Review + Giveaway: Fashionary Sketchbook + Tape Measure!

Hi, guys! I have a fun giveaway for you today, hooray!  Vikki from Fashionary contacted me to see if I would like to do a review and giveaway of the Fashionary Sketchbook, and you know I don’t like to turn down an opportunity to give away stuff on this blog!*  Vikki asked if I wanted to give away the classic women’s sketchbook, or the “Tiger Mania”. Um…


Please don’t laugh at my terrible sketches… or my stubby baby fingers… or my disgusting iron burn…

If you haven’t seen it before, the Fashionary Sketchbook is really cool. It was designed to make fashion sketching easier and quicker by printing the pages with faint outlines of models. You can trace/draw/paint over the outlines as you feel inspired! This is great for me- although I’ve always been into fine art, I’ve always been terrible at drawing, so this book helps my little sewing idea sketches look better. Also, I tend to doodle ideas on scraps of paper whenever inspiration strikes, but then I have weird loose papers stuffed into notebooks. This is a much more organized approach! I’ve been wanting to try one of these for a long time, so I’m grateful for the opportunity to test one!

The Fashionary also has a dictionary of fashion terms, tons of little drawings of different design details, and even a chart that tells you what the care symbols on RTW garment labels means! Those have always mystified me… so I choose to believe that they all say “Wash in one giant load on hot, dry everything together, and leave in the laundry basket for at least a week before folding”.

Vikki also sent me their tape measure to review. It’s a tape measure marked on one side with standard measurements for a woman’s size 38, and on the other for a men’s 48. It’s meant to aid you when you’re patternmaking or draping without a live model or a mannequin handy. This would be nice for a fashion student, but probably not very useful for most home sewers.  It’s interesting to look at, though, and might be fun for those of you who are into patternmaking.

I’m not really into sewing with a plan (well, I make plans, but they generally derail), but I’m enjoying jotting down garment ideas in my Fashionary. It feels more flexible than lists of garments, and it’s nice when you see something that you like and want to get it on paper before you forget it (I’m recently obsessed with a crisp striped shirt I saw on a chic elderly Manhattanite… it looked AWESOME and I wanted one just like it the moment I saw it).  So I’m looking forward to using this to collect my sewing ideas in one place.

I’m basically just typing in the word “crotch” here so I can disappoint a few perverts… or maybe hook them on the joy of sewing?

OK, if you wanna win your own TIGER MANIA (OMG, I LOVE IT!) Fashionary, let me know in a comment below! I’ll close the comments at noon EST on Friday 6/6 and pick a winner at random soon after. I’m happy to ship internationally, but I’ll probably send it the slowest/cheapest way. OK, do you use any kind of sketchbook? Do you like to plan your sewing in advance? How do you organize your ideas?

*NOTE: Actually, I do turn down giveaway offers. I love being able to give away free stuff to you guys, but I also want to make sure that they’re responsible products and things that my readers would be interested in (sometimes I get approached by sketchy RTW clothing companies or people with books that have nothing to do with garment sewing… that’s just not what we’re about over here).

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135 responses to “Review + Giveaway: Fashionary Sketchbook + Tape Measure!

  1. Who wouldn’t want to win this?! haha currently all my ideas lie strewn on the back of postits on my desk at work! definately not helpful, although i do sew with a plan (but said plan seems to change with the loss of said postits….)

  2. Barbara

    What a great idea. I would love to give the sketchbook to my adult daughter because she has lots of ideas for garments and she wanted to be a fashion designer when she was in high school. She would love it!

  3. That sketchbook looks pretty amazing! I mean, really, really awesome. I am an amateur when it come to sewing but the ideas never stop coming. I am actually considering going to school as a fashion design major as everything fascinates me and I love the feeling I get when someone compliments a make and I can say that I made it!

    I used to sew things impulsively, but lately I have been (trying) to plan and do things in a more measure’s manner. Most ideas get written down rather than drawn as even a silhouette of the human form looks like a lumpy stick figure! >.<

  4. Nikie

    I think your drawings are good, mine are more like matchsticks! What i good idea that tape measure is ;)

  5. Amy

    I’ve been lusting after the Fashionary sketchbook for a while! The way I organize my sewing ideas is to save images of patterns, fabrics, silhouettes, etc. I like to Evernote, but sometimes I miss the tactile sketching component.

  6. I do plan my sewing/clothes shopping in advance. I have a google doc spreadsheet with the items I’m looking to acquire, whether they’ll be additions or replacements, me-made or made in china, etc. It’s actually been really useful! Anyways, this notebook looks really cool! It’s hard to capture visual elements in a google doc…

  7. your drawings look great compared to my efforts! i’d love to win in the hope mine can look as good as yours!

  8. I keep my sketches and sewing plans in a pile on my dining room table … and sometimes on the floor … and in between stacks of fabric. Maybe I need a dedicated sketchbook ;)

  9. I would love to be able to do some sketches with ideas (that always pop into my head when I’m out for a run). The stick men I currently do, don’t really work. Thanks, Ginger!

  10. Deborah Jackson

    I would love to win the sketchbook and tape measure. I’m getting ready to get back into sewing after a long hiatus. I’ve bought tons of Craftsy classes and lots of fabric to prepare myself. Both of the items would be a great help with the rebirth of my sewing hobby.

  11. Nia

    Oh I would love to win this fashionary! I love the yellow! I normally plan my ideas in a normal sketchbook, but in the end everything changes when i’m actually making the pattern, or when I go to the fabric store! I least I start with some kind of idea on paper! :D

  12. What a fabulous giveaway! I’m really only adept at drawing stick figures and circle suns (I add sunglasses to them sometimes, too!), so a sketchbook that has basic garment outlines incorporated into it already sounds amazing!

  13. Emily

    This actually looks pretty cool. I do the same thing you do, if I have an idea I will jot or sketch it on any easily accessible paper. That paper then ends up floating around until I throw it away to eliminate mess.
    Yes and no. Sometimes I make a plan and other times I make a decision based on what is on sale at Joann!
    Thank you for this giveaway opportunity!

  14. I’ve been seeing these and they are soooo cool. I’ve been meaning to start a dedicated sewing notebook and this would be perfect.

  15. leBron

    This sounds ace! My tiny terrible sketches of fashun ideas usually end up squished at the bottom of my handbag, it’s not a great system for project planning….

  16. Ouch for the iron burn (hope it was sewing related though, a non-sewing iron burn would be dismal).

    I was recently moaning to a fellow blogger that I’m rubbish at art and drawing… if the ladies are already drawn I’m sure I could get a garment sketch done though!

  17. Oh, awesome! I have a large (not Fashionary) pre-drawn croquis notebook. I certainly need the drawing help, and it’s great to work through ideas this way. Would be excited to win this smaller, more portable notebook. Rawr!

  18. Carol S

    All my planning is in my head. This would help get me organized.

  19. I totally want to win this! I sketch in a plain notebook with my own awful stick figures. Some Tiger Mania would be rad.

  20. Regena Fickes

    I would love this, I am teaching my 11 year old granddaughter to sew. She has lots of ideas in her head and needs a dedicated notebook in which to sketch them.She usually snags a piece of my printer paper and then it often gets lost between her home and mine.
    Thank you for this opportunity.

  21. I’ve ben wanting to try that sketchbook and improve my sketching ability so I don’t have to juggle my sewing ideas and projects in my poor brain all at once. To improve another creative skill would be nice, too, but I’m not that delusional! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  22. Dayl

    Ohhh FUN! I like to plan out my sewing a bit – but then I tend to deviate from it. But I do find myself coming back and tweaking something from a drawing just a bit and then am totally inspired to sew it up again! So it’s a bit of a fluid process for me…!!

  23. I woud love a tiger print sketchbook in my life. I tend to have loads of ideas floating around in my head and it seems the only time I get a moment to get my ideas on paper is naughtily when I’m in a meeting. I find it really boring I end up doodling in the corners of my diary – not very professional. So would be great to have a sexy sketchbook to showcase my designs.

  24. Courtney

    I too have been lusting after a fashionary notebook. I tried drawing my own figures, but it takes me way too long, so now I just keep my ideas in my head.

  25. Currently, I don’t really do much pre-planning and sketching of projects so I usually just pin ideas on Pinterest boards. I’ve started keeping a project notebook though where I photo copy the back of any pattern I sew up and tape it in, then make notes of any alterations I made, etc. I’m planning my first major self-drafted project though, so maybe it’s time to start sketching!

  26. Uh, that seems to be a really great notebook. I’d love to win it! Maybe I’mbe lucky.

  27. I’ve been looking at those journal books. They even have them for children’s designs. So cool!

  28. Yay for fashionnary! I’ve been wanting one of these for a while, mainly because I am trying to get organized when sewing. I have sewing ADD, meaning as soon as I have a new project in mind, I have difficulty finishing what I already started because I am already cutting fabric for the next project. Then, a few weeks (months) down the road, I don’t remember half of what I was doing on the initial garments.

    • Oh boy, my natural tendency is to do the same thing, and it results in tons of unfinished projects and a huge mess! I’m trying to prioritize what I really want to wear (not just what I’m tempted to sew next) and finish one project before moving onto the next!

  29. I never sketch anything, I just picture it in my head and hope for the best. So I’d love to try the fashionary.

  30. Since I just re-started sewing garments (I learned when I was younger, enjoyed it, then went to college and never had the time!) I would love this little book! I recently made the Jupe Chardon skirt from Deer and Doe as an introduction back into sewing and had SO MANY NOTES I wanted to make about the pattern and plans for next time- this would be so nifty for that!

  31. I’m very curious about the fashionary. It would help me keep things organized. I tend to sketch on loose sheets of paper and they are all over the place!

  32. Nadja

    I’d love to have a fashionary in a fancy tiger print! I actually own dozen of scetch books, but I only draw on the first couple of pages and than it gets lost on the bookshelf. I really want to change that!

  33. It looks so cool! I really like and want it! maybe I’m lucky…. :)

    • I am a huge notebook fan, but for some reason it hasn’t transcended to sewing. That reason being my drawing skills are not very good. I’d love to win the Fashionary so I could use those outlines.

  34. Oh, this is a great idea! I have a huge Hello Kitty sketchbook that I do rough garment sketches in, just to have a visual “library” of my handmade pieces and how they go together (the huge pages mean if I draw small I can get a bunch of mini garment sketches on one page!), but I’m so bad at drawing actual full outfits. Anatomy was never my strong suit. The cute glossary in the back also seems hella useful… I’m pretty new to actual fashion terms, so I think I could take advantage of that!

  35. Count me in the for the giveaway. That Tiger Mania print is awesome! I can just picture myself whipping it out on the street to make a quick sketch… and getting weird looks from everyone, ha.

    Hope your iron burn is getting better – ouch!! Be careful over there. :)

  36. Ah, my comment above was accidentally turned into a reply instead, feel free to remove it!

    Here it is again: I am a huge notebook fan, but for some reason it hasn’t transcended into sewing. That reason being my drawing skills are not very good so I’d love to win the Fashionary so I could use those outlines.

  37. I’m a fiend for pinning ideas I love to Pinterest…but that doesn’t really work when you see something in real life, like the blouse you mention. So I have a teeny tiny notebook in my bag and scribble in that. The Fashionary would help me make these scribbles a bit more identifiable…I’d hope!

  38. I would love to win those items. The sketch book to give to my sister, the budding designer, and I love sewing do-dads… The tape is just my size! 😃. I love your use of the word “crotch”! I had a visitor to my blog once searching for “army tanks”… Don’t know quite how that works!?!

  39. Totally need this right Meow <–see what i did there

  40. dietcouture

    This has been on my Amazon wishlist for longer than I can remember, and they were SOLD OUT when my hubby went to get me one for my birthday. :( I keep a little chubby notebook with me at all times and make a boatload of lists and really crappy drawings of anything that strikes my fancy. This would be so much more chic!

  41. I normally scribble a drawing onto the closest scrap of paper! For some reason I don’t have a designated sewing sketch book, but do use our household jotter pad from time to time. I then tear away my picture so I don’t lose it and put it somewhere around my sewing machine. How low tech/brow! ;-)

  42. tatimaio

    I really need something like this, my ideas are scattered on random pieces of paper around the house, ha!

  43. Shelley Gibb

    Would love it. I am not in the habit of organising my ideas, they just swim around in my head. I use a notebook with doodles once I’ve started making. Great giveaway, thank you. S x

  44. these are such an awesome idea! i try and collect my potential garments in a notebook but i never really do… so yeah, enter me! but i’ll probably end up buying some of these at some point anyways :)

  45. I’d love to win, my sketches are horrible so that would help immensly and make me more likely to plan rather than just hope!

  46. I’d love to win one of these! They’re really awesome.

  47. Dee

    I’d love to have a fashionary. Also we have the same understanding on RTW care labels – I also use my dryer as my closet and just get my clothes straight from it on a daily basis without the folding – opps!

  48. I’d love to win, I have so many ideas for sketches/outfits but my figure drawing skills are seriously lacking!

  49. auntychacha

    These two look amazing! Put my name in the hat, please!

  50. nx44

    My sketches are on random bits of paper and every now and then I collate them on one, which is a waste of time really because eventually they end up in the bin! This book is cool!

  51. I’d love to win one of these.
    I’ve found recently that my sketching abilities are much improved when I have a little person drawn in the background. :)

  52. This looks awesome! I recently bought the 100 creations Sewists’s Notebook…. but yeah I can’t draw for squat so I have yet to use it. I love the idea of planning ahead and being organized but I’m terrible at it and any excuse not to do it is good enough for me!

  53. Kat H

    Aaaah! Tiger print!! That’s fabulous!!!

    I’ve been wanting to try a Fashionairy for ages, they look like fun. (And, I am terrible at drawing, so having little outlines to start with sounds pretty perfect.)

    I used to have a note book with drawings of things I wanted to make and/or that inspired me. I keep meaning to do that again, it was really rather useful…. Can’t remember why I stopped, but probably something to do with frustration at how bad I am at drawing people! :-(

  54. I’ve seen a few people buying this sketchbook lately (via IG). It looks super useful for a newbie sewist like me. I’m just going to throw the word crotch in here for fun too.

  55. Oh definitely!! A jungle theme sketch book, sounds like a plan! :) I’d love to see the faces on the weirdos who visit this page after googling “crotch”….

  56. Right now I organize my ideas on huge pin-board in my sewing room… but have been drooling over a fashionary for a while now! :)

  57. Steph

    Hey, what a great giveaway! I’d love one of these as I keep lots of ideas in my head and make notes on a few in a few scrappy notebooks- oh to be organised. The fashionary would sort me out in style!

  58. Katie Emma

    I am totally going to ask for a Fashionary for my birthday in August (even though I don’t want to wait that long…) Just this morning was trying to sketch out some ideas for a new dress and it would be super helpful to have a guide.

  59. I want this!!!! I ordered the red sketchbook so it’s mostly the tape I’m after but even the tiger print is so fun!!!! I already keep a book of sketches but the flats and other “dictionary” info looks wonderful!

  60. I’ve never really done much sketching, but I do think with this wonderful book, I would really get into it. So………I’d love a chance to win!

  61. Anna

    I’d love to try the fashionary!

  62. Oh my gosh! I would love to try out a sketchbook like that. Maybe…just maybe…it would help me make a plan or more likely be a fun place to store my ideas. Thanks for saying yes to this one.

  63. Yay! This is a mangable way for me to combine animal print and fashion. I love to plan my makes and I’d love to do it in this book. Thanks for giveaway :)

  64. Dude, your sketches look great.

  65. Joy

    What a great giveaway!
    I do NOT sew with a “plan” other than making sure what I turn up with doesn’t look completely awful :-)

  66. Oh My gosh TIger Mania, how awesome is that!
    Ive always wanted to try one of these, but I just couldnt ever justify the cost and the shipping. I really hope I get it :)

  67. Very cool! I’m in no way an artist, so the little example pics would really make this an actual product I would use, lol. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  68. Love the idea of a “fashionary” I am sure I will put it to very good use. Thank you for such nice giveaway!

  69. Liz

    I would love to win that notebook! I keep all my plans in my head, which is a terrible way to work because I forget. All. The. Time.

  70. Sallie

    I’d like to be entered! I have a notebook where things get sketched, but it’s also my all-purpose knittting, cooking, shopping list jotting, random ideas, new password, books to read, etc. notebook! So a dedicated sewing sketchbook would be great.

  71. girllikethesea

    Our laundry styles sound very similar! My husband has taken to putting the clothes away since looooord knows I’m not getting to it

  72. Why yes I do want a tiger fashionary. I’ve just run out of the fashionary lady figure post-it notes I’ve been sticking all over the hosue so I could do with the actual book! Thanks!

  73. I haven’t sketched in a really long time (other than technical drawings for work) and this would be a great book to get me back into the groove. Please enter me in the giveaway! THANKS!!!

  74. I write notes on stickies or scrap paper, which are promptly lost. A REAL notebook would be soooooo nice.
    Thank you for the giveaway.

  75. Rhiannon Davis

    I would absolutely love one of these sketch books, especially for the glossary of fashion terms! It would be handy to know what all the different styles are called.

  76. Angie H.

    I some use a notebook. I should more often…lol! I keep so much in my head or on bits of paper…sad…

  77. Jo

    Thanks! I’d love to win because I end up with crazy little scrappy notes lying around everywhere, haha!

  78. Lynda

    What a great idea. I never jot my ideas down then sometimes remember them months later. I think I need to be a bit more organised and this notebook would be just perfect. Thanks for the opportunity.

  79. I don’t have a sewing plan. I usually think what I feel like sewing and go from there. Usually I just have a million ideas in my brain but I rarely but them down on paper. Mainly because I don’t have an awesomesauce notebook like this, haha. The things I’ve put down are on various pieces of paper and they sometimes get sucked into oblivion and I never see them again.

  80. I ‘organise’ most of my ideas in my head so a Fashionary would be quite useful for getting them down on paper! Occasionally I make haphazard lists that I leave lying around, but inevitably they get repurposed as bits of paper for grocery lists so clearly I need help.

  81. scruffybadger

    Hello!! I could do with some help sketching as my drawings are seriously dodgy! I have had a mega plan for the last three months due to lots of events I *had* to sew for. Never been so structured or disciplined before – I’ve project planned ( yes, I jest not) identifying available sewing weekends in my diary and matching that to deadlines for garments and prioritising. Very serious. I then wrote out on a whiteboard! Yay!! Ultimate ! Showing what I should be sewing each available weekend. I’m not used to quite so much organisation, but in this occasion it was needed.

  82. It is so great that you ship internationally, yuhuuuuu (from Spain)!
    I try to plan what to sew in the following month, but I don’t have much time and normally I sew what others plan in sew-alongs ;))
    Thanks for the giveaway, I would benefit from the sketchbook and I’d try to plan better my sewing.

  83. Kelly

    The Fashionary looks like an awesome idea – all the better for being in tiger stripes!! I recently paid out a large bucket of money to learn how to sew through an online course – only to find it WAAAAY outdated and really quite uninteresting (and of course non-refundable!)….however, the tips and tricks I’ve picked up off the likes of you and many of the other amazing sewing bloggers out there has kept me inspired and encouraged me to keep learning. Eventually… hopefully I’ll be able to produce something that I can actually wear out in public! I hope I win, but if not, I’ve already gained so much from these blogs anyway. Thanks Ginger !

  84. I’d love a fashionary – especially a Tiger one! I don’t really plan my sewing and I think I need to start really. Fabric is my big inspiration and then the pattern follows from there….. it’s fun to do it that way but I end up with gaps in my me-made wardrobe! I love the idea of sewing a mini-capsule wardrobe and this book might help in the designing!

  85. This would probably be very useful because I can’t draw at all. Proportions are always off by a mile so my sketches never really look how I intend them to.

  86. Love it! What a good idea, I currently have a notebook and various post it pads with scribbles and scraps of paper and fabric swatches floating around in the bottom of my bag, so a central place have all my ideas would be amazing…like the idea of the glossary thang too…Pick me!

  87. fun fun fun! i write long lists of things i plan to make. I never have both the fabric and the pattern. always have one, never have the other… boooooo

  88. Ooh lovely, please count me in too! The book looks gorgeous and the tape measure really intriguing – must be interesting to see how the basic circumference measurements compare to some of those less usual measurements!

  89. StephanieM

    Obviously I’m in on the giveaway! Tiger Mania?!? I think the name says it all… And off course it would be great to document my endless growing waiting list of garments to sew.

  90. Oh my gosh, yes! My ideas stay crammed in my head… this would be the perfect excuse to start organising and actually creating!

  91. Wow! I would love to make my sketches look better. I have inspirational clippings and fabric bits in a random folder. Great giveaway!

  92. Sometimes I sketch out my ideas in advance, though my planning usually consists more of making lists on my blog of all the things I want to sew in any given season, and maybe actually getting to 1/3-1/2 of them! This looks really fun, though.

  93. Wow this sketchbook is so cool! I am really bad at drawing so I definitely need one of those…

  94. Wow this sketchbook is so cool! I’m really bad at drawing so I definitely need one of those…

  95. I was just browsing in my local art shop and saw the notebooks in there. They are awesome but the price is quite steep so would love to win one.

  96. Diane

    How wonderful is that….count me in. I have been wanting a fashionary….and am in desperate need of a new tape measure.

  97. Megan

    This looks awesome, yes please! I constantly draw sketches in the margins of my notes but since my skillz are lacking, they end up looking like little blobs. It would be nice to actually be able to reference these ideas!

  98. I really need/want this! It might help me sleep… So many ideas buzzing round my head = ridiculous insomnia…!

  99. I don’t really plan my sewing projects out like I should. This would help! I’m looking into it even if I don’t win. :) Thanks for the giveaway opportunity–love your blog!

  100. Maureen Murphy

    Ooh. Yes please…meow! We just moved so haven’t drafted patterns lately. This could be just the motivation I need to get back into it again!! I am mostly sewing from patterns now. This would be a great way to organize my thoughts :) Thanks.

  101. The sketchbook looks terrific! I would like to take part for sure. I do plan my sewing projects and at quiet times I like to sit and sketch my own designs now and again.

  102. Oooh me! I need to stop doing my sketches on random pieces of scratch paper that have science tests on the back…

  103. Eryn

    Um Yes! That looks like so much fun :D

  104. I’ve seen a lot of reviews of this sketchbook, it looks great. I draw all mine in a sketchbook, but just make rough drawings with notes all around them. This would make everything more organised and clear. It is useful to come back to these sketches after making them too and make some notes about changes you made etc. It makes things a lot easier when you want to make something similar in he future (if I don’t write things down I forget them!!)

  105. ooh what a great giveaway! i am completely awful at drawing people but have so many ideas for clothes that need to be documented somewhere, so this would be perfect for me! thank you :)

  106. Ooh what a good idea. I write my ideas in a list …I can’t draw people!

  107. Ooh what good idea! I wrote my ideas down cos I can’t draw people!

  108. What a cool idea! I would probably annoy my family, though, calling it Tiger MAAAA–NEEEE–YAH!!! all the time. But jeez, they can deal with a little enthusiasm, right?

  109. I just keep my ideas in my head or write some notes cos I’m pretty crap at drawing, so this would be fabulous, what a brilliant idea!

  110. What a great sewing resource! I love sewing up my own patterns, but don’t always know the right terms. This would be perfect-o!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  111. Ooh, I’ve been wanting to try one of these forever! Currently all my projects and inspiration are laid out on a giant spreadsheet – nerdy and not very visually appealing!

  112. vikki

    Thank you so much for the share :)

  113. Thanks for the giveaway! Would be a great little goodie! I tend to just write lists of future makes, I have never tried sketching, would love to try!

  114. Nessie

    Running round after 2 little girls, my sewing times are little bits snatched here and there. This sketchbook would be great for organising my ideas together. Thanks for the chance.

  115. Leah

    I use an artist sketchbook to document my sewing ideas and inspiration. I have been eyeing the fashionary sketchbooks for a while now

  116. Martina

    I would love to win these because as a fashion student these are two of the most important tools any designer/dressmaker could have ever!!

    I organise all ideas and plan my sewing projects in an normal A4 cartridge paper sketchbook. I normally organize my ideas using sketches, swatches, bullet points and images as well as scribbly little notes haha.
    I like to plan my sewing in advance so i know exactly what i am doing, how long it will take and what i will need. This allows me to create a better outcome!

    Who wouldn’t want to win this?!

  117. This looks like just what I need – I’m like you and have random bits of paper with ideas all over the place so it would be good to have a nice book for them instead! Thanks to you and Vikki for the giveaway!

  118. I’ve been eyeing these off for awhile now. Have come to the conclusion that backs of old envelopes and my kids colouring books aren’t the best way to keep my sketches together!
    Do you know if they do one with just child outlines?
    Roar me in for a giveaway please!

  119. Love the tiger print! How could you not choose that version;)

  120. buntyw

    I’m not that organised but I’d like to start keeping note of pattern/fabric and alterations for each project!
    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  121. Nikki H.

    I’d love to win this sketchbook! I have done drawings of clothing ideas before but I’d always trace the croquis from something I found online so this is perfect! Lately I’ve been sewing based on what I wanted the most when I sat down and began that day. But I have several garments planned out in the queue for whenever I have time.

  122. Oh this is fantastic. I’d love to win this sketchbook. After I did very well in my fashion sketching course, I’d love to have a nice sketchbook in which to put my croquis in!
    And that measure tape is awesome and very helpful, it can aid in my pattern making.

  123. Imogen Privett

    I didn’t know they came in tiger! I’d love to win this.

  124. Kim

    Haha love the crotch word in here :) lets fool the pervs! You don’t have to count me in for the giveaway as I already have one and my drawings look waaay worse than yours! :)

  125. Oooooh, oooh, ooooh! pick me! pick me!

  126. Kirsten

    So cool – I want want one! Uhm, hang on…. I cannot sketch persons….. :-D

  127. Ugh, SO BUMMED that I missed this giveaway because of my work hours! Boo! Well, congrats to the lucky winner!

    Also, your disgusting iron burn is in the same place as my rotary-cutter scar. Just do what my husband does, and call me Silky B.

    Silky B. Smoov, that is.

  128. Fashion Designing has been my passion ever since but due to some circumstances I wasn’t able to pursue it.But I never stopped sketching or drawing. I always pushed myself. Fashionary would be perfect for me <3 I just love the convenience it gives since there are already barely figured models. <3 I hope you choose me! :)

    love lots,

    Louise Nicole R. Dabu

  129. Lia

    Ooh! I’ve recently started getting confident enough to draft patterns (based heavily off existing ones), and even better, I’m a woman’s 38! Sorry about your burn. In my barrista days I once let my left hand drift into the hot-water spout while keeping it flipped on with my right hand, and it took way too long for my monkey brain to realize this was all my fault and STOP. Burns are horrible.

  130. Erin

    Love! Want! Thanks for such a great blog.

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