Ginger Made: Simplicity 1690 Crop Top + Gathered Skirt!

Hi, guys! Hope you’re all well! I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve blogged- it’s been a strange month and life sort of got in the way of blogging for a while. But it’s good to be back!

So, this month’s Mood Sewing Network project is a bit of a different one for me. I’ve been wanting a full, mint green skirt for the longest time and it’s finally warm enough to wear one! I chose a creamy cotton voile, thinking it would be nice and light for summer.

Simplicity 1690 | Ginger Makes

You don’t really need a pattern for a skirt this simple, but I was inspired by Pattern Runway’s free Easy Gathered Skirt- it has a flat front waistband with elastic at the back. I don’t usually like elastic waists, but it’s nice to have the adjustability (and the freedom to eat a big lunch without fear of popping a button or breaking a zipper).

Simplicity 1690 | Ginger Makes

Cotton voile is SO easy to sew- I love it! It’s not totally opaque, but I left it unlined- I can always wear a slip if I want to. It’s not too sheer to see the pockets through it, so that’s fine. Since it’s a light, fine fabric, I used silk pins inside the seam allowances and did a blind hem by hand. That’s it! Piece of cake.

Simplicity 1690 | Ginger Makes

Next up, the top. I was immediately attracted to this beautiful silk print. It’s such a great combination of colors! I’d planned to make a buttondown with this, but I changed my mind after seeing a few girls rocking the crop top + midi skirt look (check out the République du Chiffon Anne-Marie pattern! It’s got a fun hipster-does-80’s-mom vibe!). It’s a bit of a different look, but I thought I’d give it a try.

Simplicity 1690 | Ginger Makes

I used Simplicity 1690, a simple kimono top that I’ve made before, and shortened it by 7″ to create a crop top (it’s actually 9″ shorter than my first version, but I had lengthened that by 2″). Now that I’m looking at the photos, I think it needs to go a little shorter, even, so you can see the waistband of the skirt. I tried to carefully plan out the print placement, but I’m not certain I was successful. Ikat is tough, dude! It often ends up looking a bit too anatomically correct! Annoying!

Simplicity 1690 | Ginger Makes

I feel about 50% trendy and 50% frumpy in this look. I may try shortening the top even more to see if I like it better. If not, I’ll just mix the pieces up and wear them separately. I have a feeling the skirt will look super cute with my Nettie bodysuit! I am really loving easy-to-wear separates for summer this year, though. They’re a fun change of pace from sundresses!  How about you guys? What are you making these days? Any favorite summer trends?

OH- before I forget, here’s the winner of the Fashionary giveaway!

Excluding my replies and duplicate comments, there were 125 entries before the deadline. The winner was #28, Rox Guillemette!

I hear that- I ALWAYS want to jump ahead to the next new project! Rox, I’ll be in touch!

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81 responses to “Ginger Made: Simplicity 1690 Crop Top + Gathered Skirt!

  1. puu

    i think no matter what you decide to do about the ensemble, you still have two great wearable pieces – as you say, that skirt will kill with a nettie, and the top will look great with some jeans (especially if you shorten it a little more!)

  2. You don’t look frumpy at all! This looks lovely and cool for summer.

  3. I think the outfit is cool! Great for hot summer days :) As you said as well, those are awesome separates, so flexible! Imagine that skirt with an archer, or top with jeans! Awesome possum

  4. I really like this look! Looks totally stylish & of the moment. Hear you on the Ikat, but I think you see it before anyone else does. ;)

  5. Love the color combo, and glad to see you back to blogging!

  6. This looks fantastic – not at all frumpy! I’ve been meaning to try that skirt pattern for ages, so it’s nice to know it got a thumbs up from you. And it looks awesome with that top!

  7. That silk is gorgeous! I’ve been enjoying separates this summer too. I’ve got a few skirts in rotation and more on the cutting table. But I’m still working out a TNT tank top pattern for knits.

  8. I love this outfit – great color combination, love the print, and it looks really effortlessly chic and comfy for a hot summer day -plus they are separates that will go with other pieces really well. I totally know what you mean about the ikat – i had the same thing with a southwest print i’m working on right now… but i think we do notice it ourselves more than anyone else. :)

  9. megthegrand

    Love Ikat on you! I think the two pieces look great together – the colors are so summery :)

  10. lilysageandco

    Perfectly matching separates and such pretty colours. I think the skirt will look hot with a nettie, and that top will look awesome with anything!

  11. Love love love the color of the skirt!

  12. Jo

    They’re both lovely! I think I agree with you on the top though – it might well look EVEN cuter just a tiny bit shorter. But really, it’s pretty marginal. Cute already!

  13. I love this look. Looks really breezy and cool together x

  14. Jo

    Sometimes keeping it simple is just perfect. I want a skirt just like it now! Omg though I’veyousaid the words anatomically correct, it’s all I could see on your top! Haha! I swear I didn’t notice it before!

  15. I think it looks pretty, not frumpy. The skirt is a great colour and I like the shape of the top. I think it would good with highwaisted shorts. Summer sewing here is an alien costume! With four arms and a tutu of course , for my daughter not me x

  16. I love that outfit! So summery and fresh. I agree with debbie: the top would look great with shorts!

    And YAY for winning the giveaway!!

  17. Love that colour :) both top and skirt are non-frump and excellent!

  18. cute outfit! love your top! just few hours ago i bought similar fabric and planned to make top that’s gonna look pretty much the same as one you made :)

  19. Cuuuuuuuuute! I agree with shortening the top. It’s a bit of an in between length right now.

    • It is! It’s funny- I muslined the shirt in a bit of leftover voile from the skirt, and found a length that I liked, but in the drapier silk, the top actually appears longer! Isn’t that odd?

  20. So funny – I just made a crop top too! Orange lace to match a pair of pants. I referenced Sallie for showing me that it can be classy to bare a little belly (she recently made a crop top), and I’ll be sure to give you a shoutout too! I don’t think you look frumpy!

  21. 100% NOT frumpy!! i love this! in fact, i saw this on the mood posting yesterday as i was making a kimono top. my top went perfectly with an at waist skirt i had made the day before, so i totally gave it the chop! so happy i did, it gets annoying to fuss about tucking shirts into skirts… especially in the summer when it gets a little hot and sticky out. the cropped top has a nice breezy swing to it, which is so perfect for summer. love the skirt too!

  22. M. Powers

    You look so summery and darling! I love the colors together, and I bet it feels breezy and cool!

  23. sewmaris

    They are very cute pieces Ginger. Maybe just need a little different styling? Play around and you will come up with a way to love them! Best!

    • Thanks, Maris! I agree. I thought these shoes were super cute, but they actually look really clunky now that I’m looking at the photos. I need to rethink how to wear these!

  24. joellestlaurent

    this looks great!! super cute and easy to wear. plus: separates!!

  25. Haha, “50% trendy and %50 frumpy”, that’s how I feel all the time! Girl, I LOVE an elastic waist skirt, they are such a quick sew and look cute with a fitted shirt. Two really great separates here!

  26. Kat H

    Very cute! I love the way the green of the skirt is in the top as well. :-)

    And yes, this skirt would be fantastic with your Nettie!!!

    • Thanks, Kat! I’m trying to be a little more mindful of making things that can mix and match a bit (instead of my usual approach of just grabbing every color and print that catches my fancy and having an entire closet full of clothes that can’t be worn together).

  27. Lovely fabric – super cute outfit!

  28. Lady, you are summer sassy! Though I totes get the ikat problemo… Sometimes they can look a bit awks…

  29. That skirt would look super cute with your Netties! I think its a great outfit, very on trend, funny I’ve been seeing this silhouette (full skirt + crop) every where lately and I have to say I love it but I wonder too whether I’d feel frumpy in it. Hmm, will have to see. The top fabric is very beautiful too!

  30. the proportions are great and you look very cute, cracked me up when I read the 50% frumpy, I say not at all. I have been pondering a crop top and skirt combo this summer as well so perhaps you have given me courage.

  31. Heather Lou

    Can’t wait to make a matching top! TWINSIES!

    I just made a simple gathered skirt as well – so easy and mindless and comfy but mine is about 18″ shorter and super inappropriate for a) bending over and b) sitting on the metro (butt skin against that filth? YIKES). So yes, longer is probably better.

    I definitely think you could crop this top a bit more (at least if you want to pair it with the skirt – might be fine with something tighter at the waist like skinnies?). What about doing a bit of a high low thing so you’ll just see the belly in front?

    • Love that idea! A high-low would be super cute with this. Oh, and I am SO not on board with the bare thigh on subway seat feeling… not even joking, I stand up when I’m wearing something really short!

  32. Very cute together! I like Heather Lou’s ideas- high-low would be adorable!

  33. That print is giving me the warm gushies! I love it!

  34. I do like this outfit, the color is wonderful. The ikat fabric looks like it feels really nice.
    I completely understand the crop-top and midi-top. I was surprised that I could even pull that look up. I definitely plan to make more crock top Nettie’s but I want a nice circle skirt or culottes.

  35. Cotton voile is some of my favorite fabric! I’m a diehard cotton fan, that’s the only fabric I really like to wear (I’m boring, I know), so voile is like my “fancy” fabric haha! But yeah. Love voile. Cute outfit, btw :)

  36. Ahhh you look so summery! I like both pieces. You look like you need an ice cream in one hand and a good book in the other and we’d find you on a picnic blanket in the sun

  37. Yes- you’d rock it with the Nettie! I love the top too BTW-I can’t imagine sewing iKat. Well done. ;)

  38. I love both pieces and they make me miss summer even more than I already do! The top is delightful, and it’s such a fun print. I think that mint skirt will look super sassy with the nettie bodysuit, great for when you are in the mood for a girly/feminine look!

  39. Haha! My favorite line from this post is “hipster-does-80s-mom”, LOL. I actually really like this look on you! It’s definitely a bit trendy, and I feel like you really have to own it if you’re going to pull it off, but I think it works for you. You live in Brooklyn, so trendy women are everywhere, right? :) The colors are a little different too, but again, I think you pull it off. Kudos for giving this style a try!

  40. Pingback: cropped zippy top and linen skirt | notes from a mad housewife

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