible pockets. Seriously, SO impressive! Great print – would never have imagined it would look this amazing as a blazer!! You look great in it. :)

  43. joellestlaurent

    you look great in this blazer! the print is a great pairing with this pattern. and for your next RDC pattern, you can always reach out to me for some translation help! (french is my mother tongue)

  44. This is fab! The print matching is a-maz-ing! Also, extra bonus sewing points for using a pattern that’s written in French, that would make me want to cry.

  45. Another winner! I gotta say the quality of your sewing is just superb! You make me want to tackle a blazer! yay for venturing out of the style comfort zone! I should do that more often! The black and white is fab! Perhaps I should wear something I don’t normally wear too! Heels and pastels here I come haha

  46. Great blazer. Your pattern matching skills are awesome. I think it looks better with the plain lining otherwise it’d be Ikat overload. I’m a fan of R du C patterns too. I’ve bought the Gerard Coat to make this autumn.

  47. That’s awesome! I would like to make a blazer. I saw one in a back issue of Burda that I might try. I’ve never heard of that pattern company! So many indie patterns now which is great!

    • Burda always seems to have cute blazer patterns! It really is amazing how many pattern companies there are now! We have so many styles to choose from! It’s a good time to be a sewist!

  48. I’m loving the tiny pockets!

  49. A very fun jacket!! I’m off to check out Theory now!!

  50. Jennifer

    I’m not one for black and white either but, I loooove this!! Love!! (Actually, I want this!) You wear blazers so well – jealous 😜. Great print matching too.

  51. This is so amazing! I’ve got the Victoria blazer on my list of patterns and this one might have to be next on my blazer list! Great job on the pattern matching – I would probably have gone crossed-eyed and given up!

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